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  1. Question I've got is why was there diesel in your bilge? In theory the tankage should be a closed system with the only outlets to the engine, filler and breather. The filler and breather are both on the outside of the hull/deck so is there a leak between filler and tank or breather and tank that a bit of heel and full tanks demonstrates? You could run around never filling your tank right up but Id be looking for the source of the leak to the bilge as a part of the cleanup.
  2. I'm running 2 x 70W panels in series for the 24V bank and 1 x 150W on the 12V side. Downstream all lights are LED, electric toilet and 12V house fridge + a Waeco CFX75 fridge freezer. Over 10 days break this neither of the alternators ever kicked in with the panels supplying enough to run the house and even the 24V anchor winch. Halfway through the cruise I disconnected the solar just to make sure the alternators were functioning, which they were. So I'm at the point were I dont have to run the motor which is where I wanted to get to!
  3. Some people struggle with the definition of a pest Kevin.
  4. The response from Westhaven was entirely reasonable in my opinion. They would also like to be rid of it for the same reasons we do and more however at the end of the day there is nothing they can do. Its a DOC thing and a protected marine mammal so its well out of Westhavens (or any other marina operators) hands or scope of operation. Lets face it they aren't in the business of killing protected marine mammals and I think they might be as sick of the pest as we are. Our efforts are best directed against DOC which is where I'll send the invoice for my dinghy repair.
  5. Lets see, I'm going to ask now that you put it that way.
  6. My 3m Zodiac was left floating overnight on Westhaven B pier and now has the arse bitten out of the port tube.... not happy. It was only 2 years old and had no leaks but now has a series of teeth shaped puncture wounds. Apparently its number 6 of 6 dealt to recently.
  7. I have a couple of PC fans connected to the ballast on the controller, these run and chuck some air circulation around the bilge for free...
  8. 4200 joule/litre/deg for water so 4200 x 13 deg = 54 KJ/litre 1 Watt = 1 J/second so 50 watt lamp uses 50 joules of energy each second. You should be able to work out the rest ....give you something to do whilst sitting at the barrier. Go...!
  9. I see Kidnappers has just gone Northerly in a big way with 30+ gusting 40 from the N, that will make it not much fun for the back markers.
  10. A few pics of the bling over at the Waitemata Woodys website - https://waitematawoodys.com/2017/01/31/big-woody-weekend-120-classic-wooden-launch-yacht-photos/
  11. She spends a lot of time down on B Pier and nosing around the 'well' between A and B by the mast gantry nailing fish. She poked her head up about 300mm away from my foot and gave a small bark then swam away a couple of months ago. I was on the phone at the time standing on the duckboard and she just emerged silently beside me. It was way too close for comfort and the bark was considered to be aggression when I had a chat to the DOC lady after this incident. So I'm keen on relocation too but the nice DOC lady explained that if sedated for relocation Leopard seals enter a 'dive mode' whi
  12. Presumably your heat exchanger and exhaust manifold below are above water line so when its not running it will naturally (mostly) drain out of the exchanger and manifold which is a good thing and the anode isnt in action as there is minimal if any water left after a cool-down period so less corrosion issues for the components... I wouldn't worry about the few minutes per year its at idle other than wear on the impeller by not chucking enough water through at low revs. Get an aqualarm or similar if its not fitted, then at least you know you have some water going through the raw (seawater) p
  13. All the Lees Fords have the inclined top heat exchanger, should be an anode at each end as well. That air pocket isn't an issue as its a pretty open system and it flushes any air out real quick rather than air locking up.. You probably have anode (x2) in your transmission heat exchanger if it has one fitted. And don't forget the refridge one if it has mechanical refridge fitted. The secret to making those engines last is warming them up slowly as the water distribution when the thermostat is closed is pretty poor along the block with the front getting hot first and the rear still cold. Tha
  14. Looks good! Does anybody know what the deal is if you want to take it off and go back to say Altex No5? Is it a major to get rid of in terms of prep for decent adhesion?
  15. I only became a member 2 years ago when I sold out to the dark side and went classic launching. With only one motive power source it was a mandatory to me, when I had the flappy sail thingies as well I was never too worried. And in two years I have used it once when some visitors kid basically went around and turned everything on in the middle of the night and killed house and start batteries at Oneroa with a rising Northerly. So I was pleased when they came and gave me a start... With two modes of power I felt less vulnerable, possibly why a lot of sailors don't. A little more sel
  16. Been there its nasty. Spectra gets a bit of a memory, go vectran on the 2:1 and it will run like a good thing.
  17. The good thing about actually meeting people in person is you can smack them in the chopps when they start mouthing off a bout shite they actually no nothing about. Unlike here, sadly. Leave it alone Phil.
  18. It may easier to source a couple of bits of 20 x 40 and lam them together grains opposed. It will be a more stable base for him to shape off and less likely to take off sideways when wet/dry/wet. It could also be quite aesthetically pleasing. Timspec had some 20 x 62 A grade shorts that might do you. Leftovers from a superyacht deck. Try them as well. Rosenfelds have a shorts box that is pretty handy and not too badly priced but I'm not sure you will get 40mm thick out of there. Stability when wet is the biggest issue for rifle stocks, particularly in NZ's wet bush hunting conditions h
  19. BNG

    Night Vison gear

    If you are going down that track for marine use it will need to be good hi-end gear with a fast refresh rate. If it does'nt refresh quickly enough any movement of the boat will confuse it pretty quickly i.e. the lower end stuff needs to held absolutely still. It works well in a scope version as per too_tall mentions above but in that case the scope is almost (hopefully) stationary. I was detained for 24hrs leaving Beijing in 1994 with a set of the 'latest' Soviet gear I had bought up in Kamchutka, it was hellishly expensive back then and not particularly good. Not worth the please explain
  20. BNG

    Race food

    XMRE is fine, its only a couple of weeks, take a bag of chilli flakes to spice it all up a bit.
  21. BNG

    Water in bilge

    Have we established whether is fresh or salt yet?
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