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  1. We can recommend getting the old tube drilled out and replaced with a new pre made tube with Jefa bearings installed by Mike Pearce Boatbuilders Phone 09 444 7510 Mike did a great job on the retrofit on our Y88 and now we have "fingertip control" on a fully loaded reach. Well not quite fingertip (it is an 88 and they like to be loaded) but the difference between old and new is huge and it might not cost as much as you think.
  2. This photo was posted by Mr Cam Thorpe SSANZ Champion volunteer extraordinaire. Check this link https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10160770798950442&set=p.10160770798950442&type=3&theater I have this mark at 36° 36.487' S 174° 55.340' E but buyer beware applies with all things GPS posted by amateurs Any SSANZ officials or other old or young salts able to confirm the coordinates? A damn good googling failed to find them and I have learned to view Navionics with healthy skepticism. Photo won't be much use in dark. The old school chart and Navionics sh
  3. Young 88 War Machine battle ready for this one. Only 4 minutes elapsed time separated the first 5 88's in the last race and no doubt this will be another ding dong. Hardly have time for a medicinal rum when there is that much competition! Great new track with some delightful scenery, be nice if we can do some dolphin watching again on this one. Jokes aside vote of thanks to the SSANZ planners. There are enough twists and turns to make it interesting for all of the 80 miles. We have even got a majority vote on the correct location of Shearer Rock buoy: https://www.facebook.com/
  4. This dinghy was from a design by American C. William "Bill" Lapworth of Cal 40 fame. https://goo.gl/MeQ9Ty I purchased it in Devonport where I got some of its history. Apparently it was built by two Kiwi apprentices looking to create something different . It is very light and strong for a dinghy of its size with the layup including including fibreglass and kevlar. Dimensions Length 2460 Beam 1360 I got the family videographer to capture me (and my builders bum .. oops) rigging it in less than 5 mins . You should be able to see it at this link The main is free sta
  5. PM or text me 021 554 239. I know someone who knows someone who might know someone who cleans bottoms and is not a hooker.
  6. I can vouch for B&G. After a long, and frustrating story trying to cut and paste Advansea into Navman gear (like is says on the web site) we have now started to invest in B&G with a Vulcan 7 GPS plotter. It does just about everything except pour the rum. http://www.neptunes-gear.com/index.php/vulcan7-fs-aus-nz-nav-card.html Can vouch for Matt as he installed and helped us sort out the hotch potch of other gear we have... As the Advansea expires it will be replaced by B&G!
  7. Hi, We have one of these already. It is mostly in working order but could do with a few spare parts eg plug is corroded and seal is all out of shape. Message me if you have one lying around and are getting the declutter message We pay in cash or rum! Mike 021 554 239
  8. war machine

    SSANZ 50

    Game on ..... We'll be there, dragging the 88's behind us.... https://www.facebook.com/events/692348944225286/
  9. That would be a Bacon and Egg pie for us .. looking at the early forecast you can pick that the wind is gonna blow on your pies! Short haul course looks great: An update just went up on the 88 Facebook page which includes instructions for following the fleets on the PredictWind Tracker Click here for info See you out there.
  10. Great work thanks Matt. Our Machine is not blue water but something there for everyone. Overall I thought the balance was great using different media and live and static displays plus time for Q&A. Absolutely understand the need for screen video and taken those learnings for my own line of work. Initially I though saving questions to the end might have been a disadvantage but could see the conversation could easily have got way off track so keep doing that too. I will be following up with some enquiries and I'm sure you'll get others doing the same. Mike
  11. Thanks Matt, I hope you didn't mind the direct feedback and great reply by the way. I will be there and will see if I can grab some of my geekier boating mates and will spread the word through some other networks. I have a couple of questions, Best way to get a stupid non 3G enabled IPAD to receive a GPS signal from another device without spending another couple of hundred. This was as far as I got http://gps.dualav.com/explore-by-product/xgps150a/ General advice on how to utilise the Android and Apple devices we all have to interface and display info from basic instruments in
  12. Sounds interesting and its in the diary .. I suspect other cynics like me will be expecting someone there trying to sell us something and wondering what the $20 we chip in covers (free Fanta?)... just saying ....
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