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  1. Bringing the boat up to Gulf Harbour to lift the rig Tuesday 9th Nov, looking for a berth for a 11.6m yacht for that week. Happy to swap a Bayswater berth for the week or longer.. John 021 731 781
  2. Does anyone have a working ST50 depth they'd be happy to lend/part with, mines decided it's alway 0.0m under the boat (pretty sure its the head not the transducer).... In Auckland, John 021 731781
  3. Email fresh in from BEP, looks like an ER3 (3 stage) regulator and i have some limited paperwork if anyone else needs it.. looks like the Green/purple negative lug contains some form of temperature probe You live and learn, i've only had the boat 18 years!
  4. Thanks for the upgrade suggestions but at this stage we'll persevere with the old but working system, keen to understand and get the best out of it though. As with most 80's boats there is a lot of kit in the queue for replacement....
  5. Yes, alternator. The boat is a 1984 Farr with a Lees marine BMC Captain and 55A Ingram alternator so the regulator is probably 90's vintage. There are no visible model or serial numbers. I'll remove it over the weekend and see if there is anything on the back. Connections are via a moulded 8 terminal connector (spade type). I can trace the wiring and the obvious connections are there but what is confusing is for example there are 2 connections green and purple running back to the battery negative post.. The connection tracing began when i had no charge on running the engine last weekend,
  6. Does anyone have any information on these BEP voltage regulators? I have one installed on the boat and it appears to be working OK but i'd like to check the installation is correct. Connection is via a 8 pin terminal block.
  7. If anyone is interested short or long term, run an offer past me.. i'd rather have a boat in there than sitting empty..
  8. I've a 12m berth at Gulf Harbour becoming vacant from Saturday 13th July. Close in on G with the wider fairway, port side finger (bow in) Private rental $580/month, long term. Subject to the normal GH terms
  9. Hi Steve Ive been staring at a dead version of the same all season so i'll take it off your hands if you still have it... I'll PM an email address to you Thanks
  10. Horseshoe Lifebuoy found washed up on Torpedo Bay in Devonport, Faded Red with a Black whistle.
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