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  1. 1 hour ago, vic008 said:

    When its a sunny day, and your batteries are pretty full, what sort of readings on your bms, do you expect to see? 

    need a bit more info- what sort of panels and what sort of regulator/BMS?

  2. 41 minutes ago, KM... said:

    The designer/builder of the other boat has considerably more experiance.

    "Should be interesting to see the 2 theories line up against each other." 

    No doubt Mr. Roper has plenty of experience.

    Will be interesting to see.

  3. 39 minutes ago, B00B00 said:

    Those boats are going to get a hiding overnight. Gusting over 50kts. Wouldnt be suprise to see some damage in the morning.

    Really quite a volatile week of weather in the northern Atlantic! 

    Already 26 knots (1.00pm our time) with 4.0m seas in the west - Charlie Dalin was doing 16 knots in 3.0m seas further east than the western bunch such as Tripon, Escoffier, AT and co who were doing 12-15 knots in 4.0m seas! Very hard to compare even as boats are stil relatively close together.  Intersting that vendee globe site had Hugo Boss as fastest average speed last 24 hours at 10.7knots

  4. 1 hour ago, muzled said:

    A few of the new boats have different foils to the 'old' Dali foils this time, more of a C shape which is more forgiving.  They talk about it in one of the vids in this link.


    Interesting to see Sam Davies looks like she sailed right past Jeremie Boyou on Charal which was one of the pre race favs.

    Does anyone know what that exclusion zone is out of the Galician coast?

    shipping - traffic seperation scheme

  5. 4 hours ago, Ian sail said:

    Hi there I own a mk1 in chch I am up for a new main sail can anyone point me in the best direction for a good quality sail I don't race yet but I don't want to spend the money and get crap rather do it right first time tia.


    zoom sails- here https://www.zoomsails.com/

  6. My apologies re use of lipo...poor understanding/ grouping on my part. However, the advertisement does say they are made up of 26650 lithium iron phosphate cells. Is this incorrect?

    What does everyone suggest as a good 100-120 Ahr(20hr) AGM standalone house battery currently?

    My boat doesn't have a diesel and alternator...just run solar(120 watts) and outboard rectifier/regulator(7A max).

    Loads are instruments, MFD, AIS, VHF, TP22 tillerpilot, nav lights(LED), interior lights (LED) engel MR40F fridge very occassionally, JVC head unit, USB charging phone via 2.1A port and galley water pump.

    Primary reason attracted to powertech was weightsaving and supposedly useable Ahr capacity but after reading IT's marinehowto article I better understand the specific battery type and 'lithium battery system' requirements, particularly charging requirements. Most marketing is absolute #$$%^!  Very frustrating.



  7. https://www.jaycar.co.nz/12-8v-100ah-lithium-deep-cycle-battery/p/SB2203


    Anyone using one of these or similar in their boat as a house battery? Despite my best efforts thus far I haven't been able to determine whether they can be safely paralleled. Reading about Lipos suggests that some BMS modules not designed too. How do you tell?

    No supplier of the above battery I have spoken to/emailed is able to answer this seemingly basic question. Spec sheet doesn't address it either.  Wheels? IT?

  8. Semantics.  The clubs exist for their members and therefore YNZ serves overall yacht club membership. The YNZ constitution is clear in its goals... I was a bit schocked that the draft AGM minutes stated that " overall success would be measured at the next olympics" or similar. 

  9. Interesting- Ballistic's interior was painted with a water based product originally. Apart from certain coves where the keying wasn't up to much, it is in pretty good nick. KM thanks for the info. I did a quick little tidy up in the front of the boat the other day with Altex 2 pack epoxy. 


  10. 4 hours ago, It Got said:

    There are very few riparian rights that exclude the ability of the public to cross the land in question.

    Cheltenham beach is one and there is one other I can't remember around Auckland. Most of the others are publicly crossable.

    Like the private jetties in Kawau, the public can legally use and cross almost all of them. They can't sit and fish or set up a tent or anything but the can be used. I would suggest the vast number of 'private beaches' are exactly the same.

    And as proprieties change hands they lose those rights, hence some in Cheltenham still do have a form of ownership to the low tide mark but a growing number now don't as they have changed hands.

    https://qualityplanning.org.nz/sites/default/files/2018-11/Esplande reserves%2C esplanade strips and access strips.pdf

  11. On 22/09/2020 at 5:33 PM, harrytom said:
    What are riparian rights? These are rights of landowners who have title down to the water's edge, in other words there is no Queen's Chain reserve. If a riverbed is not controlled by the Crown or local bodies, adjoining landowners may own up to the centreline of the river.

    That isn't correct and the article is full of mistruths. Twisty is correct. riverbed, stream, river etc are all defined in legislation. Any subdivision alongside coast, rivers or streams requires provision of esplanade strips or reserves. As I remember it roughly a third of our coast is not protected by such reserves. However, the system is designed to create, require; enforce them when developing any land. This mechanism IMHO should be maintained for the future public good regardless of what reform occurs in the planning law space.

  12. 2 hours ago, BOIGuy said:

    Greens just had a shot, blew it complete as far as I can see. No activists left, just woke ineffectives.

    Yeah Interesting article here in the same vein https://www.stuff.co.nz/environment/300121114/native-habitat-under-attack-nationwide-as-offenders-face-little-consequence-data-shows 

    Trouble with the Greens, Forest & Bird and others whinging about Council's not doing enough to protect natural habitats is when the Councils take enforcement action, prosecutions, they expose the Council and thus ratepayers to costs. Councils are risk averse. The burden of evidence is high and it is all to easy for landowners, consent holders to delay, defer and deny.  The system is broken. It is arguably preferable to do now and ask for forgiveness later... if you get caught.


  13. 12 minutes ago, It Got said:

    So your saying crash the whole system and restart it with one designed for 2020 and all it comes with?

    As absolutely magnificent and 100000000000% immediately needed, I'm sorry to say but as correct as you are you are also dreaming. The majority of NZ voters have proven themselves to be lazy can't be arsed thinking about it for more than 2 seconds, they are muppets. If the average NZ voter was a Turkey they have and will again shortlyvote for Thanks Giving day.

    KM...missed the boat on that one. It doesn't matter which party you back the system is designed to harvest/manipulate. Simply, asking for a bit of self responsibility - that is all. Ask yourself what is the difference between a central national or labour led MMP government for your business interests?

  14. Yes...but what about teaching yourself to fish?  I'm staggered by the sheeple who seem so easily manipulated by a politician who is an extremely adept communicator using all the tools available, particularly social media.  

  15. Get hold of Jim Dilley - Environment Canterbury Harbourmaster, extensive experience cruising Fiordland and sub-antarctics in summer and winter. Ring him at Ecan. I'm sure he would love to chat about it.

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