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    But my god it’s ugly. They must think it’s fast.
  2. I can't wait to see them out there. They're all good teams, the boats are amazing I think. I used to be a sceptic, but am now fully on-board with the concept and the close-in race courses. Bring it on!
  3. This guy is amazing. Donation made.
  4. I think the Wharengaere locals may have something to say about the sewage from 10 boats for 14 days being pumped into their front yard. It's pretty contained in that bay...
  5. Rangi1

    NZ Team in Sail GP

    Growing a mullet? Blair’s been a mullet head for a year or two now. Can’t take the Northland out of a boy...
  6. I had watched a few of their episodes on YouTube and am pretty happy they've decided to leave the country. They had no respect for lock-down rules or the social distancing measures taken under level 3 and were constantly whining about everything here unless they were getting a freebie in return for promoting it. Redneck, self entitled narcissists...
  7. I slacken them off, but seldom run them forward. I’m not that worried about a tiny speed loss when I’m cruising,
  8. Rangi1

    Old Flares

    Slight thread drift, but how do you dispose of an Epirb whose battery has long "expired" but still shows charge when you check the test button?
  9. But has ETNZ got the funds to survive through another six months or longer? I doubt it. I understand NYYC and INEOS are keen to get down to NZ as soon as they possibly can, and happy to go into quarantine for four weeks. Luna Rossa not so happy but that's probably understandable given the breakages they have had in boat 1.
  10. I watched and enjoyed Maiden the other day - I didn't see it when it did the rounds of the theatres, so was happy to find it online (Apple TV)
  11. I’m looking into purchasing a berth at Westhaven, and the license expires in 2026. Can anyone tells me what happens at that point? Do we lose all rights and have to purchase at full market value again? Will Westhaven just take over the berths and keep them for rental? If either of these are correct, then some people are asking way too much for their licenses to occupy.
  12. A bit of a u-turn on the container devanning... https://www.stuff.co.nz/business/120676056/trucking-body-surprised-and-concerned-after-ministry-changes-its-advice-on-freight-twice
  13. Thanks - I like the option to only pay when you need to (if you are organised enough to give the 30 days notice)
  14. Aleana - would you have a link to the booster you purchased, and let me know what you think of the performance please? It sounds like just the thing I need. Thanks Rangi
  15. I'm not sure if I could think of a worse way to spend my sailing time...
  16. Rangi1

    Bottom Job

    I had the bottom of my 40 footer done a couple of years ago by Barry Cawson. Highly recommended and much cheaper than Brin Wilson.
  17. If you take the lot, a bottle of rum to Matt would be a decent thing to do
  18. Anyone want these for free? All were working fine when I upgraded my system over the last couple of years: Course Computer Type 300 - missing the cover but it’d never had one in the 10 years I’ve had it and it has never missed a beat. Flux gate compass that links to the course computer Autohelm tridata - working well as far as I remember.
  19. Rangi1

    The Boat

    Loving it - can't wait to see a few of these dueling it out on the harbour in 18 months or so
  20. Rangi1

    The Boat

    Heard the same rumours - and am going along early Friday to see for myself...
  21. Two errors in the second sentence and you're thinking about proof reading? Maybe stick to the deliveries!!
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