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  1. Had 2 close calls last couple of days whilst out sailing, both occasions were sail boats under power. Both times I was starboard tack and sailing. I'd say the first guy just didn't see me, don'y know what the others excuse was. as to the idiots that got hooted at by a departing container ship because they were anchored fishing in the shipping channel...... what's happening out there ?
  2. Hi, A long shot, anyone know where I might find one of these or parts ? One of the top pawls is no longer staying in place in the housing.........
  3. Steve_C


    My boat lives at Northcote, I've had to replace the top line and hook assembly and the bow fairlead. The boat has somehow twisted around the fairlead, and the mooring line bent it ! The protector on the line moved and chaffed about half the thickness of the rope away on the edge of the fairlead. Bloody thing was only just over 12 months old. After the storm we spent time searching areas where up turned/ damaged small craft had been found, to make sure they were part of the flotsam storm damage rather than accidents, was good practise.
  4. Coastguard basically work for the Police as their prime search and rescue asset provider, so makes sense they talk to each other and the call sign should be safe enough.
  5. It's the Waitamata river, but opens out into the huge expanse of the Te Atatu Estuary (if that's what it is called) and then goes back to a narrow neck under the Harbor Bridge. Up stream it is river with several Estuaries branching off and is tidal and mostly navigable all the way to Riverhead. I haven't been up above Herald Isl, so I don't know how far up it remains Saltwater, but certainly around the Herald Isl area it is. Kingfish and Snapper get caught of Herald Isl often. But as it is fairly narrow here at Hobby, I wouldn't expect it would be legal distance from shore to be able to dump B
  6. Hi, this was on Coastguard Boating Education Facebook page this morning: Todays tip - put your VHF call sign on your boat trailer. That way, if ever you are overdue from a trip and yours is the only trailer left in the park, you can be reached on your Marine VHF radio and we have your onshore contact details on the database. So looks like Coastguard and Police have had a bit of a discussion about this already
  7. The big problem is you aren't required to have any training when you get onto a boat. The amount of dumb shits that go past my bat with 50 M going far faster than 5 knts is mind boggling, the last time out we were sailing past a marina and a dumb sh*t was doing around 15 knots in between moored vessels. We either need to a. get people to get some training, b. put more enforcement out there, personally I like option a. a Day Skipper course should be mandatory.
  8. At least they were doing their job, they are in charge of local marine SAROPS.
  9. Our boat doesn't have a holding tank. we make sure we anchor at locations with toilets ashore, so not a biggie. my understanding is the existing rule also mentions on an outgoing tide. I doubt you could dump on a mooring at Hobsonville at anytime, isn't it virtually landlocked ?
  10. As an ex dinghy racer I always where my PFD, have done since I was about 12 (eeek that was a long time ago) So many people out there have no idea what they are doing, I think making them compulsory is a must. Yes you can still drown with one on, but in most cases it will buy time. From my time in Search & Rescue work, time can be the difference between life and death.
  11. Just a really late follow up, I was told years ago that Coastguard did not want any legal powers as there have been instances where persons in trouble left it way late to notify anyone of the situation they were in as they were afraid of prosecution. Therefore it makes sense for Coastguard units not to get involved with issues like this, anyone can contact their local Harbour Master, or Police unit to complain about idiots on the water, ramp, where ever.....
  12. Be interesting to here the outcome on this, if it was a buoyancy aid, highlights a real risk, what happens if you are knocked out when you go overboard? USAF had to redesign their system after a pilot ejected from his aircraft, he was unconscious when he hit the water, and the life jacket held his head under the water so he drowned. He suffered injuries during the ejection sequence but the theory is not immediately life threatening.
  13. There are still false alarms with beacons anyway, being tripped by accident, in a sense they are good in it allows crews practical experience in locating them, they get to listen to a real signal, with little information to go on.
  14. Is prolific, lots of them are ending up in tips. At least in Auckland the Coastguard planes RDF is state of the art and would have nailed the position of that beacon not long after take off.
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