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  1. allow the use of a mooring by other vessels and the transfer of a mooring licence as a condition of the licence. Is , “ authorised by owner” omitted here? Or is this going to be taken as its ok, by rank n file? Or is this just to make official what is already happening.
  2. Hmm, food for thought. Tidy! Looks identical to the one I got down to the faux carbon and sticker on top. Cost $90US. (In US) Just trying to figure orientation to minimise exhaust run etc. Weird inlet outlet positions means a lot of bends. Makes sense have air intake to heat exchanger on opposite side of boat. l was going to run two outlet as 5kw, one to each 1/4 berth, but I like your setup better. Also the idea of not using tank supplied and supply from boat fuel.
  3. Yep, I'll have it. Too long, but I think i'll double up. (~Not paranoid or anything)
  4. I replaced mine for around that price. ($175)Teleflex marine nz. 3yrs ago though.
  5. lateral

    Interior Paint?

    If you are going to spray inside esp with solvent borne/2pac do respirator up thoroughly. I did mine in 2pac in the head & stations , logistical nightmare trying to manouvre with all the hoses in a 10m. (forced air fullface) I will go brush & tip next time with just fan and carbon filters.
  6. lateral


    Same subject but bit of a drift. Are most gps processors in the AIS unit and the antenna is passive just an aerial? Can you use a active antenna that outputs gps sentenced thru the data input wire of the AIS as a back up if your antenna goes south? Thing is plotter and active gps would have to share ground. Can’t see that working. Perhaps rs232/422/485 converter? The earlier matsutec doesn’t have a db9 as do later ones. Can’t see why the data I/O can’t send 0183 back to AIS from Zeus 2/ networked gps and just flag the passive aerial/dome. Havent played around yet, just got my c
  7. Too much, for too long.
  8. Console yourself with; "If you haven't run aground, you either, haven't been sailing, are a liar or are a nana from hell." Acknowledging there could be a super-being that defies all three, and still partakes of liquids that distort the speed/time/distance continuum. Whose blood is definitely saltier. Should start a thread on , "Confessions of a serial corner banger." Which is not about unassuming poles, rather the gambler within. Full credit to your more than significant other half willing to drive your ego on to the mud. Like your writing!
  9. lateral

    Fiddly Repair

    Yep, design issues imo. Should have had more angle on the verticals. Not simple to fix. Bit hard to see the constraints with photos supplied, but ....... Pry open cracks and inject slightly thickened epoxy in and lightly cramp as epoxy is a gap adhesive. Let cure. Measure slot and call/look at online catalogue for aluminium channel that will suit both thickness of washboards and won't require too much machined (router & multitool) out of back face, allowing for reglassing anything that requires waterproofing/strengthening. Machine back face to suit, reglass areas
  10. 5.6Knts @ 2800 dirty; 6Knts clean @2800 straight out of strops. Kiwi prop was relatively clean on haul out & AF 3weeks ago
  11. Do NOT use acetone, lacquer thinners, MEK on acrylic or polycarb. It will haze at very least, or craze. Been there done that. Definitely weakens it. Abraid it off or rubber stripper wheel. Tape up where you want to remain clear. Use blackout primer after to edge of rebate/FG on acrylic.
  12. The problem I see with vhb is pressuring the acrylic/glass on to it. We rollered the vhb into the rebate, and then pushed the acrylic onto.Then taped up and applied 795. Paid particular attention to it on the boat and worked perfectly. Thinking I was on a roll, Hung a mirror in her new ensuite with it and got seven yrs bad luck. Used a primer on acrylic, dewaxer and then isopropyl over on FG. Nothing for the tiles, and only sporadically made contact owing to uneven surface. Total operator error. One thing I have noticed with 795 is that it leaves faint black stains down wh
  13. I have two (port & starboard) both are accurate & read similarly. I have had a lemon tho. It was an electrical fault in the potted components. Don't know whether you can overwrite the firmware, or it recognizes the version number and if up to date, goes no further. I think with the ST10 interface and Airmar software on laptop you can overwrite. (I have one plus actisense NGT-1 + reader to check PGN output) Only have DST800 on the backbone during upgrade. Although, if it has been checked your barking up wrong tree. No errors on your MFD diagnostic or plotter? ie
  14. Ha, wondered what you're comment was about about! Where does the minus lat & long put them then? (Hyphen) Nah, was more about the uncertainty of a safe friendly port in a covid storm.
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