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    straycat reacted to Steve Pope in So can I visit my boat at marina under Code 3? It appears not....   
    Rowing is an approved activity
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    straycat reacted to Priscilla II in Westhaven Marina Berth Rental Rates   
    Zozza its a matter of simple fairness honesty and equality.
    No other publicly owned sports or recreational facility charges a minimum of $8k per annum to access.
    The real hurt for my whanau is Westhaven is our cultural womb.
    Owning maintaining loving and sailing yachts is a deeply etched part of our DNA and having to seriously contemplate being moved on purely on the basis of avarice mocks my families and many others history.
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    That is to help prevent the mast filling with water if the cat is flipped, making it very hard to right..
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    straycat got a reaction from harrytom in Yanmar 3gm30 fresh water pump   
    If rebuilding SaecoWilson will match size of any seal oring and bearing. They will happily replace metal oring in seals with rubber if you tell them it is for marine use. Their parts are from Japanese manufacturers who supply to Yanmar anyway. Price wise they are very cheap.
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