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  1. But surely he could have returned to base earlier as the forecast worsened?
  2. I did a slow transition over a couple of years from old ST60 gear on Seatalk to the i70, i60, p70 controllers, autopilot and a new chart plotter on STNG. Buy the iTc 5 converter first so that all the old gear plays nicely with Seatalk NG and buy the new bits as you can afford it. I just took my time and looked for bargains on eBay and overall (including shipping) I saved around 50% on NZ RRP. Much of that was before the new GST capture rules however. Worked well for me, and the newer Raymarine gear is perfect for me (not a racer).
  3. I wouldn't cross the Cook Strait on that thing even if the skipper was paying me https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/127866621/the-pirate-boat-of-picton-taking-protesters-to-wellington
  4. Like free on-street parking outside your house?
  5. Rangi1

    Dc charging amps

    I have the BEP battery monitor:
  6. The classic tv advert… https://youtu.be/CD6S8DZHpG4
  7. +1 for Efrontier. I've just purchased an refurbished unit off him. Good pricing and an easy transaction.
  8. I’ve got a Quick as well - no problems in the 15 years since it was installed. I’m very happy with it as well. My one’s engine driven only I think.
  9. Unfortunately it’s hardly a surprise that it costs a lot to have a 52 foot boat.
  10. My take on it is a large amount of that headline number is for work that needed doing at some stage to improve the cities infrastructure into the future but the AC and APEC meant that the development of it was brought forward. Very little of the money was spent on organising and holding a regatta. There's some pretty slanted anti AC interpretation of the numbers I thought. Did anyone think that the return from holding the Cup was really going to pay for the new seawall, Ferry Building plaza upgrade, stooping Wynyard Wharf from falling into the sea, removing the remainder of the tanks and the D
  11. 100%. Thanks for everything you've done IT
  12. It's not rot they should be worried about. Teredo worm (shipworm) will attack the piles and eat though them.
  13. NYS - my brother and sister are unable to get home to see our dying mother. The earliest they can get into MIQ is late February which is very likely to be too late. Your moaning about being able to sail down here whenever you wanted to arrive and get straight into a MIQ hotel is quite frankly pissing me off. There are literally thousands of New Zealanders who would like to be able to just arrive and do their two weeks.
  14. Rangi1

    Lithium v AGM

    "At the time of the crash, it was the only battery-powered glider in New Zealand." You'd have to assume they won't be selling too many more here in the near future.
  15. Rangi1


    But my god it’s ugly. They must think it’s fast.
  16. I can't wait to see them out there. They're all good teams, the boats are amazing I think. I used to be a sceptic, but am now fully on-board with the concept and the close-in race courses. Bring it on!
  17. This guy is amazing. Donation made.
  18. I think the Wharengaere locals may have something to say about the sewage from 10 boats for 14 days being pumped into their front yard. It's pretty contained in that bay...
  19. Growing a mullet? Blair’s been a mullet head for a year or two now. Can’t take the Northland out of a boy...
  20. I had watched a few of their episodes on YouTube and am pretty happy they've decided to leave the country. They had no respect for lock-down rules or the social distancing measures taken under level 3 and were constantly whining about everything here unless they were getting a freebie in return for promoting it. Redneck, self entitled narcissists...
  21. I slacken them off, but seldom run them forward. I’m not that worried about a tiny speed loss when I’m cruising,
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