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  1. Personally I’d just use antifoul, a mate who put the film on his launch is disappointed. Did not self clean and vulnerable to damage. The other issue on yachts is that its not fair if you are a racer, lumps at joins and its just not as smooth as paint.
  2. Or 10 grand per ton of bulb, seems cheap at half the price 🙃
  3. Auckland council is (insert complaint here) and are ( insert insult here)
  4. wow! that is serious. Hit the bricks or bolt failure?
  5. For those who have flapped about on hot sultry listless Auckland afternoons in the leftover wakes......
  6. they are trying hard to sell us the idea its sailing, but its not. May as well put outboards on the bac and let them whiz around playing racey racey with a remote controller while standing on North Head. I tried my best to be excited by these machines and for a while I was. They are technologically stunning, that where it ends. The racing is a yawnfest, no sail changes, no crew work other than rows of hamsters wiggling and looking at screens. Does not relate, even the "these are the F1's of sailing" is a really bad analogy. It would be like F1 is now in hovercrafts with rockets on the b
  7. it keeps telling me to install the but it stalls every time so Im on .3
  8. thanks for the replies, seemed t get working by fiddling with global sources etc for the various data sources.... not 100% just yet but at least the TP isnt the source of the wind data.
  9. I totally agree but here is the rub; other peoples enjoyment of the water might be different to ours. If you think about it there is the safety side and its just thoughtless to hoon around moored boats for that very reason. Jestskies are a bit of an affront to birdsong in a quiet bay but to some people going for a burn on glassy water is their idea of a really good time and who am I to impose my values on them as long as they stick to sabres advice above.
  10. Quick question, think it might have been covered before so forgive my repeat; When the TP 32 is connected there is no wind data readout on the MFD, there is some data on triton instrument but its incomplete. Any ideas?
  11. Personally I've never been too bothered by Jetski's, or by big launches making massive wakes. Seriously its not worth the heartburn or for that matter telling the world you'd like to kill people over it. Once I had some guy run his genset all night, someone else had their windwill running at full tit all night as well, yet another guy chucked his anchor over mine in fitzroy in a blow but you know what- it really doesnt matter in the grand scheme. A note on jetskies, most of these people are not "mariners" or "yachties" they are usually guys who ride them like motocross bikes.
  12. Keep calm and carry on....
  13. Just a quick follow up, the launch owners are not experiencing the positive claims made by the marketing dept. The report is that its not self cleaning above 8 kts (they get up to 18) and its very vulnerable to damage by chafing, fishing lines etc so maybe it isnt the solution if you expect maintenance free on a larger vessel. However for a small yacht that you can snorkel and give it a wipe it may still be a good solution.
  14. We had pvc pipe cant remember the diameter, certainly no bigger than 19mm so 15 sounds about right. You can split them with a jig made from a few bits of wood, you hold the knife and your mate pulls the pipe through for a straight line or do it freehand. You generally only need them on the cap if cruising and forward lower if racing.
  15. Im all for racing but the heyday was in the 1970 to 1990 period and people still go on about it, people who are now in their 70's, 80's and 90's! Our fleet is great but it's OLD! Remember when we all drove british cars from the 40's and old holdens? In the 80's Morris Minors were STILL common! Thats our fleet.
  16. Yes we are old, our fleet is pretty sad too and racing is definitely in the toilet no matter what any "postive" people might say. Numbers dont lie! Anyway its xmas, time to runaway, drown sorrows and avoid relatives; "Here’s tae us! Wha’s like us? Gey few, and they’re a’ deid!"
  17. Interesting seeing it from a US perspective as an "antique sailboat" Namu just retired from Squadron racing this year after 50 years of racing in westhaven, moreover it was pretty much the winning boat in its division. I know that's all relative, an Elliot 35 it is not, but like a lot of boats in our "antique" fleet they race well, cruise well in the gulf and look good, although I never liked the NZ 37 transom
  18. turn the key-drive to the gps location-deploy dredge-get a load-post a pic on social media-brag to friends about how great you are........time about a thousand in the gulf. As for me, I only freedive because I can get swim pretty easily in 4-8m, usually get one or two feeds a year if I am lucky.
  19. That doesnt sound quite the expected next level for an expensive bottom wrap. A mate of mine had his 14m launch done recently and I think the bill was 8k? anyway they believe it will self clean at 15knts. When I catch up with them Ill report back, it also lives in a tidal location with lots of growth. To be fair once you get slime then you get slime feeders and the whole ecosystem starts off, even the professional grade silicon coatings on ships require constant movement at high speeds
  20. jotun have a product that comes in red only and lasts for about 4 years- dont know the name of it but its for commercial shipping.
  21. I think that horse has well and truly bolted
  22. Wow! I clean my own boat. If one was to turn up in the BOI with a spotless racing bottom would it be a case of where are your papers old man? Not everyone wants to get their boat professionally cleaned or painted and I dont keep receipts and I know people who slap a coat of AF on between tides on the grid.
  23. I have very successfully used acetone
  24. mines similar, but after a lube and paint its mint. The neutral button seizes mainly because its almost never used, once a year for me?
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