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    Coastal Divisions

    Basically, 2 start with 4, and then 3 with 5 because that is what those guys wanted. Originally it was a mass start, then div 2 got peeved that div 1 would run them over off the start, they preferred to start 10 minutes later on their own (were given the option of 5 minutes later but chose 10), likewise then div 3 got peeved in the same start as div 2 that they would get run over, etc, so div 3 opted for 10 minutes later than div 2. I would think that consideration could be given for more monohull divisions, maybe with different phrf cut offs than now, or if there were enough like minded
  2. MrWolf

    Coastal Divisions

    At the end of the day its up to those racing in Divisions 1 thru 5 how they want the race to run. If they want the division split to be changed along lines of more similar boats in the same division, and how they want the starts to be done, (i.e. which divisions start at which time). I'm sure it is possible to start the 2 handed division second start on the multi start line if that's what everyone wants. The Coastal is the biggest keelboat race held every year, and it is their race.
  3. Email ??? You must be joking, JT doesn't do modern like email. In fact he doesn't even have a mobile phone. And if you phone him on his landline time it for one of his breaks (which he hardly ever takes) otherwise he doesn't even answer that. all you can do is leave a message or what works is a visit, then you can check out Frantic Drifts new amas which are next door !
  4. On the crew.org homepage along the top, select racetrack. In racetrack select boat ranking. Repeat Offender (in your other post) is ranked above Hyper in racetrack. Both are Cruiser/Racer tris which are ideal for taking away, are both roomy below (for 9m tri's), and both have nice creature comforts like double berths and heads. Repeat Offender has been a top racing boat in the Auckland fleet in the hands of Barry Thom, and has recently got new rig and sails. It is still a very fast boat. Which boat will suit your needs best, most likely depends on your main focus.
  5. Of the original 5 that squid put up MarkM got 4 of them right. in the 6th category between the 2nd div boats however RC got High Voltage right, and got 3 of the original 5 right, meaning they both got 4 out of 6 right.
  6. Just looks so sweet without a cabin. Why do we need those things again ?
  7. Anyone picking "Deep Throat" out of the canting 30's,? cos its a wasted vote as there is no such boat in the race
  8. O40 Taeping overload Dirty Deeds DDF
  9. Yeah there is already a prize for first 8.5 to finish
  10. Fast Boat benefit. Limit and TVS to share the spoils as most everyone else will run out of wind
  11. In the model G3 will see 60 degrees true from Brett to Tapeka which is a lay through on port meaning breeze direction prediction at that stage has way more south in it than Southwest. On the model distance sailed ic close to 121 nm, i.e. it predicts dead straight is the fastest way for G3 to go. the model now has a finish time of 1430 hours. BTW we put in rough polars for Taeping and you will be there by 1830 !
  12. One model has the corners in, the other finds it faster to crash ashore at Whangarei before going back out to Sea !
  13. the predictwind model sees G3 finishing at 1408, holy crap batman, 4 hours and 10 minutes, in only 17 to 22 knots of wind. Even if its close to that it will just be so awesome !
  14. MrWolf

    Resealing hatch

    Dow Corning 795 is the stuff. It is awesome, because it needs no expensive primers like Sika. It costs around $22 per 600ml sausage and is available from Glasscorp. Look under Techtalk thread, post number 1, resealing windows. It gives the best advice ever on resealing windows (andI'm sure your hatch will be much the same).
  15. Why not use your GPS plot of your course, i'm sure you can work out times off that? Most boats already have the ability to do this now?
  16. MrWolf

    Mast removal

    Call Dave Ridley at Hall Spars, 09 427 5472 021 628 749
  17. MrWolf

    resin thickener

    Do you want the dinghy to float? And you don't want the transom to fall out. I assume so. west System epoxy doesn't last forever, so mix up a small batch to make sure it goes off. Talc that used to be used as a glue thickener is not the same as the Talc you buy in the supermarket. It doesn't contain the fillers, extenders and perfumes. Aerosil, or 403 powder is what you need. If you can't get to a boat shop you can get it couriered to you. it doesn't make sense to try to reinvent a new glue powder when the consequences of a stern falling out of a dinghy are !!!!
  18. I don't think we have anywhere enough boats to be looking at two starts and two divisions, But if we have one start, two courses, what others see is a bunch of multis at the start, a bunch of multis hooning all around the place, and a bunch of multis finishing a lot closer to gether. It will look more spectacular and get more fringe cruiser/racers racing regularly. If done correctly the short course finish may be a close run thing to the long course finish. Mixing up results on handicap especially is very good for participation numbers. Everyone likes to feel they are in with a chanc
  19. Clean Up Sika 291 using Turps or White Spirit. Meths has a funny habit of affecting the cure of the Sika round the edges of the track.
  20. The multihull situation is Unique. There is no other division with such different speeds from Front to back. As John said it is unfair to expect the Race Committee to have to wait around for stragglers, and it also affects the majority of Rum Racers every time they have to delay the Prizegiving longer and longer. Finishing in the dark or light is not the issue, it is finishing in the time limit. Sam's comments re Katariana are very valid, that guy has just as much right to sail on Wednesday nights as anyone else. I see they now sail with a different yacht club in a mixed division
  21. If the course is a lot of reaching then Yes the multis need longer courses. If its light airs Upwind/Downwind a course the length of A division is more appropriate. The key to this discussion for me is that we don't alienate a number of slower boats in our fleet to please a number of faster ones. everyone has to compromise because one boat in our fleet is twice as fast as the other end of our fleet.
  22. The speed of the average multihull is around the same as the top a division keelboats, so why are the multi's now doing longer courses than a division. certainly only a small portion of the multi fleet are 30% faster than wired say. in other words courses that long cater for a very small portion of our fleet
  23. My idea is same start line for all until a bigger fleet. Two courses, a short course same as D division and a long course same as "A' division. For handicap results say the longer course is 25% longer than the shorter course. Just lengthen the short course times by the same percentage. Some times this will favour the short course, other times it will favour the long course, should even out over time, Personally I don't mind the line winner being who ever gets home first, sometimes the short course will win, some times the long course. Maybe with the proviso that if a short
  24. Sam I totally agree with you on this. we used to have drumbeat, hyper, katariana etc racing regularly. I hate the idea that any boat doesn't feel included.
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