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  1. Hello Everyone I just wanted to thank everyone for their helpfuil comments here. I have decided to go with a repair of the old v-drive. The guys at Moon Engines advisedthat there was a half chance that new bolt holes could be welded to the aluminium casings. It's a tricky job and might cause the casings to warp and become useless but it was worth giving it a try. Meanwhile, Andrew Connelly has a spare v-drive and that could be an excellent plan B. Plan C is to purchase the Argo V-drive new from Ozzie for around $2000 NZD. Thanks again for everyone's help. It's really appreciated. Mar
  2. Hi Andrew, thanks for that! I am very interested in your V-Drive. Maybe I could chat to you? I will DM you. I have got a plan that might not work out, so your v-drive could do the trick.
  3. Hi Andrew, thanks for that! I am very interested in your V-Drive. Maybe I could chat to you? I will DM you. I have got a plan that might not work out, so your v-drive could do the trick.
  4. I should add, that my old unit is not strictly speaking a v-drive. It's a parallel system with a 1:1 ratio. Much simpler than the Argo V-Drives.
  5. I just spoke to "Jim S" who offered his brother's foundry service, and Jim himself runs a tooling workshop. We had a great conversation about making new moulded casings and then reassembling the whole unit. It's an attractive idea because I would get something that fits into the current space and wouldn't need to reshape the interior. Big should out to him. I'm still in conversations with Moon Engines and with Argo in Ozz. Slow progress. Stay tuned.
  6. That's awesome Fish. This is the kind of info I need. Main focus for now is the v-drive.
  7. Awesome, Syohana! You and Wild Violet are thinking along the same lines. I will put the to Moon Engines. Do you know of a workshop that can make this sort of stuff?
  8. I wasn't ware of the Python Drive so thanks for that. The boat was using universal joints and a "spider joint" to account for alignment issues. Thatn worked okay.
  9. Hi Everyone A couple of you aqsked for photos of the problem. Here's two phiotos showing the corroded / broken threaded bindings on the v-drive case. You can see that the unit is generally corroded. Sad situation that it was still working fine inside despite the issues on the outside. In another update, the guys at Moon Engines advised replacement. But I'm gonna chat to them again about a simpler cog and belt system and ge their reaction. I have really appreciated everyone's comments and advice. I will let you know how things develop. Happy sailing. Martin
  10. Hi Wild Violet This is a really exciting idea and it's great to hear someone has actually done it. I'll go back to Moon Engines and ask the if they could build something like that. One advantage of a motorbike belt system is that the lubrication requirements may be much simpler and the whole thing can be maintained by me from time to time. Do you know how I could contact the "bloke on a cav"? Martin
  11. You may have hit the nail on the head here. The initial problem was that the thrust bearing broke, so the propellor shaft went backwards about 70mm when we put the engine into reverse (to lay anchor). Paddy (of Paddy Marine) says he does a "complete job" and won't touch it unless the whole drive train is tested. That includes the v-drive. When he took the v-drive to be tested (not sure by whom) they said that because two of the threaded bolt-holes were broken, that they would not be able to seal the unit after inspection.
  12. Thanks for the tip. I contacted Bill. He says he has a "kanzaki". I'll jhave to look it up on Google.
  13. Yes, I am considering that idea. But it seems likely that it would cost more because of the reconfiguration of drive shaft etc. Do you think the sail drive would work when the engine faces forward? The point where the drive shaft exits the gear box is a long forward of the actualy position of the propellor.
  14. Hi Chariot. Thats the thing: what options are there "away from v drive units"?
  15. Thanks for this. I have seen that model on line. I think it's a ZF, but mine is remotely located, ie it's not attached to the engine.
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