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  1. Heading off to race course in decent breeze yesterday and backstay bow shackle exploded. Head to wind and got it under control in orderly fashion. Dodged a bullet. Did prize the gooseneck fitting from mast mount, (broke welds) so decent forces at play. New experience. Regular rigging checks, now de rigueur. Left hand arm looks pre-fractured-crevice stress corrosion? Was holding on by 5/8ths of FA.
  2. I’ll be in. Currently stuff deposited in several different places. Appletons, Mt Gay? pm me contact number.
  3. Its all in the App developers lap as there has been an international furore over it. People saying they want to rip out all their Navico stuff and replace with another brand. On the net anyway. There must have been other problems for it to escalate like this. First call I've had from a "world service manager". Thanks to Matt at Neptunes gear. On the whole I really like my Navico gear and their response to any problems. (Apart from a certain custom help guy there that really should not be aspiring to that position.)
  4. I never understood why DSC calling was not in NZ if we have AIS. What is a DSC call from your plotter? Do both need implementation of shorebased hardware to operate that NZ doesn't want to fund?
  5. Guess you rattled their chain early Matt? Big things coming in software for" legacy" devices I just got told by someone that sounded informed. And in PR recovery mode. Nice to get personal attention. Hope their word is better than Balmar. .
  6. They haven’t yet sent me a case number. I’ll pm it when received. According to them the link app no longer works for mirroring the zeus2. SW development team currently working on it. Internet connectivity is still there, on mine anyways.
  7. Called Navico support and they said they have had this reported and there is no current resolution. Mfd sees wifi 1 phone sees wifi one- connected remote button solid (not greyed out) error message when tapped Link app for evo "2" series support discontinued...... New app only works with "3" series. Going to try with another iphone in case its the phone.
  8. Ok, thanks. The AP is via BT/ pilot remote and has always worked perfectly. Just wanted the chart/depth for cross reference. Just lamenting stuff I bought that wasn’t market ready or had inherent flaws and sketchy support.
  9. Bought and installed three +~years ago and used to update firmware. A week or two ago tried to mirror mfd and it wouldn’t work. Wanted to steer boat from bow and have depth an chart on phone. Rarely used feature but pissed me off because it only occasionally worked.So I tried to resolve including factory reset- no go. phone sees the wifigofree but mfd doesn’t list wifigofree as a device, only four devices with wifi gofree suffix, ie navigation, pilot,gps & a coupla others which I forget with the “this device” parentheses. ok, so last resort I deleted the link app on iPhone and r
  10. What’s a dripless 1” kiwi shaft seal currently cost? I see Henleys adapt tail of existing gland to take the KSS. Seems to do properly would require removing gland and stern tube and replace with composite water lubed stern log glue in. Not ready for that level of masochism. Have to at least finish HVUS’s land locked ensuite first.
  11. lateral

    Pump head?

    It’s on the pump curve graph that comes with the pump. Depends on type of pump and power. Every foot of height (head)you are pumping against =0.533psi or 2.99kPa. Delivery vol will drop to zero on curve at max head for pump which is particular to your pump. Need model number and search for performance curve.
  12. Thanks for all the info guys; excellent coverage of the many variables. Around five years ago launched after a massive rebuild, new hull, new floors, stations,deck, and engine bed.(Of course)All DIM. (With a good mate) Prop shaft checked at machine shop for conformity. Reco'ed kiwi prop by John. Relevant to this,new cutlass bearing, new Duramax ultra X packing, R&D flexi coupler checked, multiple re-alignments initial and in water. Has been excellent to-date. Next to no drip at dock, minimal underway. 3/min. Minimal heating.(Hand stay-on-test) Recently started ex
  13. Awesome, now armed with work-a rounds!
  14. Butyl tape formed rings under track and 291 under washers below deck worked for me. Five years now. My track came with a wider aluminium spacer for under the track, which I didn't use Countersink is not only a hard edge stress reliever, the butyl gets to form a compression O ring in the countersink. Was suss on nylon fitting under screw head, hence 291 backup. My old ones had split.
  15. Sad. seems a blink ago I used to surf Cartwheel pt (Indicators) alone. Even before Wayne pissed Sam off.
  16. Does worn cutlass affect the drip rate? Also, dived the boat and removed a whole lot of fishing braid from around shaft and fouling the kiwi prop. Right up to back of cutlass bearing.
  17. That makes sense. Must be a shallow taper as flexiplate isn’t that thick. I guess if I remove the anode and prop and flexiplate I should have enough play to inspect shaft at packing area. Im keen to fix in the water if possible as don’t want to haul boat until end of summer. Replaced the packing a couple of days ago but the old looked ok.
  18. Not at the boat but trying to formulate a plan to pull prop shaft on next haul out. l guess flange screws onto shaft then machined true on lath. I don’t remember any locknut. Otherwise have to move motor forward and pull ps into boat minus anode and prop. Stern gland is behaving erratically.
  19. If only half true, Murphy was obviously pissed off..
  20. lateral


    8mm ID? What purpose/ fluid? Waitemata hydraulics is open on Monday. They cover all kinds. Henderson Branch. Supacheap Auto/Repco/partmaster?
  21. Finally got around to fabbing up a mast bracket for the Garhaeur vang bought used off TM. A lot more attractive than purging my overflowing workshop/garage, so worked outside. Nothing went according to plan, surprise@! Multiple trips to boat for dry fit. In the process of shortening discovered inner shaft had been bent and masterfullly repaired/. I wonder what their boom looked like! Frozen grub screws, inner sleeved repair, design flaw on upper pully being 90° to mount axis. Some head scratching about off axis loading, no worries, just go up a couple of dimensions.
  22. Oil lines on 3GM30 are steel and external. My were pitted and leaked so I replace both sides. Common problem. Rather spendy from Yanmar, but new ones are Cu I believe. Feeds valve train. Rather than internal galleries. I presume the 2GM is the same. I had to remove quite a bit of gear to facilitate. But then was repainting as well so didn't matter. Get spare Cu banjo washers.
  23. Hope you were genuine, never can tell with you KM. Took at face value owing to the indisputable shite on FB. Another species for us to mismanage. And the trophy hunters to drool over.
  24. lateral


    Pay particular attention to entrapped air per instructions. Bubbles burst later on & looks crappy/ traps dirt. Only occurred on cockpit floor for some reason. Rest has been great. Don't do on super hot day in shade & pull tape before it skins. One rolling one, another pulling tape.
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