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  1. We should run a sweepstake on who’s going to win the Christmas Day battle - the big friendly high in the south corner or the two nasty little lows in the north corner.
  2. Thanks but apparently he’s more looking for a pressurised kero stove rather than an alcohol stove. Thanks anyway! More likely this:
  3. Cool that’s v interesting. Can you PM your contact details (mobile & email) and I’ll connect with my man in Malaysia. I’ll help with logistics if you guys agree on a deal. If IT is watching - don’t worry we won’t forget the crew.org fee for any sale!
  4. A growing number of S Pac weather-watchers are saying conditions are ripe for an ‘interesting’ summer ahead. Great news if you’re a surfer dude but could make family cruising a bit sporty this season. Meanwhile, the complex system brewing north of Fiji looks more sinister each day...
  5. Hah thanks! I think that might be a bit too rustic. He’s hoping for similar to this:
  6. In case not noticed in Classifieds / Wanted - on behalf of friend (my former delivery skipper living aboard in Malaysia) trying to help him locate: 1. Navik s/s gear (whole system) 2. Optimus 155 marine kero stove Any pointers appreciated thanks!
  7. On behalf of a friend (actually my former delivery skipper who is living aboard in Malaysia and looking for some replacement parts)... Ideally a full Navik self-steering system.
  8. On behalf of a friend (actually my former delivery skipper who is living aboard in Malaysia and looking for some replacement parts)... Ideally a used Optimus 155 kerosene stove or something similar?
  9. Talking of needing to shelter from dodgy weather - I’m not sure I’ve seen anything forming like this before...
  10. I can see two potentials E of Vanuatu and Fiji...
  11. Yup the marinas ask for it alongside cert of insurance and eWOF (if connecting to shore power). If I was heading north this year I would want to have this sorted to be able to book a marina berth at short notice - my trusted weather prophet tells me we’re likely to get 5-7 cyclones over NI through the season. Combine that with the growing population of boats in NZ - including newbies to boating (as reported by brokers new buyers cashing in on low interest rates and buying boats from equity release due to no Covid holidays abroad) I reckon the BOI is going to be a v hectic place this year.
  12. My experience last couple of years is that if you want to get into one of the marinas eg Tuts or Opua - you’ll need a clean hull certificate which is effectively an invoice showing lift & wash within last 3 months or a diver hull clean. If you don’t have this you can still sail up to Northland (won’t be able to access the marinas which may or may not bother you) but you you could be randomly checked at any time by the clean hull police - if you don’t have a clean hull cert they will dive on your boat - I had a friend checked a couple of years ago and they actually cleaned a bit of growth o
  13. It’s real alright. Even got the t-shirt. Just need the boat now. Obviously named after the mythical explorer of “Around The World in 80 Days”. Was originally named “Tin Tin” as in “The Adventures of Tin Tin”. So hopefully a boat with an adventurous spirit...
  14. My new toy is on a container ship from SE Asia... original ETA to POA was mid-Nov now mid-Dec; will be touch & go whether it arrives before Xmas. Rates to NZ increased 35%+ the week after I booked (and paid). Covid rules are the primary cause according to the line.
  15. I thought it was the Discovery 55 (which is still offshore) not the Nissen
  16. The cables might look fine but if they are old they might not be fine. The only way to know for sure is detach them both ends and see how freely the inner wire moves inside the outer covering. Do this in a straight line but then put a bend in the cable and try again - an older cable will often suddenly get much stiffer to move with a real-world curve in it. Whereas a new cable will stay much free-we even with some bends.
  17. My mate fixed up his similar model a treat a few months ago. Dismantled whole thing, cleaned & lubed it, got it working and looking as good as new. His engineer even admired it on next visit to boat.
  18. Fogg

    Rubber bungs

    Para rubber worked. Ta.
  19. Fogg

    Rubber bungs

    Anyone know where you can get rubber bungs around Auckland? Wanting to plug a 50mm transom draining hole so probably a bung that tapers from 45-55mm or similar would be ideal. Anywhere with a decent stock that I can eyeball?
  20. Fogg

    Good idea?

    Certain Sunbrella colours last better than others in NZ sun. Navy blue and black do surprisingly well whereas reds bleach out v fast. I’ve had 10-12 yrs out of blue in the past although as IT says it needed 2-3 clears on the way.
  21. I know this because POA installed a new AIS system earlier this year (with Vesper) that monitors the position & speed of each individual pilot boat in their fleet and sends them individual warning alerts to their Vesper transceivers if they approach or enter a speed restricted area at excessive speed. But the system didn’t work properly and the personalised AIS messages saying “slow the f*ck down boat #3” that were meant to be sent to the specific pilot boat’s MMSI were sent to me instead. So as a ship either entered or left Auckland I would start getting multiple alarms (loud and annoying
  22. No I meant they break their own rules about speed limits and zones. Don’t ask me how I know this.
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