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    It swung a bit west about 0430 KM, prior to that it had quite a bit of south in it, I know as I was at Westhaven 0300 to around 0400 then home. Was checking the babies and a few others on G while I was own there. Lady M was pinned against the end of G but the Southerly twist and I mean pinned, 12 T of pinned. I was more concerned she had kicked the fenders up and was grinding against the dock. Hence I got out of bed at 0250 then drove the 4WD across a few peoples lawns to avoid trees to get down there. I dont usually do that unless I have been drinking.
  2. Complete with heat exchangers. 2050 hrs since a total rebuild and running sweet - just repowering with a few extra HP in a 43 foot displacement launch sometime in the next few months. Can be heard running, run up to temp etc. as its still in the boat based at Westhaven. $2500 ONO PM me if interested.
  3. Its clearly a watertight crash bulkhead and anyway I heard a KM doesn't even crap. All that healthy living does wonders for his system apparently and competitively its a huge advantage. Time on helm not dunny makes the boat go faster. Its an old maritime bondage saying..
  4. Saw this ridiculousness on the way to Taupo a few weeks back, no pilot vehicle...basically took up 1.5 lanes.
  5. Congratulations! Sorry Booboo, I meant 'cool design' (the 780 in general) not Erazer specifically and certainly not in isolation against the monstrously quicker and mightier Motorboat. Average SR racetrack rating is 0.7652 Average 780 racetrack rating is 0.7509 if you discount the one sitting at 0.6990 which is a lot off the pace in this instance, for whatever reason. Average 930 racetrack rating is 0.7672 For a trailer boat they punch pretty hard - Final Decision @ 0.7823 isnt far off 2nd quickest SR the Rattle @ 0.7961 but different timeframes/races for the data so hard
  6. Erazer in WGTN, doubt Chris would ever sell it though, he loves it and had it since new I think. Cool design, keeps the 9m boats of a similar age and the well sailed SRs honest.
  7. Black Fun had galv bolts (3 x M20 transverse/horizontal bolts/nuts holding keel fin into socket) After 10 years I hit them with some WD40, overtightened them weekly for 3 weeks to crack any adhesion to the hull then backed them off and tapped them out and they were mint. Had been quite wet from time to time too. Galv on galv tho - the internals of the keel fin were galv steam pipe, macrocarpa, carbon foil over. Even after cutting around the socket the keel still wouldn't fall off even when hung from hiab and big, big hammer whacks. So it was sabre-saw time... and off she came. Gue
  8. Do you think your agreement with the marina permits renting liveaboards to 3rd parties? and...How would you feel if you had a floating backpackers parked next to your marina and pride and joy? Interesting idea, might be plagued with practicality/legals.
  9. None that I want to discuss on here...
  10. I have a good mooring in Acacia Bay that could be hired for a nominal fee. 50m off the beach in 8m of water and rated up to 10T. PM me if interested, just about to have it re-certified. There is plenty of great cruising in the western bays if you know where to go.
  11. Have had a yamaha, great little motor. Currently on Mercury 2.5hp with about 10 hrs. Was $675 new so pretty good value. Warrantee voided as I have modded the carb/throttle and put a 3.5hp prop on it with more pitch but not worried as I will service it anyway. Will make a 3m zodiac RIB plane in flat water with me and one Labrador. Very happy, best performance bang for buck on the market.
  12. Agree in principle but in this case I think the majority of people would agree its ugly and society is geared around majority rule,democracy, rules, structure and its supposed benefits so maybe its not the way it plays out. How do anchored vessels unattended for more than 24 hours fare under insurance law? Not well, thats their definition and I read somewhere it was unattended for 2 weeks so therefore probably no insurance, assuming he had/could get it in the first place. Is insurance one of your simple requirements you mention above? Probably not you BP, when you are offshore because
  13. I agree he is probably not defined as moored under the law so RMA doesnt apply and I'm not aware of any precedents where a vessel is anchored for so long that it might be considered to be permanently moored. Maybe there aren't any but perhaps there should be to allow councils or harbourmaster discretion to prosecute or whatever. All of this will be about definition as always...and majority vs minority in our democratic society. Not quite Doc, my online persona has filled that character, I wouldn't buy a house with a predominant view of the road as you suggest, always the other way and
  14. Resource management act, mooring areas have approval under this act. BP - how would you feel if you were trying to sell a $2m house with that parked in front? I'm picking probably not as friendly. Or if you owned that house paying 3k in rates and he is living out front for free? Appreciate your sentiment but there has to be some rules.
  15. No thanks, saw something similar north of the noises in the mid 90s, twas fricken scary!
  16. Good idea I just wonder about the ability of an expert to answer a flow of questions in such a short period of time(lets say an hour). Typing is not everybodies strength and perhaps the current format where questions are answered over time might work better? I ran the social media feed and livestream Q and A for a global telco conference at a Melbourne uni recently and aside form the BS that needed to be filtered the reality was we only answered about 5% of the questions over a 2 hr window and that was questions via social/email with a verbal answer/discussion over the streaming video whic
  17. Agree - wasnt that cheap when I purchased 12 months ago! Give them a call, they are really helpful and can probably sort you something similar. You looking for 12V in or 12V out? I run this on a standard 12v system and have had no issues.
  18. In that price bracket an Elliott 10 would be 70-80k and a lot of boat for the money. Just make sure the keel bolts have been done - if done no problem, if not or dont know... its worth looking closely at that area as a few fell off. Sea Biscuit was for sale over summer for circa 80k asking. A lot of roomy boat that gets along and good resale being an Elliott in NZ.
  19. Got one of these http://www.laptopbattery.co.nz/products.asp?product_no=19400 Works great and you can buy additional adaptor plug ends to fit other laptops, delivery was overnight like they say. I run Seaclear and/or Opencpn on the bridge via netbook to modem/wifi router plus ipad and Navionics, a Garmin plotter and the boat came with another Feruno plotter. Laptop, ipad and garmin plotters all have battery backups so great if you had power issues.
  20. Wasnt me on Lady Margaret John! Yes the classics site is hopeless. Some good reference material on there but not a lot in terms of conversation. Tried to rark it up a bit by suggesting I was going to change Lady Margarets name to Bevan in honour of our mayors mistress but nobody took the bait.. Hopefully if there was an incident it wasnt a major.
  21. Having worked in media for the last 18 years I'm probably more of a media skeptic than anybody on here. If you read and understood the post above you would note that I discarded the media reports and my comments are based on the un-edited interview with the radio operator down there. Thats her doing the talking not a journos interpretation.
  22. bbay - Clearly you don't understand singular - in this case one person - the skipper. Plural means more than one - as you say 'them' in this case you would be referring to all 3. I dont believe two tourist had the local knowledge or seamanship to say lets go or not. There is only one person being slagged - the skipper. Anyway got to go, too busy to spend the day explaining the basics of the english language to someone that thinks hanging a drogue from the masthead or hounds might be a good idea.
  23. Comfortable with the facts after listening to the un-edited interview with the Feauveau radio lady who has been doing it for 30 odd years. The other reporting I take with a grain of salt. Small correction for you consider below bbay....
  24. Probably doesn't reek as much as your proposed plywood composting toilet will bbay.
  25. If some of you people actually attended the Westhaven update meetings and listened to what is going on you would save a lot of wasted time rehashing the same stuff over and over. I attended the last one and as one of the worlds great pedants even I walked away reasonably happy with the way it was being managed. From memory there were two sessions and lots of spare seats at the one I went to. Perhaps worth attending if you have a genuine interest..
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