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  1. Tell me it's not true that Borderline has been bought by someone who is turning her into a solar powered fizz boat with no mast.
  2. Good idea Greg. The 'Round Waiheke' race is an obvious race for any yacht club (no matter which one) to promote. I'd love to see it revived and an Orakei start makes perfect sense. Think it would be more popular if it started and finished in Auckland and not Mareatai.
  3. How do you "lose" a weekend by going sailing for 4 days. Might as well sell it.
  4. Sorry but I disagree Tim. I've done the race about 6 times on Superbird With GD and the worst experience we've had was not finishing twice due to lack of wind,and that's not Taurangas fault, in fact they ended up being fishing trips at the Barrier so not all bad. If it's a big Easterly or NE we probably wouldn't leave Auckland anyway. I agree coming into Tauranga isn't easy. There's so many flashing lights it's like sailing into a disco, but if we wanted easy.... we'd sail to Waiheke. But the of 4 races we finished, one was at anchor close in by the bridge, the shuttle was no more
  5. Atom Ant motored into the Gold Coast last night.Battery recharging problems I think.
  6. It won't matter how many times you put that post up Graeme ,it'll only fall on deaf ears and it doesn't matter that Superbird has never beaten Pulse and Fruition but has a higher handicap I think you need to be in the 'inner cicle' and know the secret handshake. Also i don't think they liked it when you won it in 2009 and are making damn sure it wont happen again.
  7. Some more feedback. I crewed on Superbird with G.D and we found the whole Tauranga race experience to be very enjoyable despite being the only Multi. entered I live in Aussie and enjoy coming home for a sailing 'fix' twice a year. Tauranga and the Coastal. Tauranga at Easter is perfect because of the 4 day window for a return trip. Because of the smaller numbers of yachts entered we seemed to get more personal service once we arrived , a guy in an inflatable to deliver some much needed Rum and to steer us away from sandbanks and personally show us our Marina berth where Roger (Fully Cha
  8. Unfortunately Yes they are from memory of when my kids were young
  9. The legendary Easter yacht race. Who's doing it this year and whats happened to the multihulls. We have heard nothing . Has the race been hijacked by family cruises, This great race needs to be promoted better.
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