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  1. Western food packing is a crime. When I go to the market in Mumbai I come home with one carrier bag that has been stuffed full of all my veg by the stallholder and maybe one other bag with some meat wrapped up in newspaper. When I get home it takes a few mins to separate the chillis from the limes from the tomatoes but by the time I've unpacked and got everything in the fridge ready to use, my rubbish amounts to a plastic bag and a couple of sheets of newspaper at most. The other day when I was back in NZ provisioning AC for the xmas trip, we unpacked as much of the food as possible and re
  2. Well considering NZ is one of the only countries where you can still buy a brand new 2 stroke o/b I think we have a while before we get our sh*t together regarding boatie effluent (pardon the pun)
  3. I keep an old ice-cream container in the galley for collecting all my organic waste and I just empty it over the side the next time I'm underway well out at sea. Bottles/cans go into a cycling box, which I empty ashore. And the remaining waste goes into the normal galley bin, which builds up pretty slowly given there is no food or bottles going into it. Seems to work well. And you can probably guess which bin fills up first.
  4. You're confusing direct with indirect contributions. If you go ashore to catch a bus or rent a car you are immediately paying something into the local economy. If you buy things from the local shops your purchase contributes towrds the shop's costs some of which go towards rates and services. On your argument, BBW, anyone who visits without living ashore is a bludger. Maybe we should ban tourists and the spend they bring when they step ashore? amadis - don't be put off by this response, he doesn't speak for all Aucklanders.
  5. Yeah some of those signs are pretty awesome aren't they!
  6. Nah, I avoid all forms of loyalty card for that reason. Actually not true, I avoid them cos there's no room in my wallet cos its soooooo full of cash. Ahem.
  7. Agree that it's mainly a huge benefit but the point is that you can't always control (or even know) what someone else is doing with the technology. For example it's a poorly kept secret that in the UK the British government can turn any mobile phone into a tracking or listening device. Even if it's turned off. The only way to avoid it is to remove the battery and sim card. It was originally aimed at countering hard core terrorists back in the late 80s and early 90s when mobile phones first emerged into mainstream use and nowadays anyone who knows their sh!t isn't going to fall for this. Bu
  8. Yeah, although ironically in the case of insurance it has as much potential to benefit you as not. Reason being it allows true 'pay as you drive' insurance i.e. your premium is reduced whilst your car is sitting idle in the garage but increases when you drive along the highway at rush hour or hoon about the place at 160km/h. We've even got a device that sends a txt/email to the owners of the car if it exceeds a certain speed or goes into certain 'undesirable' areas (think of the kids driving dad's car). But again depending on your perspective it's another encroachment on personal freedom.
  9. BB, what I mean is that it won't be long before someone will know where you are 24x7 whether you like it or not, friends, family, employers, market research cos, police, mobile phone cos, governments etc.
  10. From a crime prevention perspective these tracking units are great news. But from a personal freedom point of view they are the beginning of the end...
  11. Of that I have no doubt. If it's still there when I get back!
  12. Not on most others..... 1. I have an unopened bottle of rum onboard. Obviously unique. Long story... 2. A large Crew flag. Sorry, couldn't resist!
  13. Fogg

    Cavalier 26

    Cool, thanks.
  14. Fogg

    Cavalier 26

    What's with the K prefix on some lots of sail numbers I see locally? In international designation 'K' used to be short for 'UK', and I thought kiwi boats were 'NZL'?
  15. Fogg

    Cavalier 26

    Hi, welcome to Crew.org, you've come to the right place! Personally I can't asnwer you question on the Cav but I'm sure someone will be along shortly to help. Cheers
  16. I've been asking for a function to 'save favourites' to years now.....
  17. My previous headsails included a too-big #1 and a too-small #2 and lots of sagging and poor performance in a freesh breeze and when half furled. SO for my new headsail I went for half between in terms of area and with a reasonably high-cut foot, going towards a yankee, but not quite. Benefits of this (for cruising) are higher foot = better visibility under sail. But more importantly it's a better reaching sail (leech less likely to curl in and stall) and also when I start to furl it the higher sheet angle gives me more tolerance as I start to move the cars forward i.e. I can furl it furthe
  18. Yeah that can be a suprisingly nasty little piece of water, never really worked it out, nothing remarkable about the seabed e.g. sudden shallowing. Maybe water getting trapped between the peninsula to the south and Orewa beach to the west. But can be much worse than it's counterpart S of the peninsula.
  19. Fogg


    Last time I had propspeed applied during a liftout it cost approx. $100. That's 1 tank of petrol or about a fifth of a big night out. Hardly seems worth dicking around trying to do a DIY job.
  20. Fogg

    Yacht Daemon

    Sailing vicariously. As opposed to sailing virtually.
  21. Fogg

    Yacht Daemon

    Anyone else reading these?
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