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  1. CD thank you a lot for all the explaining, it took a lot of dedication on your side Happy to shout some beers if you are ever around the BOI!
  2. Yes sure! I think it is a vsr but, i ll need to go to the boat for part number ect... It is not to protect the alternator. i d be happy if the system would work just by changing the vsr part of the system. (Cabling or adifferent vsr) I ll try to go to the boat asap. As I normally do.... then I can be more specific. Thank you for baring with me, i feel this is really gonna work. Cheers
  3. Ok, I should try and explain my self better given I may have led to some confusing. Sorry, it is obviously and area that I barelly grasp so, i ll try my best. I am trying to make do with what I have without having to change/spend too much. After starting this thred, and reading the posts following, i settled to replace the existing LA house battery with a 200amp CL. No lifepo4 hybrid system This would be charged by a 330watts pannel through an mppt controller. The LA starting battery is charged by the alternator. Whith a voltage cut off controller I would like to use
  4. Thank you for your observations, very pertinent! My boat has what I believe is a fairly common set up. I mean N 1 switch for starting battery. N 2 switch for house and N 3 switch for both together, in case the starting battery goes flat ( i suppose). Would this mean that if I have switch N3 on I could take alternator charge for starting and house battery at the same time? I have a simple cut off aparatus on the starting battery that shuts off when it reaches 14.5v (?) Would this a good enough redundancy to charge a house battery in case of low light or say solar pannel fali
  5. Most comments seem to have the alternator in mind as the main source of charge. In my case, the alternator is charging the starting battery and 330w solar l charges the house bank. I don't wish to use the engine to charge the batteries. This is limiting how may amp I can charge at right? Is it fair to assume that daily the 330 w panel whould give me 15 amph x 8h= 120amp? The 15amph should be the top charging that i should match a battery to, right? So, if a 100 amp LC specs say optimal charge between 10A and 20A, that is a battery I should get? or can the mppt con
  6. After reading for two days without inderstanding all of the details, I feel that going for LC makes the most sense. It is something I understand All the rest is way to complicated..... That s for me.....obviously
  7. Interesting thoughts! Thank you for that. With the little knowledge I have I figured it seemed overly simplified... In the end consuming less of everything apears to be the simpliest answer to most urges.....maybe.... well, I've got a fridge, tiller pilot (also a windvane), chart plotter, ais and now a radar.....330 watts solar pannel and 130amps house battery. Hence my interest in the hybrid system.. also my LA battery is not done yet... I suppose, I ll have tu start anew. Cheers
  8. I came across this video which refers to a couple of websites as well. Does anybody have any experience or thoughts about it? It would apear to be pretty simple....is it???
  9. That looks like a nice spot, will have a sniff next time I am down there. Cheers
  10. Ok, finally I can report on Herne bay as an anchorage..... Not that great, tidal, breezy and lots of wake...I rather keep it at this... I also tryed to stay the night in front of the Devonport yacht club.....ha! even after two days at sea, it was kind of unbearable...bouncy and busy. The country boy in me was rather overwelmed All in all, it s very hard to stay around akl. Surely nothing new to most here so, probably this post is of not much use really... I enjoyed Kawau and waiheke though and the sailing from and to the Boi was pretty special. Cheers
  11. Ah well I staffed it....... Thank you for confirming it IT haha I ll try find some second hand on TM Or maybe a vulcan 7.... Cheers for sharing your knowlage
  12. Mmmmm it apears I am stuck.... I did check some tracker 5600 manual online and assumed it was the correct one. Turns out I was wrong... I bought a gme class B ais transceiver. Once on the boat the tracker 5600 does not apear to have any option for connecting an Ais unit. Is there any solution to this a part from buying a new chart plotter? Like a software update for the tracker 5600 or any other hack? Thanks guys
  13. Hey, thank you for the imput. I suspected the curent would have been a bit of an issue. Had something similar up in Houhora and it wasn't pleasant. On the other hand I could deal with sone choppers. I am gonna have a go if the weather is reasonably settled. Cheers
  14. Hello sailors, Anyone has some experience anchoring in Herne bay akl? Tide? Holding? Cheers
  15. I got all the old throughhulls done a couple of years back and no dodgeiness is left behind there.....or so i hope...i did find a bit of core rott but, removed it. I ll quietly take a decision and let you know in a season or two how it worked out Cheers
  16. Hey thank you about the detail on the deck hull connection. Good memory! Really! Also I apreciate someone else has the same feelings about the cockpit draining under the water line. I forgot to mention that whoever has designed the system has made the bilge pumpe descharge in the cockpit....meaning if for any reason the drain fails, is going to keep on feeding it self...not good in my opinion. Also on my boat the waterline is about 150mm from the bottom of the cockpit floor. Eventualy i may have both operational. Open the transom drain while on the mooring (keeping the un
  17. I'd say it sucks if that's the case. It apears no one has done it on here so there is probably a reason for it... Cheers And thanx for replying
  18. Good afternoon knowlageble people. The existing cockpit drain system releases through an under the water line throughhull. Terrible i know.....it means the seacock needs to be open while on the mooring. This not good and i would like to change it with two transom drains above the water line. One for each tack. The cockpit floor is few eanches above the water level (i still need to measure properly) so, there is room to make it happen in my opinion. The question would be where to locate them so that on both tacks the cockpit would drain if water boarded. Do the lines need t
  19. Hi Chris, Thank you for the advise! I am underway, the entrance was choppy, that's all... I will be in touch when back. Cheers
  20. Morning CREW and happy new year. I am after some advice from someone that knows the area. I am just getting into houhora as we speak and i have to be in the boi on the 5th. I d be stopping in whangaroa. Question is what is the best weather option in terms of wind and swell for ither monday or tuesday. Monday looks like winds are straight up the nose but, tuesday the swell is rising more and i am not sure about getting out of houhora... Last option would be to do it all in one go on the 5th. But, i may run out of wind... Hey, thank you and enjoy the new year!
  21. Hello crew, Does anybody have some feedback about boatpaint.co.nz. I am on the market for a 2 pot undercoat and top coat for above water work. This paint sells really cheap on trademe and i wander if it is any good Cheers
  22. Hey guys, I am in the process of updating the reefing system. This means i will need a bunch of new swivel blocks. What size can i get by with? Ronstan 50 series 40? HL...high load??? $tandard?? I need 9..... Thank you for the advise
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