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    Battleship reacted to KM... in Go on Nats, pick Collins as your leader...I dare you.   
    People being shouted at for expressing their opinions only hear Wa Wa Wa ...........
    That's why so many don't ever say anything out loud about the very subjects that desperately need to be discussed in an open clean and civil manner.
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    Battleship reacted to KM... in Go on Nats, pick Collins as your leader...I dare you.   
    Can anyone else see why so many people simply do not feel like they can or feel safe speaking their minds these days?
    Imagine the country we could have if people felt like they could speak openly.
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    Battleship reacted to Tamure in Go on Nats, pick Collins as your leader...I dare you.   
    KM what on earth are you trying to say? 
    You seem to come at this from the angle of political superiority, that somehow you know better but offer no alternative to the political process. I find your position contradictory and flat out silly so stand by for a good mocking
    Politics is a process, its not a destination and what we have is the best there is, what kills it is apathy and a lack of education coupled with a sense of powerlessness. You offer no solution whatsoever, the most generous way of looking at your ideas is as a childish protest. 
    Hahaha, so the McGillicuddy Serious tried to convince Helen to make the great step backwards? Yes I do know what political party youre in "The Not A Party"
    Hahahahaa, I shall ignore your endless socialist insults and do my very best to take you seriously, I promise
    But you've said absolutely nothing and offered no ideas? Let us know what you are proposing because all I've ever heard is how voting is bad and we are all lemmings and the politicians are corrupt or useless.  The world you describe has  an  "us" who are good clever and pure and a "them" who are evil power hungry reptilian overlords, beyond that idea there is nothing but rambling repetition of not voting good, voting bad....
    I dont have a problem with that, but being lectured? Hahahhaaaaaa!!!
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    Battleship reacted to chariot in Go on Nats, pick Collins as your leader...I dare you.   
    The system is broken thanks to MMP. Until we get rid of MMP it will remain broken. There is no way the present rabble will move away from it as it is their life blood and the only way they can get to govern. It,s a pity about the amount of deluded souls who got sucked in by a smile. God help us. Oops, I forgot, he won't help because he's been removed from parliament.
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    Battleship reacted to armchairadmiral in Go on Nats, pick Collins as your leader...I dare you.   
    Well done KM.It's over population & the speed with which it happens that is the root cause.You lay it out clearly .When the next crisis is engineered it will be a colossal disaster .NZ should still be able to feed itself unlike most of the rest of the world gathered in huge cities.
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    Battleship reacted to ScottiE in Go on Nats, pick Collins as your leader...I dare you.   
    I'd suggest that "to mock merciilessly" is against site rules - Matt can decide that.  Critiquing someone's post in a considered manner is fine - perhaps you should try that instead.
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    Battleship reacted to Tamure in Go on Nats, pick Collins as your leader...I dare you.   
    He sure is entitled to an opinion and I welcome it, but I dont think it would be unfair to say his history of NZ politics is rather narrow and biased. The point I am making is that standing on the sidelines complaining about the rules and yelling at the players while doing nothing is hypocritical in the extreme. 
    Not voting is a vote for what you dont want, but if people choose not to vote then fair enough. However if they try to lecture me with their political viewpoints then I reserve the right to mock them mercilessly  
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    Battleship reacted to KM... in Go on Nats, pick Collins as your leader...I dare you.   
    In 1984 the Labour Party told the country it was time for a generational change and how free markets are the way to go, the country would be so much better off and blaa de blaa de blaa. In doing that the socialists wiped away the regulated economy a national dude by the name of Piggy whatshisface was heading up.
    Anyway NZ was a nice place. No homeless, crime was someone pinching a bottle of milk, the roads were empty, no one was hungry and good stuff like that.
    But the crime started to get worse, people started to get hungry and the little bad NZ had started to grow and expand. After some years the public said 'ENUFF!!!!' and booted the socialist government to touch and said to the party of a controls and regulations we want you instead. The new government started changing sh*t mainly because the power it now had allowed it to do stuff the population weren't always fans of. But the public listen to the many forked tongues and and things that existed back in the day called 'Your local government representative'. These representative people were your neighbours, locals, drank at the same pub and had jobs not dissimilar to your own. They stepped up to help you and your community become a better place, they did it for the love of their mates, neighbours and country. Anyway the public listening to these people allowed the regulation party to be a tad looser than was the norm, all for the greater good of course, that's what they were told.
    Anyway a few years went past and the crime rate grew more, more people became homeless, more hungry and so on. The public got bored with this trend so at the election they said 'Feck you, we want this socialist mob in they are promising to fix lots of the broken and make NZ a better place again'. The new mob of socialists came in and hello, look at all this power we have, lets implement some our at times fuken dumbarse crazy ideologies. Off to work they go pretty much following the last government in changing this that and the other because they didn't believe in that sh*t. But said some experts, the facts say what you are doing is wrong. The government said 'Ha, we know better so piss off'.
    Anyway a few years went past and murders became common place, hungry filling newly created food banks, people living under bridges, kids leaving school still needed to be near a mate if they wanted to count past 20. The public were pretty pissed off about this and at the next election said 'Feck you, we want this poncy mob in, they are promising to fix lots of the broken and make NZ a better place again'. The old mob cried 'we can't have that, here have an election bribe worth mega bucks'. The public fell for it and kept the old mob in for another term.
    Anyway a few years went past and murders became so common they came third after rapes and sticking kids in cloths driers. Hungry filling newly created food banks and the beneficiary dept, people living under bridges gotr mobile and started sleeping in cars as well, kids left school,in ambulances due to bullying and attempted suicides. The public were gutted about this and at the next election said 'Feck you, we want this poncy mob in, they are promising to fix lots of the broken and make NZ a better place again. Whats more they are professionals groomed from before school to be a politician, they aren't like or experienced life like us normal people'. The new poncy mob came in and bugger me, look what they old mob did, they managed to sell to the public sticking hot pokers up their arse was a good thing. Lets see what sort of fun we can have with our new found power.
    Anyway a few years went past and murders became so common no one cared anymore, wife beating became the favourite pastime in some suburbs while in other playing games to see how much you could swindle of pensioners was all the rage. Hungry filling newly created food banks and the beneficiary dept and the main streets of most cities and towns, people living under bridges got moved on but the number of 4 wheeled bedroom grew a lot, suicide killed shitload more NZers than drunks in cars couldn't even dream about. The public were gutted about this and at the next election said 'Feck you, we want this socialist mob in, they are promising to fix lots of the broken and make NZ a better place again. Whats' more they ahve even more professional politicians who haven't and never will experience life like the other 4.5 everyday NZers do. They must know better than us'.
    It's now over 30 years later. Over that entire time the same 2 mobs have promised and bribed their way in and out of the treasury benches by selling to the public they can fix what they themselves fecked up. The statistics of horrible nasty sad horrifying outcomes for NZers has done nothing except get worse year after year after year, no matter what was promised and how many task forces and enquiries there have been. Today billions and billions and billions of dollars are handed to minorities to just to gain political favour and votes, at the expense of spending it for the greater good of all NZers or where the is far more genuine need. There is nothing, nothing what so ever to suggest the cycle will change, NOTHING!!!!!!!!! in the foreseeable future. Even more so as the rules are about to change to take more power away from the population, the political elite is solidifying is base hard and fast. The walls of the base are painted both red and blue.
    Many years back a man recognised by most as a smarty pants said "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results"
    On Sept 23rd 2017 2.5 million NZers declared they are insane, I was knot one of them.
    Little by little a little becomes a lot.
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    Battleship reacted to Jon in Katana   
    That carbon looking vinyl rap wasn’t up to it in the end
    Boo Boo only just managed to save the rig in their first coastal when a spreader broke, if you were in the sea state that only Colville can throw at you the rig would be in the piss before you even realised there was a problem
    Colville on a bad day is the worst I’ve sailed in anywhere in the world, mainly created by the tide and with a super moon on top I’m just glad I don’t do that sh*t any more, but maybe one day soon.
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    Battleship got a reaction from Sabre in How to dock yer boat   
    As for all the Launchie bashing don't take it personally. I think it's what we all agreed to.
    They call us wind wankers, we call them a lot of other various names, then go over to their boats and drink all their booze and eat all the fish they caught. That was the deal wasn't it?
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    Battleship reacted to Black Panther in In the navy   
    I think it is to be encouraged. I want to see all out war against jet skis.
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    Battleship got a reaction from BNG in Canting Rig ?   
    What a god awful concept.
    Waste of time, a lot of engineering to make the boat go really slow. There would be no form stability available from the hull.
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    Battleship reacted to Priscilla II in Scott Watson case again   
    The conviction of Watson is suspect through and through.
    Watson came up against the entire resources of the police and the prosecution and in my opinion was hung out to dry.
    Imagine this xmas you anchor up in a bay and celebrate new years in the company of others.
    2 persons disappear off the face of the earth and you have the entire focus of the coppers focused on you and your McGregor 26.
    The local water taxi driver is adamant that he delivered the missing to a Volvo 65.
    Coppers dismiss Volvo as a fake boat although at least 20 people swear that they saw it in commonly described detail. 
    Your McGregor 26 is seized and is forensically examined and found to be spotlessly clean and the forward hatch has extensive scratching stretching beyond the closed edge.
    Now that is worth some sort of conviction.
    A Russell Koots memorial blanket of yours is sent for close scientific examination and yields only 400 odd of your pubic hairs but upon a re examination many weeks later after one of the disappeared hair brushes has been sighted 2 matching hairs are discovered.
    Now that's gotta be solid evidence and definitely acquired by best practice.
    At the closing of the trial the prosecutor throws up last minute theory that although you had consumed a whole case of navy rum you managed to return to the shore by foot or "somehow" from your craft and wearing a false beard and a shoulder length wig convinced the water taxi driver to deliver the disappeared to your McGregor that was cunningly disguised as a Volvo 65.
    Yeah right.
    Merry Xmas Mr Watson.
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    Battleship reacted to armchairadmiral in NZ Politics   
    Seeing it's Xmas time and I'm feeling unusually charitable towards my fellow posters I'll tell Muzled (and others)...again... I wasted my vote. I.e. I did NOT vote National /Labour. My profile of political leaning is ,surprisingly, left leaning. However I do not do people who tell lies ,are self serving, and waste money taken compulsorily (such as tax) and are plain stupid. From this last election it looks like the inmates have taken over the asylum. Forget politics. Handouts help few but handups can work. e.g. help students who have proven they can succeed with University instead of funding anyone. Watch this blow up in Govts. face !
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    Battleship reacted to dutyfree in Mike Hoskings   
    Never watched him or the show, but I gather it had good ratings so a large number people must have liked what they saw.  it is a free country and nobody forces people to watch stuff they don't like.  Cambell never appealed to me and so I did not watch him.  Never said I was glad to see him go either as I did not watch him and did not care.  Welcome to freedom of speech.
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    Battleship reacted to dutyfree in NZ Politics   
    Quantitative easing, fiscal pump priming etc all have a place, just as government debt does as well.  For example inter generational asset creation like roads schools hospitals etc where the cost occurs up front, but the asset is utilised over many many decades is a good way to use debt as it spreads the cost through time and across the beneficiaries of the assets.  Standard economics has a range of "public goods" like education, national security, Police etc that are clearly best provided by government.  After that it all becomes more philosophical and less certain.  For example primary and secondary education has clear Public benefits, people who can read and write and participate in society, Tertiary education has significant private benefits i.e. higher pay etc.  However, there are also higher taxes to be collected if people earn more.  But does that mean tertiary education should be paid for by taxpayers (I deliberately use taxpayers as government is by definition re-distributive, it only has our money)?  Now we are into philosophical discussions and ultimately political.
    I think left and right are poor descriptors.  My preference is large or small government, personal choice or central decree etc as the continuum is not binary or black and white.
    I personally believe in the benefits of free markets and capitalism.  But like most free market people I also believe in the role of regulation, standards, the rule of law etc.  From my perspective the role of government is to set the boundaries, not set the outcome.  I also believe in high quality state funded education and health, as well as safety nets such as the dole, ACC, minimum pensions etc, but I also believe that there should be limits on some aspects to encourage personal responsibility.  So although I am free markets, I support welfare, public health Pharmac etc.
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    Battleship got a reaction from Pelagic Mountie in Auckland might not host the Cup   
    I don't think a fee is unreasonable, it's pretty standard just depends how much it is. For the Ruby world cup operating costs were 300 million of which the IRB was paid $150 million as a hosting fee, plus another $350 million was spent on stadiums.
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    Battleship reacted to lateral in Is the future AWB's and Frankenboats?   
    We have nurtured a "create as we don't have something for this" mindset over many generations
    which exercised a  part off the kiwi brain to an extraordinary level.
    Now several generations of paper pushers, anti-Darwinists, parasites have sentenced us to bring up
    useless offspring that don't know that they if they trim their toe nails with a grinder they won't necessarily lose there toes.
    Should be a fundamental human right to be able to build/plumb your own house, just tag it on the title. Caveart emptor. (Except wire) If ppl cant afford a builder, upskill and do it themselves.
    (And I am a licensed builder.)
    Um...wots an AWB?
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    Battleship got a reaction from Adrianp in NZ Politics   
    Really enjoying the well thought out and reasoned comments. The problem with you guys is you won't entertain the possibility you don't know everything.
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    Battleship reacted to armchairadmiral in NZ Politics   
    The LLL on here are already on the defensive attempting to deflect attention away from the inept give away Government. Attacking the messenger is as old as time. Maybe in fact BP,Muzled,,MB ,Sabre and their ilk are the angry old men they keep pigeon holing other correspondents into. Willow is on to it,so was Stephen Joyce and modern Centreists like them (and KM) regardless of how old or young they may be seem to be among the few who can spot the oncoming high speed financial train wreck. And all within Jacinderella's 100 day honeymoon. Political divorce rearing it's head ?
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    Battleship reacted to erice in NZ Politics   
    interesting question
    do bakers get paid double-time for baking bread at 5am?
    do chefs get paid overtime for cooking other people's dinner at 8pm?
    do aircraft mechanics get overtime for fixing the planes in the dark
    that people fly in the daytime?
    if you want to be a bus driver, but work easy hours and not holidays, i guess school buses would be your thing 
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    Battleship reacted to Sabre in NZ Politics   
    Hopefully the Greens are pragmatic enough to see that democracy is working very well at present.
    Meanwhile, a Horizon research pole has discovered "If you're old and rich, you're more likely to hate the new Government".
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    Battleship reacted to erice in How many Oceans   
    after 3 years in europe
    was walking from the bus stop to the youth hostel at korean bell, long beach, LA, usa
    and suddenly felt homesick
    because of smell
    of the pacific 
    carried on the evening breeze over the houses from a hidden ocean
    like an ex-girlfriends perfume
    a unique signature
    quite different from the atlantic
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    Battleship reacted to wheels in NZ Politics   
    Actually, what I dislike the most is when people assume and state I am something when they have no clue. Then turn around and write something that is pretty much a mirror image of what they have accused me of.
    I don't......oh hell, I can't be bothered trying to justify or explain myself to you anymore MB. Think what you want.
    On the with the conversation for anyone else that may have some remote interest. My comment was from a point of view that surely the masses (someone keeps telling us the majority voted Nats out) that voted in Lab/Greens/Winston, would surely be scratching their heads as to how come the TPP was still being negotiated.
    By the way, I am happy that Labour is negotiating it. We need trade, pure and simple. It's just the electionaring by all the parties, that they either say or allude to something to only find the opposite once they are in.
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    Battleship reacted to Tamure in NZ Politics   
    I think you are just complaining for the sake of it, trying to get a rise. Given that the cabal of rabid ranting right wingers here on crew or abbreviated to the RRR, love the TPP I think that there must be an emotional conflict to deal with. Ergo, I hate the socialist, communist loony lefties but they are going to sign my beloved TPP deal- OMFG what do I do? Bag the commies or bag the TPP, which is it ..... ummm ... eerrr....fffff..uuuu...ccc...kkkkkkkkkkkk!!!
    Therapy required, must go to whaleoil to remind me what to think today, hang on let me call Leighton, he'll know what I should do/say/think...
    Personally I dont have any issues with trade agreements but I do have issues with surrendering national sovereignty to multi national corporations or other countries in exchange for short term gain. The other issue that I have is the secrecy of the deal, I want to know what I am meant to be signing up for. 
    The devil is in the details.
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