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  1. Sounds like there are a few more options outside of Auckland where there's too much money sitting around! Good on the them but I need to buy a house too. I'm going to talk to a couple of people about a possible syndicate and see what comes up. Lots of good thoughts here from the truly budget through to the Y88, 930's etc which are a step up in price but a lot more boat. Thanks.
  2. Yes way more boat, significantly more ongoing cost with size of sails, berth costs etc too, unfortunately.
  3. A bit of a tangent off the current Coastal Classic 2020 discussion going on. What's at the opposite end of the bankroll from the big boys who actually got a boat home in the CC this year? I've sold the D28 and am missing my crew, the progress we were making, and those summer evenings on the water. I had a serious look at the Y88 class which has a lot going for it but is another step up in price. If I sacrifice the cruising side what's the most race fun we can have on the smallest possible budget? Requirements: Ideal crew 3 - 4? Budget price, low ongoing costs to keep mi
  4. crump

    Coastal 2020

    Before selling the Davidson 28 (which has gone to a lovely young couple down in Napier) I did the math on a CC race just for a laugh. Reckoned we could finish before cutoff given ideal weather the whole way up but anything else would be hopeless. It's pretty hard to set up an event that long that caters to everyone from the ocean racing crew down to the bottom end with the piedys etc. Currently sitting on the cash pondering it should go to a house deposit or more boat shenanigans.
  5. In light wind as the wind comes forward to the beam (and maybe a touch higher depending) you can move the pole forward and dip it down a touch to flatten the luff. At that point you are very close to flying the symmetrical tacked down as like an asym. It is unlikely to go as well as a gennaker cut for that purpose though it will depend on how the sail is designed as there are different variations on spinnakers. The symmetrical spinnaker we fly on the Davidson above is a much fuller cut with big shoulders up high. That's a lot of sail hanging out the leeward side in a less than ideal shape
  6. crump

    Boat Dilemma

    This is escalating quickly, there's a couple of Ross 1066's on TradeMe that look good fun too... Honestly right now I'm planning to list my boat, sail with some other crews, and go kayak fishing while I think it over.
  7. crump

    Boat Dilemma

    I have an 8ft dinghy I've been building for over a year... so I understand
  8. crump

    Boat Dilemma

    I'm definitely keeping an eye open. I've had a couple of people through my boat so we'll see how that goes first, what I definitely don't want is two boats at once!
  9. crump

    Boat Dilemma

    Which engine type is better for trolling? Had a peek at a Lidgard Demon 10 too. Lots of options.
  10. crump

    Boat Dilemma

    Yup, fortunately I've been through one boat already so have a little more idea what I'm looking at. Just to head off the impending debate... yes I'm aware both the diesel and outboard both have their pros and cons
  11. crump

    Boat Dilemma

    I'm having budget conversation now. Not many 1020's on the market currently, any idea of typical price range? I don't hear much about the Beale 33 but there a couple active on racetrack at least. Where do they sit in the scheme of things? (Yes I'm exploring all options up and down the budget range. Looking for a boat I can commit to for a good few years now)
  12. crump

    Boat Dilemma

    Ah cool, that was just the class rating off this page: http://racetrack.org.nz/select_class.php. Thanks for all the thoughts in your posts here too. Comment on the pricing of Y88's was just after looking at TradeMe. Maybe they are being a bit optimistic there? They seem like a nice fit for what I want to do without taking the budget way up.
  13. crump

    Boat Dilemma

    Sounds like the way Scarlet is currently. Seafog sounds heavy though.
  14. crump

    Boat Dilemma

    I'd be lying if I said I hadn't shared a couple of these vids with the crew for "inspiration". Imagine how far behind the D28 would be! Here's the thing though, I only have a couple of years sailing under my belt and I have the most keel boat racing experience out of my crew. My crew pool is a couple dinghy sailors, a couple of solid cruisers, and a mix of new sailors. They are all doing great and are an awesome bunch to sail with but we're still building basic competence with things like the kite work, race starts and so on. I want to move up a generation so we're actually in the race
  15. crump

    Boat Dilemma

    Definitely looks a bit tidier inside than the other 930's I've seen Splat. Photos are always tricky of course!
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