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    Battleship reacted to Kevin McCready in Proposed OSH legislation ammendment   
    not so sure about that Mothership. Common sense to you and me is not common sense to others who may lack our experience. Secondly some people are sociopaths who don't care if their negligence causes harm and may actually revel in it. More of these people can be found at the top of organisations than the rest of "normal" people who just want to get on with their lives and trust that others will behave reasonably. Many organisations need firm legislative control, as we all know, to keep them in line and force them to behave reasonably - so to me it's nothing to do with stupidity, it's more to protect us against sociopaths. 
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    Battleship reacted to Mothership in Proposed OSH legislation ammendment   
    Absolving individuals of all consequences of decision making isn't conducive to successful, happy individuals or society.  
    Yes; we should look after our young and others who are unable to make decisions for sound reasons, but allowing everyone to draw on society and not contribute is insanity.  Mankind will eventually choke on its own bureaucracy and wither when there is no reward for risk.  The individual benefits will be legislated out of existence (i.e. 'fun', feeling of achievement, etc), and non-existent collectively. 
    Organisations do need legislative control, as the majority are in existence to return reward to investors, which is incongruent with good society. What we shouldn't do is shovel all responsibility for others onto individual scapegoats. 
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    Battleship got a reaction from RedLine in Solar Power   
    I found an 80 watt would keep up in ideal conditions so just bought two of them, often one of them isn't in an ideal location so works well.
    Occasionally in the winter I am having to top the batteries off if I am using a lot of power and not running the engine much.
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    Battleship got a reaction from smithy09 in SSANZ--ANZAC 200   
    Agreed great Race! Not to mention the debrief and prize giving.
    Exactly like a mini leg of the RNI with a wide range of weather including a pretty tough beat up to the Mokes.
    Was busy with about 20 gybes and putting the anchor up and down before we passed north head, Then put the light kite up before peeling to a fractional and finally 2 sailing with the 1genoa, then peeling to a 3 at Sail Rock for a beat to the Mokes.
    The Auckland boats have a good run back by the looks.
    We had a pretty good run with 14 hours from Fitzroy to Tauranga Marina which isn't too shabby.
    Look forward to doing it again next year.
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    Battleship got a reaction from elevation in SSANZ--ANZAC 200   
    Helps to read the sailing instructions, looks like we will be doing the short course anyway with a PHRF of less than 8.0
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    Battleship got a reaction from elevation in SSANZ--ANZAC 200   
    Got our entry in, Just a thought looking at the other entries. Can we change weather do long or short course? Long course at the moment looks full of Rocketships and short course is sportish boats.
    Maybe we need to enter the old heavy tank division.
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    Battleship got a reaction from Rehabilitated in Auckland to Tauranga Race   
    Found it.

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    Battleship got a reaction from ex Elly in Auckland to Tauranga Race   
    Clipper you could get your Wife and daughter to meet you in Tga and cruise back, a chance to explore to different places.
    Even the Tauranga harbour has some 20 miles of bays accessible to a shallow draught multihull.
    IMHO the decline in numbers is due to the weather in recent years more than anything else it has been either blowing it's nads off or nothing with very little in between.
    Last years race was pretty spectacular with a very windy start and a nice reach down to the hole in the wall interspersed with thunderstorms. Not a milk run like the coastal but more challenging and potentially more rewarding.
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    Battleship reacted to catyachty in Auckland to Tauranga Race   
    How do you "lose" a weekend by going sailing for 4 days. Might as well sell it.
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    Battleship got a reaction from ratings in Auckland to Tauranga Race   
    Found it.

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    Battleship reacted to banaari in $1,000,000.00 Snapper   
    The concept (actually fishing contests in general) disgust me - actively encouraging maximum catch -  and this one's being applied to a fishery already under pressure?
    This makes interesting reading: http://www.fishingworld.com.au/news/fish-facts-snapper-barotrauma
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    Battleship reacted in Dean will be around a while yet.   
    Your daughter is only 47% right.
    eTNZ was faster for the first 9 races. Maybe even first 10. Thats why they were 8:1 up.
    Barker, as leader of the team, knew that Oracle was getting up to speed. He a Rod Davis were on National TV stating this! And what did they do to counteract the Oracle advance..... ZIP! zERO ZILCH.
    Compare this with Spithill. He was 1:8 down and he and Coutts made big decisions to change the boat, crew and the way they sailed to_get back into contention.
    Spit hill oozed confidence, led his team, worked with Coutts to make improvement and..... they did this with a 2 race starting deficit.
    Spit hill did not look glum, talk it down, act gob smacked and start crying. barker did.
    Coutts backed his men, made the big calls, and stepped up.
    Dalton disqualified himself of the boat, had his head ( you can choose which one) in another place, stepped down, and ran short their funds (needed to make the late changes)
    Barker had no back up plan and thought " more of the same" would overcome a "improving" Oracle.
    Where was the back up helmsman option?
    Where was the foil/control improvements?
    Where was the ultra aggressive starting tactic to get Oracle penalised.
    Sorry but Barker was weak, un prepared, not prepared to change, makimg mistakes under pressure. (Overriding ray Davis, poor slam dunk, poor starts, near capsize, poor use I'd "the cone" area wind shift, not insisting on change)... and as such took a faster boat (for most of the races) that had a 2 zip advantage, and failed to COMPLETE.
    On a technical aside...
    The biggest mistake ETNZ made was the failure to keep evolving foil design and foil control throughout their campaign and
    Persist with Poe warmers.
    Anybody could see that the foils were he biggest advancememt and in very early stages of development! As such the biggest gains were to be had with Foil design and control.
    Coutts knew it. ETNZ failed to see it. Barker and Dalton, as leaders, failed to recognise the key area where speed gains would be made.
    As a skipper (nott just helmsmam) having seen the huge influence the foils had made, when added to the design, would you not see this as the only area where you would bet the best gains and thus the best chance to go faster and win.
    Coutts, Ainslie and Spit hill did!
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    Battleship reacted to smithy09 in Barker and Dalton should go.   
    I guess the thread drift is more interesting than the initial topic. I would also like to point out that YOU Ketchup started the thread drift by saying that our Dinghy classes were falling off and had no depth.. Thread drift nevertheless. Humble apologies.
    As someone else has mentioned here, what were Dean and Dalt's targets? Do you know? I don't. You keep mentioning KPIs but never state them. I pointed out a long list of achievements as to why I thought they had achieved the vast majority of their targets, and deserved to stay, but you seem to prefer to let the needle skip again and again. BORING.
    The topic was "Barker and Dalton should go". I say NO. I have given good reasons why not. Pretty damn simple.
    Let me put it in another way. Say Fonterra have an ultimate goal of being the biggest dairy company in the world. For 20 years they have tried, but are only world #2 to Nestle. Faaak!! Sack all the directors. make them walk the main street self- flagellating and dressed in sackcloth.
    I guess it's whether you want to celebrate success or denigrate a team for failure. The old half empty or half full scenario. Add to that, you, in your various guises have always slagged ETNZ, and these two in particular. I really don't know why. Maybe you had a crush on Mandy Smith at some stage, and got beaten to the alter? I dunno, but there is certainly a theme that stretches back long before San Fransisco..
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    Battleship got a reaction from Pelagic Mountie in Barker and Dalton should go.   
    Really enjoyed most of the AC, and the Team NZ guys I have meet over the years have been nothing but consummate professionals.
    Just prefer not to indulge a certain someone in the same old rhetoric  on and on ad nauseam.  
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    Battleship got a reaction from benny14 in Barker and Dalton should go.   
    Really enjoyed most of the AC, and the Team NZ guys I have meet over the years have been nothing but consummate professionals.
    Just prefer not to indulge a certain someone in the same old rhetoric  on and on ad nauseam.  
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    Battleship reacted to boots in Sydney to Hobart   
    Boxing day 1985 Auckland to Nelson. Start Devonport, Cape Reinga to Nelson.    
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