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  1. Cheers. Didn't think error came into it as it is comparative, using sharp probe to lead bat terminal. Googled first but couldn't find acceptable variance. What triggered my interest was some oscillation of current from multiple shunts as it neared tail current. All in unison. Thought perhaps I had an intermittent fault in a cell.
  2. is following ok? 4x 6v fla’s usual 2s2p config. except split port/ starboard. Strb = 6.39, 6.37 port=6.35, 6.36v panel collectively sayes 12.72. Open circuit 4days rest.
  3. Sorry its an ST10 programming tool. Can (simnet) to USB. Thought I had both and the AT10 could have gone.
  4. Can be complicated. I had the fecal coliform counted off my roof water and from a stream nearby. In the summer roof water was higher, in winter the stream. There is limited potential runoff from septic tank irrigation into stream.
  5. I did all that a couple of years back on Zeus2/gofree install. I'm pretty sure mines fixed as I couldn't use my phone for internet last w/e as it had automatically connected to gofree. (WiFi enabled) And there was little suffixes "gofreewifi58 of all my devices on MFD. I was busy elsewhere so ignored it. Now this has come up I twigged it has different connectivity. Last coupla months it has been dumb as a rock. (GoFree) I thought you have a Zeus3 with WiFi onboard. Why are you using a gofree?
  6. You are right it seems. Updated August 24, 2020 Size 32M Installs 100,000+ Current Version 4.1.0 Requires Android 4.4 and up
  7. Apple. So I guess droid has a different version #.
  8. App. https://apps.apple.com/nz/app/link-connect-your-boat/id565848636 /version history
  9. One thing is for sure, " she won't be right mate". Unless we kickass. These revelations are an opportunity to show we have it together down here. What we have instituted to rectify the excesses of ramped up production.
  10. Thanks. I couldn't find an update for Zeus2, so guess it didn't need one. I will check mirroring on W/E. So if MFD (Zeus2) hasnt changed app must have. Edit: looks like its fixed. Not too up with my devices updating s/w without informing me. Probly nofified & I ignored it. Thread started 10/01. Haven't been back until now. Version History 4.3.6 22 Jan 2021 Fixed the Mirroring and Remote Control experience. Chart-plotters are now mirrored in fullscreen once again. Added support for Local Networ
  11. Nada, gave up and moved onto things I could fix.
  12. Used to surfcast as a kid at Matata. The Tarawera river is a classic example of utter carelessness. Starting in 1955 the river became the black drain. Tasman pulp and paper should be taken to the cleaners or have their noses rubbed in it at least. (Norske skog & CHH) The smugness of our marketers knows no bounds. Pure NZ, haha. Enviromental BOP, really? Hopefully we have turned the corner in public will to make the change.
  13. There's? Somewhat understandable given a predominate human trait is to accumulate as much oxygen for personal use as possible and pay little heed to those who are gasping, bar loose change and lip service. As if entitled. In spite of exceptions to prick a conscience, or lack of it. Now wouldn't that be something, seeing the squillionares compete with their consciences.
  14. I spoke to an engineer who worked on oil rigs who said the same. They had stopped using the copper grease in favour of something else. If it’s expensive I tend to forget what it is and develope a mental block real quick. Haha. If you are using a gasket do you use a dressing as well, like red rtv?
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