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    The Boat

    So is it going to be ready for the Coastal? Should get there and back before dark.
  2. My new main came with two ring strop setup, like photo, but using dyneema to lash the rings instead of sewn strop. Easy to fit in place, no sewing and can be adjusted to get perfect length. Highly recommend.
  3. The problem is that it is now illegal to "do it yourself" and fixing up an old system suddenly activates the new rules. I went to two gas suppliers and two sellers of gas system components and equipment asking for the labels legally required on gas bottle compartments, none of them new what I was talking about. Unfortunately in realty there is no way near enough gas fitters in the country to ever keep up with making boats compliant, let alone ones that will come work on a boat. Seems that regulators aren't required to consider the practical implications of their new rules. I also r
  4. Maybe they need to ask the non boat owners how much they are willing to pay to keep my boat clean, or even better tell them how much it costs and that they will be charged for it and see how they feel then. It is very rare that costs are allocated by a government or council to those that want the change, usually the cost is on those forced to change. Its not decided yet so we need to keep submitting and informing, the points have been well made in the submissions, the summary touches on most things well but the executive summary is definitely presented with a bias. You could take the s
  5. Here's the link to the summary of submissions on regional pest management strategy for the upper North island, worth a read. When you have four options to choose from on a question and 63% choose something other than option 3 but option 3 is presented as the preferred option you know the either the writers have no idea about statistics or they were directed to present a certain bias "The preferred option was Option 3 (go even further and make rules for other pathways too; 37%)" https://www.bionet.nz/control/marine-pests/marinepests/ You will also note a very consistent signific
  6. Just got a letter explaining the NRC continued failed attempts to eradicate Fan Worm in Opua, and that they are going to have another go. If you can't eradicate in the fully enclosed, clear water Marina at Marsden Cove, what are they using to justify continuing in the murky open waters of the Bay of Islands. I guess its not their money so there is no limit. Watched the effort in English bay, 6 on board I think, all getting paid, big boat too, you couldn't see 1 foot below the surface.
  7. The government makes all sorts of regulations, doesn't mean we have to agree with them, nor does it mean they are correct or fit for purpose. You have led a very sheltered life if you believe governments get it right all the time. A number of people here are expressing an opinion with some good reasons, the outfits you are referring to are not asking for submissions on upcoming reviews from the public and we have been given aback door to the process. The offshore passage rescues of late I have heard about have all been yachts with cat 1. Have not heard of any foreign cruisers coming to grief
  8. BOIGuy

    A Word from YNZ

    You can go sailing on your computer now, virtual reality goggles and all. No inspections, qualifications entry fees ... No rescues , maybe these rule pushers are onto something getting people out of boats and off the water.
  9. Black Panthers talking about making cat 1 for cruisers optional, nothing to do with what your on about, maybe if you calmed down a bit and read the posts before yelling you might make some relevant responses.
  10. BOIGuy

    A Word from YNZ

    I don't think its really about grown adults being allowed to make decisions for them selves, more a case of a grown adult being able to make a decision for them self but not allowing any one else to do the same.
  11. I have made a few of these in the past, some pretty complex, some just a pipe into an elbow. You definitely want to inject the water further back, it needs to be well mixed (the arrangement is referred to as a mixer in some documents) before it hits the hose. Inserting the tube into your first elbow after the flange and pointing down the pipe a couple of inches would be good, pays to have something to encourage the mixing, maybe even a solid bar the water hits just after injection. If you have room you could add a length of pipe to what you have made, cut your tube off back to the elbow and
  12. BOIGuy

    A Word from YNZ

    Read the first line again, its dead on topic and should be copied to the YNZ Race Regulations Cat1-Cat5; Anomalies and concerns thread too. The more that YNZ gets pointed out to them the dissatisfaction and over bearing nature of the Cat 1 regime the better.
  13. Cna someone confirm if this forum is still an avenue to raise points with YNZ about the safety regulation?
  14. Thank you, I do understand the different types of corrosion. I think you may have finally realised my point about paint being an isolator. As to stray currents, if you have them and then bond an otherwise isolated prop / shaft or anything else to the item that is then immersed it is not going to be good. Get rid of the stray current, don't go and pass it through an otherwise innocent part. I would like your opinion on what to do when you have an isolated shaft / propellor with one anode that is obviously overprotected, the current i.e.induced by the anode is way more than needed. I think
  15. Worth a read: https://www.westmarine.com/WestAdvisor/Marine-Grounding-Systems Bonding everything together not always a good idea, can help deal with stray electrical currents but you are better off eliminating them.
  16. Electrolysis is already happening, flowing THROUGH THE WATER, that’s what it is. Bonding makes everything sit at the same voltage, like a battery with all the negative plates removed. No current will flow. So if I bond everything together I wont need an anode because everything sits at the same voltage? Not a very good explanation me thinks. In order to have electrolysis you need an anode a cathode and an electrolyte, if you remove one (think insulation) you dont get a battery. If you have no battery and add a zinc you will have a battery With out proper testing, we continue to sp
  17. That's what we need, more bureaucrats and enforcement officers running round telling us what to do all day issuing fines and notices, all boaties should be licenced and have to receive permission before embarking on any passage, it's a wonder the government hadn't got the process underway already.
  18. Wiring the two coupling halves together can work however it will tend to cause any currents present to flow through your gearbox bearings which is can be a bit of a problem. Pretty sure painting a zinc will stop it working, try making a battery with the anode and/or cathode sealed with paint. Think of it as preventing contact with the electrolyte. With out proper testing, I am quite happy to speculate on what was happening.
  19. Did the Anode last longer with the grounded shaft? My shaft isn't grounded, I painted my shaft and prop put a new anode on and got problems, the paint blistered off, the anode disappeared real quick and I got Oysters growing on the shaft and prop. Bit of research led to the conclusion I was over protected, these were all the classic signs. I left the anode off and all is now happy, the anode actually made a very nice battery and caused more trouble than it solved. Two boat builders I spoke to at the time also suggested leaving the anode off. I was a bit nervous initially but a year later, wit
  20. Why? you want to create a circuit to get the electrolysis going? If you haven't got electrolysis don't touch it.
  21. Some good Ravens turn up on TradeMe fairly frequently, pretty cheap and very seaworthy. Often had quite a bit of refurbishment done due to age, would be wary of one that needed work though, wait for one that the moneys been spent on all-ready.
  22. "the rules are simple to learn and simple to observe and implement." surprised no one else jumped on this one, never been to a yacht club after a race either?
  23. "enjoying a quiet sail" you gave up that right when you went sailing in Auckland
  24. How do you guys cope with the drive from home to your boat? Just remember, in Auckland according to the council housing people, regulations are just a guide - open to negotiation and interpretation depending on your circumstances.
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