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  1. Can anyone recommend a boat builder with experience working on wooden boats, who would be available and interested in taking on some repair work? Contact James 0272917339
  2. I need to work out the righting moment of my 7.6 metre keeler. The problem is I don't know the weight or even the boats design. Can anyone hazard a guess based on the following details, big ask but worth a shot. Maybe someone owns a similarly constructed boat. Length 7.6m, Beam 2.5m. Hull constructed of 25mm edge glued cedar with only three 20mm plywood frames, glassed on the outside only. Plywood deck and low cabin top. Minimal fit out, plywood berths and small cabinet for sink. No engine, water tanks or electrics The fin keel is 1 metre deep (Draws 1.45m) about 1 metre at the roo
  3. The Vitex has worked very well. It glues nicely with epoxy and holds screws well, and is very durable. It's a little heavier than I would like but not really a big issue in the scheme of things.
  4. I need qualified advice on a few structural changes I need to make.
  5. Good point regarding glueing. I might try glueing up some test pieces in the morning.
  6. Quick question, is there any reason I can't use Vitex decking timber to replace the rotten beam shelf and cieling frames under the side deck of my boat? I need to replace the deck as soon as possible as the boat is on a mooring and it is difficult to keep it water tight. I thought vitex would be a good choice as it's a durable hardwood and readily available dressed to the right dimensions.
  7. ducman

    working berth?

    Does anyone know if any of the central Auckland marinas have a working berth I could use on a casual basis. I need to use some power tools for an hour or two on a deck repair so access to power is the motivation.
  8. I want to convert my single inline spreaders to swept. I estimated that moving the hull mounted chainplate currently inline with the mast, aft 600 mm where the beam is about 2500 mm will give me around a 28° sweep to the spreaders if the cap shroud is vertical (spreader tips same width as the hull) Does this sound right? I guess shortening the length of the spreaders brings the tip in front and inboard of the chainplate, would this be more desirable? Last question, I presently have a second chainplate 390 mm aft of the mast. Could I use this for the lower shroud or would it not be far enou
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