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  1. BNG

    Nicky Cruz 7.6

    Picked up the main hull once, may as well make it twice - what time at your place for the initial lift? Peter
  2. Awesome pic Stephen, we saw that episode of Fast Company's race and it was impressive.
  3. Aw Shucks Revo, you never know - stranger things have happened at sea.... I'm in the process of eliminating the gear issues right now tho
  4. BNG


    Excellent question - I just asked them on their Facebook page, will be interesting to see what they say or do Probably delete it, oh wait up.... they deleted it. Righto then 1 x twitter storm coming up.
  5. BNG

    Westhaven ??

    There is a new super-fascist security guard down there of late. He was hassling people the other day so I took the time to tell him to perhaps spend less time being a pain in the arse and more time ferrying the proliferation of marina barrows/trolleys on the end of X pier back to the gate and that would be more helpful to the overall operation of the marina. To be honest tho... i wasn't that polite about it. In saying that - paying marina users are required to submit evidence of insurance to hold a place there so they may have issues with potentially uninsured vessels using their facil
  6. BNG

    Synthetic rigging

    Has anyone considered form stability as a contributor to rolling motion in this so-called thread about Synthetic Rigging? I'd be leaving the theory with the Naval Architects well ahead of putting weight aloft. The old narrow gutted displacement launches used to swing a bucket out on their booms to slow/stop roll motion, have you tried poleing your weights out BBay? Might be safer than something swinging around aloft.
  7. Unfortunately we are out for R1 and 2 as I'm out of the country with work for both those dates. We will make a brief appearance for R3. A bit gutted but not much I can do about it unfortunately. Good luck guys and girls.
  8. BNG

    Synthetic rigging

  9. If you could find one an Elliott 780 would be worth a look too, they are quick but probably a few more bucks. Look at Erazer giving the sportsboat shorthaul yachts the hurry up in last years Simrad.
  10. BNG

    dalton update part 2

    RC is in a corner, he is CEO if a failing event. He has Larry and a bunch of sponsors/TV rights holders barking up his arse for delivery. He is trying to perpetuate some sort of bung spin that is backfiring bigtime - even a lot of the yanks on SA think its cheating which says it all as they are usually pretty one eyed. Karma is a B*tch and this could go really wrong from him.
  11. and a Mod 830 is moving to G Pier on the 7th July
  12. Good idea SD. Revo the concept of BNG racing stock boats isnt going to spin their wheels as its quite a different beast so I'm not sure how you would handicap. Perhaps the stock ones all get the average of their PHRF each vs our PHRF or something like that?
  13. How do the organisers take themselves seriously? Total joke if they get away with it.
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