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  1. We've done a couple of vids of our recent trip from Picton up the west coast.
  2. Anyone know how the repeaters work? We just sailed from Nelson to Boi and I struggled to keep skeds with Taupo zlm on the vhf, we were off Cape Egmont and ended up talking to Wellington in the morning and Cape Reinga in the evening. They could hear me but I was struggling to read them and wondering why i wasn't getting cape egmont on 71. The coastguard nowcasting however was crystal clear most of the way even 60nm off. Did most skeds on the cell phone in the end.
  3. Houhora has water at game fishing club wharf and a four square 100m up the hill form the main wharf. Was pretty disappointed we couldn't find any takeaway beer in whangaroa.
  4. Thanks, I'm looking for a fixed pitch, I should have mentioned that above sorry.
  5. Currently swing 12x7 but open to anything around that size. Cheers
  6. Anchored off Picton this morning, at first I was like wtf then on closer inspection rather jealous. With a 75,000 litre gas tank, even if they gave it to me all I could do is sit an look at it though.
  7. My wife and I are hopefully headed that way on our 31ft ketch, just wondering if anyone else was doing the same?
  8. Ordered a RC8-8 will let you know how it goes.
  9. Thanks fellas, will have a look in the Maxwell direction.
  10. Gday team, I'm looking for a new windlass for my 31ft 5.5 ton ketch. I can't decide on either a CPX1 or a RC8-8. The cpx is almost half the price of the rc8 and I can't figure out whether the cpx will be up to the job or not. I've done a fair bit of research on the manufacturer websites and whatever else I could find already but what little information there is, is contradictary. Not planning on 'winching' the boat toward the anchor. 60m of 8mm short link and a 20kg bruce. Going for vertical because of a bowspirit not allowing a straight pull to the windlass. Cheers f
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