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    Battleship reacted to southernman in Boating now heavily restricted   
    Yes but that's not the point BP.  Those in the public sector almost and I do mean almost have a guaranteed job.  Those in the private sector, not so.  That is a huge difference and the point I was trying to make.  I agree fully that we need public servants however it's pretty rich when the public sector are bleating about how bad they have it.  At least they have a job.  Many in the private sector don't and won't for a long time.  
    As always times like this affect the small guy and the poor, the rich well not much.  I don't begrudge or belittle anyone but I'm honestly sick of hearing about all the so called 'heros' out there at the end of the day they are doing their jobs..... well done to you... you have a job and will get paid for it. 
    The bite is not now, it will hit us in 2-3 months time, we will see how smart people are then. 
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    Battleship reacted to Above-the-Fold in Surveyor recommendations?   
    We used James Newcombe from Pacific Rim when we bought Above the Fold; he had saved us from an absolutely disastrous purchase a few months earlier and did a good job on both surveys.
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    Battleship got a reaction from Rehabilitated in Fatality - Northland   
    Very sad, the local sailing community will be in mourning.
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    Battleship reacted to Rehabilitated in UN latest climate outlook   
    Should not have to pay towards carbon credits. Do away with carbon credits. Reduce the green house gases or get a substantial fine in the millions by UN. Default the fine and ejected as a member of UN thus no voting rights or say.
    Why should INDIA automatically be given carbon credits to sell claiming they are a third world country, when they have the bomb and NZ does not. They have a military air force costing billions and NZ does not have a fighter jet military force. Have their own satellites orbiting, nz does not. India is Trying to land a object on the moon, NZ can't even afford To plan such an attempt. India spends billions on guided missile systems and NZ not a $.  India has a substantial military fighting army force 1000 times bigger than NZ. India's investor billionaire providing funds to fund 9 new open cast coal mines in Queensland while NZ is closing our coal mines.   If India is a third world country then NZ by contrast must be a fifth world country and should be given substantial carbon credits more so than INDIA to sell and trade. 
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    Battleship reacted to armchairadmiral in UN latest climate outlook   
    Thank you IB. Most reasonable people would have been able to glean the point. Which is.....volcanoes spew thousands of tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere every moment. For millennia , and the planet gets warmer and colder which might lead those same people to conclude that CO2 has no effect on the state of the climate at any given time. Try the sun...now you are on to something !
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    Battleship reacted to philstar in SSANZ Lewmar Triple Series   
    Freedom got a great start at the pin along with String Theory and Exodus. Went well all the way down to browns island with Attitude catching fast. 
    String theory dropped their kite after browns with us and Attitude fully sending it towards rocky bay right in front of Suellens camera boat. Suellen had just started filming us when the Attitude boys tried to steal our thunder by destroying their kite. 
    We carried our kite right down to Rocky bay, then dropped and 2 sailed to passage islands where we hoisted again a little too early. 
    This is where we discovered that if you duck under big leaners like Titanium etc you can go really high in their wind shadow and then pop out in front and send off until you find the next one, then go really high again. 
    Using this technique we manage to lay into Ruth passage. Just !!
    Attiude had peeled to their fractional and held it right across to cow and calf where we went masthead zero then masthead kite, then back to masthead zero.
    Lots of position changes here between us, String theory and Exodus with Thio and Lucifer catching fast.
    Tacking up Waiheke was a case of trying to find the flattest water we could find and then into Motuihi channel where we swapped tacks with Mr Kite.
    Finished with a huge send into the finish on a large gust where Coen was yelling " I CANT LET THE MAIN GO ANY MORE" 
    A seriously exciting race, which gave us a 1st equal with White knight for the series. I was ruined afterwards.
    Thanks SSANZ for an awesome series.
    Thanks Live sail die for an awesome video

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    Battleship reacted to John B in Heavy weather cruising   
    experiment... shows for me ,Photobucket is working again ( for how long I don't know). I always liked this photo taken when we were hove to off the Kermadecs on my mates 46 ft Davidson.
    Usually windy days and high sea states don't really show up that way in photos, but this kind of captures the feel eh.

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    Battleship reacted to Jon in SSANZ 2020 Round North Island Race   
    We reopened entries to the wait list as Herdy has managed to get access to Queens Wharf in Wellington, Napier is still a work in progress but they will manage I’m sure.
    36 entries now two more coming, that’s it (or actually over it)
    If any drop out we may or may not accept a replacement depending on developing berthage arrangements, we have actually over sold this race so hoping everyone makes it but it will actually help if some don’t. (Did I say that out loud ?)
    This will be the biggest fleet ever (36 entries in 2011)
    Only 222 days to go
    Can’t wait
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    Battleship reacted to wal in SSANZ Lewmar Triple Series   
    Have to say the Formula One is looking excellent.  Plumbed bow, sleek cabin top fairing, colour scheme.  Looking good, Team
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    Battleship reacted to formula in SSANZ Lewmar Triple Series   
    also found out tracker on phone doesnt work from cabin.will have to have in pocket next time.
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    Battleship reacted to John B in Offshore and back, Cat 1 yeh? Nah?   
    Minerva reef is unreal, been there 4 times now and we were there 3 weeks ago or so.
    People I've spoken to say there are regs to prevent a trip there and back without clearance. You might still get away with the ole blown offshore and had to fix something trick. Or not.
    I know it's not relevant to the wanganella banks trip but this fixation on cat one is silly.
    Cat 1 is a doddle, you should have everything thats required anyway. Do you know what you're doing? Then you're going to get cat 1. Contact an inspector, develop a working relationship so he knows that you do know what you're doing, voila.
    You want to know stress? Try insuring your boat for offshore, f $#@^*/) nightmare.
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    Battleship reacted to armchairadmiral in coast guard are commercial?   
    This so called Government are a bunch of incompetent twits.They are not in control of NZ. The bureaucrats are . That it has got this far is proof. Understand next on the list are Yacht Club patrol boats. And another 17 months of them to go ....plus who's going to replace them ?
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    Battleship reacted to wal in SSANZ Lewmar Triple Series   
    "However this is only likely to happen in extremes of weather like last year,"
    Boy did that one get some knickers knotted.....
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    Battleship reacted to splat in Where is Yachting going?   
    Interesting discussion re costs versus utility.  If I sit down and look at boat ownership on a pure cost basis … anyone who I explained it too would most probably commit me to an asylum. Costs alone it does not add up...in fact... it is financially absurd. I earn a modest income and work very hard to do so like many do -  to pay for my boat. I have given up many things to enable continued ownership and also drive a twenty year old car that is worth less than my tiller pilot or a new # 3 jib. 
    However, the boat to me is way more to me than what it costs. It represents and delivers a pure freedom in an increasingly fast paced and challenging world, the ability to actively seek solitude, new challenges, fun times with family,  experience fear at times and provide constant learning including electrics, navigation, splicing etc
    If I look at the cost of ownership I have by way of example:
    Ross 30 - 2.9 beam , 2.4 draft , Composite construction
    10 metre Marina berth - $370 per month
    Insurance - $750 per year
    Memberships - $450 per year, VHF users subs 90.00 per annum
    Haul outs - wash and hold only - this year $800 (Cheap)
    Annual Maintenance haul out excluding time and labour - $1200
    Travel to boat - CHC to Waikawa - 380kms (4.5 to 5hrs) each time one way - $100.00
    Sails - Indicative - New Main circa - $8000-9500 - New # 1 jib - $4000-5000, New Spinnaker $3000.00
    Motor - Annual servicing by self - $300.00
    Aux fuel and oil - $800.00
    Running and fixed rigging repairs and maintenance - $2000.00 per year
    Improvements- AIS, MFD, instruments and installation at cost + 5% +GST - ($5500) 
    EWOF initial - Cabling and Certification - $550 re cert every four years ( $220 inspection fee)
    Cat 2/3 - every two years $200 minimum
    Raft Capital cost  and re - cert every three years $2000 + $850 -1000 every three years
    EPIRB, PLB - ??
    Garmin In reach annual subs???
    Lifejackets testing/certification ???
    Tools ???
    Dinghy repairs and maintenance annual - $120
    Aux motor service - $200 - in warranty
    PHRF cert - $180 - annually
    and so on - does it make sense on a boat that the market suggests might be worth 20k on a good day regardless of presentation and equipment list … nope
    Recently and somewhat ironically, I have had persons approach me to borrow my boat for a regatta...I'm not in an financial or philanthropic position to facilitate such a request as I'm sure some are and yet I feel guilty because I'm not assisting participation and growth in sailing!
    Wheels - sorry to hear about your loss - if you need a day out in the sounds please get in touch.
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    Battleship reacted to Jon in Where is Yachting going?   
    Where are we going???
    Lewmar Shorthanded handed sailing in 22 days time
    Aiming for to beat 150 entries for the series
    42 entries so far and counting
    Help stop the decline in yachting by entering here https://www.ssanz.co.nz/triple-series/
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    Battleship reacted to B00B00 in Suspend racing   
    LOL If it was that easy everyone would just stop and wait for the best forecast!
    I have never suspended racing before in my life but we did it twice in one day in the RNZ race! Cost us the race but it was a seamanship call and at least we got the boat home in one piece.
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    Battleship got a reaction from Dr Dave in SSANZ 2020 Round North Island Race   
    Looking similar to 2011 with 40 entries. Hope the weather is better. Is it to early to say that?
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    Battleship got a reaction from harrytom in Kiwi prop dilemma.....   
    Official Yanmar advice is to leave the engine in neutral while sailing.
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    Battleship reacted to armchairadmiral in NZ Politics   
    Nobody on here that I've read advocates for the current National mob....albeit the choices are limited right now. My bet is a centreist phoenix rising from the ashes...some moderate from the left,some from the right and the balance people with common sense that can control and direct the bureaucracy who are the peoples real enemy. Obviously my protagonists have short term convenient memories. I did'nt support National last time and regard my views as centreist,self help,self responsibility,live and let live ,helping those who are unable to help themselves .
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    Battleship reacted to Elliot749 in NZ Politics   
    "..... Hopefully well see this govt get at least a second term and by the the small changes will add up to something useful. ...
    "You've got to be fcuking joking !, this bunch of loser light weights have NO idea how to run a country. Lets hope they are tipped out before the end of their first term .   That horse faced inexperienced um...er um...er PM will be the ruin of NZ.       
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    Battleship reacted to Priscilla II in Public key to apprehensions over excess and undersized pāua crayfish and kina   
    Yup sneaky human with speargun that’s a even playing field.
    That perennial fish torturer Matt Watson does my head in.
    Feel tempted to tow him around hooked by his gobby mouth for a few hours.
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    Battleship reacted to Priscilla II in Public key to apprehensions over excess and undersized pāua crayfish and kina   
    Never quite got the whole fishing thing.
    Rip a beautiful sea creature from its home by a hook in the eye,bash it to death rip it’s guts out and dismember it.
    Jamal Kashoggi got off lightly.
    We just buy the born dead ready to scoff ones from the fish shop.
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    Battleship reacted to Fish in Akarana 350   
    I thoroughly enjoyed following this race.
    I hope this race becomes a regular/ annual feature, and I'd like to see more of this type of racing in an annual calendar, to provide a bit of a campaign for boats to focus on. This type of race being longer, multi day, but still CAT 3 races that provide a meaningful personal challenge and some great sailing experience.
    I think the PW tracker is great. It enable me to follow this race. Not very long ago, you'd have to f*ck around with radio scheds, which were twice a day only and took a fair bit of volunteer time. No, the PW tracker is not perfect, but it is free, and easy. As it becomes more commonly adopted, those little issues will get ironed out, phone charging on board, cell boosters on boats, choosing the right provider for coverage, etc. The PW tracker is a big step forward over nothing!
    The race was interesting to me because there was a good fleet of 'normal' boats (not too big, not too flash and many short handed), I could follow it, and its something I aspire to do myself.
    On the publicity / sponsorship / numbers thing:
    I only expect the after race comms to be crew written race reports, posted on social media, and the results posted by the organiser. The best post race comms are from the boats, their trials and tribulations, small successes and emotions etc. This is an armature race.
    I wouldn't do a race like that to get publicity for me or my boat, nor to drink rum at the end. It would be about the challenge, personal accomplishment and competition. - That makes the rum taste much sweeter...
    I think for events to succeed, and the sport to grow overall, they need to be easy for the volunteers, or at least not arduous. So that is a big consideration.
    On numbers and sponsorship, I may be biased but I think all the money is in the smaller / slower boats. That is certainly where the latent numbers are that could come out of the wordwork and have a go. All the cruiser racers that have been put over to cruising, the older boats that weren't bad in the day but outdated now, the slower boats that are still good fun and rewarding to sail. The type of boat where the owner decides 'he could do that' - 'I'm up for that challenge', and then starts pimping out his 30 yr old log of wood to make it happen.
    In my case, I'd be after a new main for starters, but not long after that probably a prod, some of these new fangled furlers, upgraded autopilot controller, upgraded instruments, maybe some AIS, solar charging and batteries,replace my sheets, I'd love a new lighter rudder... its like going down a rabbit hole. But if I'm only cruising, I'll make the main last, wont get the fruity performance bits and will make do with what I've got.
    This spending is all good for the industry. And as we know, sponsorship follows the dollars. Sponsors need an ROI. You need a demographic that wants / needs to spend money, and its the older / slower boats that need upgrading or renewal of old gear. This is all based on the premise that the best boat to race is the one you already own. Take it, race it, slowly start upgrading it and making it competitive. But the logic is sales dollars for sponsors to court, which is more attractive with greater numbers.
    And here is the bit on numbers, you want to race against similar boats (to have competition). This race had a collection of boats with sub 0.75 PHRF, meaning if I entered, I wouldn't be by my self. Success breads success with regards to numbers (refer the SSANZ triple series). But the little / slow boats need to be looked after as well. This can be done very easily, without additional volunteer work, with a slight refocus of the enthuses of the race. 
    What is the race for?
    Who 'won' the race?
    Is the race of the first boat across the line? or the fastest boat on corrected time?
    Do you report the winner as the first boat across the line, or the fastest boat on corrected time?
    More often than not, the line honours winner is a foregone conclusion. They can often have a bad race and still take line honours. It just happens that Rantan 2 won line and corrected, so big ups to them. Now, this isn't a critiscism, just a comment, I was a little bemused when the article announced they set a new record for the race (it was the first race, so all they had to do was finish first) I didn't note mention of who the 'winner' was in that story, just hat a new race record was set...
    If the focus is put on the 'winner' being the corrected winner, it means any boat entered, big or small can win. So any boat entered is racing (and spending money on thier boat) for that win.
    Take the Fastnet, generally there is a focus on the overall corrected time winner. Recently a Contessa 32 won that race, that is a 40 yr old small boat. Most recently 35 and 39 fters have won it - admittedly those were JP 10.80's, which smoke under IRC, and a JNA 39, what ever that is. Ran, a JV 72 did win it recently, so the 'winning' is shared around. But here is the thing, a heavy 40 yr old 32 fter won the Fastnet! That means any good keen guy can have a go, in the boat he's got now, and if he prepares carefully, preps his boat well (i.e. spends some $$$), is cunning, smart and resilient n the race, he stands a chance of glory - its not decided by waterline length or chequebook racing.
    And the Fastnet has a problem with entry numbers - they need to limit them.
    Contrast the Sydney Hobart - the worst thing for that race is the supermaxi's - old shitboxes that duke it out for line honours - the actual race gets completely overlooked by the corporate boats with celebrity dial a crew, that only race once a year, and need a corporate budget just to run - not attainable even by a very wealthy sailor.
    So the key to sponsorship is more numbers, the key to more numbers is:
    A) a focus on the 'winner' being corrected time winner (no extra work for volunteers in comms, just a focusing of the message)
    B.) ease of entry, including ease of safety requirements etc - note, this does not mean cheap entry fees. For the Akarana 350, I note Sat phones weren't required, a major set up on the old White Island requirement (for a very similar race), so credit to RAYC there. It was CAT 3, so opens up the entry requirements there. I've said plenty about crew club membership and sea survival certs in another thread so wont re-hash those again. I think safety requirements could be relaxed or modernised, but that is over to YNZ to pull finger on. When was the last time a liferaft was used in a CAT 3 race? Flares again, there are other threads covering this stuff. Cumulatively, making entry (safety compliance) easier is a big thing.
    So big ups to RAYC for this race, I really hope to see it become a regular, and I hope plenty of smaller / older boats enter, even when its not an RNI qualifier year.
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    Battleship reacted to Changed in Akarana 350   
    Coverage would likely improve if we paid for it. Clubs need volunteers to run publicity, hopefully not those who are charged with fleet safety. Of course publicity could have been better but there is always a cost! Trackers cost! Web sites cost! Updates cost! This was a great event and using facebook, the Akarana web site and crew.org I found the coverage to be really good. Kept me up. Especially the run down from the Poor Knights. Roll on 2019 I plan to be there again.
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    Battleship got a reaction from Clipper in Akarana 350   
    I don't think the lack of news will stop current participants from doing it again but may not inspire to many new ones. I am hoping to see a few photos appear soon as there were some camera boats about.
    From my perspective I feel really grateful that these Guys and Girls gave up their weekend so we could do what we love.
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