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  1. You Sir, are a legend.  Thanks for that, my WSI box has been reprogrammed so I'll hook it all up and see what happens.  Be nice to turn that ornament on the top of my mast into something a bit more useful.

    Final old Nexus question: Is there any way to output the data to a laptop?  I'd like to have a play with OpenCPN tactics and build some polars.  The interwebs would suggest not...

    Cheers and thanks again.

  2. Yep it sure looks mint in your photos, well done on the clean up.  The dust looked reminiscent of electrical bearing type stuff but you're far more technical than me!  I've got a wee fella with a bucket of crap that visits all the nooks and crannies of my boat and sprays it liberally around, industrious soul is he...

  3. I meant to thank you for providing the manual above, so thanks!

    I had a wireless NX2 system which I changed to wired earlier this year, haven't managed to hook it up yet to see if it works, and if the reprogramming of the server was successful.  Hard to find support for this gear I found.

    If you strike problems with your testing I've still got the old wireless head, welcome to it if it's of any use.



  4. So, I went with the MacGlide from MPS.  I was keen to explore options other than conventional antifouling and following a bit of research I decided that I'd give this system a go.  Due to a combination of factors the boat has been sitting on a mooring up the Weiti River for six months now and has got a fairly 'healthy' layer of slime on it.  I have not dived on the boat for a couple of reasons: a) I'm a wuss, and b) I wanted to give the product a decent test of it's claimed performance as a self cleaning film.  Fingers crossed I'll be sailing the boat in two to three weeks time, at which point I'm hoping the investment I've made will see me return to the mooring with a squeaky clean bum.

    I'll let you all know how it goes.


  5. I'm not sure it's a good recommendation but I have used Gulf Harbour Marina for my 7.8m wide tri.  Bit pricey I believe and hardstanding fees are factored at 1.5x for multihulls.  On the plus side there's plenty of services available and the folk there were really pleasant to deal with.

    I have also used Fusion Marine out the back of Silverdale, they're good guys and were pretty reasonable (also 1.5x for cats) and should be able to haul your boat, there was a big cat on the hard whilst I was there.  It's just a hardstand attached to a boat builders yard though if you're looking for some work to be done.  Does have power, water and a bathroom!  

  6. That's awesome! And good on them for thinking outside the box, the more the merrier for the LV.  Wouldn't it be a hoot if the Cup was contested between Te Aihe and the next boat. Sadly I reckon the other three teams might not be so receptive...

  7. 1 hour ago, harrytom said:

    Its is based on the Faroe islands fishing policy.



    What it means roughly.Govt buys back quota,then anyone can lease it and sell to ever you like,off the wharf restaurants direct etc not forced to sell to the big players.  Not held to fish for one species.Not answerable to any overseas investor(price has dropped dont want it)what is the contractor to do??land it and get what they can or dump it??Chance to get small fishing back on track.You/me can lease it sublect to msa/moss survey.

    Need to get inshore trawlers out and more longliners working.

    No brainer policy. Need 60thousand signees but bad timing with covid etc

    All the family have signed. 

    Okay, I now know a whole bunch more about the Faroes than I ever thought I would (Faroe ponies, very cool...)  How on earth did you divine that their policy was the genesis of Legasea?  Irrespective, thanks for sending me down the Google hole, very informative!

    I is a signatory.

  8. Excellent thanks Michael, all the control lines to those winches will go through rope clutches so will only need the 'tailing' when they're in use, if that makes sense.  



  9. I know right?  What a pain.  My boat is also on a (fore and aft) swing mooring which was fine for the insurer I went with.  I would have thought that 3rd party insurance just covering marinas and hardstands would have been a no brainer, irrespective of the type of boat, go figure.

    That's cool plan to head up to Thailand, I'm guessing beginning of next year after the cyclone season?  I'd imagine it'd be a nice passage to make in your boat, not that I've been offshore in a trimaran, but the Racer certainly looks like she's got the pedigree.  If you need crew keep me in mind, I've done offshore miles in a monohull although it was a long time ago.  Fingers crossed there's an improvement in the Coronavirus situation by the time you're ready to head away.  Is the boat far off Cat 1?  I'm looking at getting mine to Cat 3 for local racing, and the criteria for that looks like sensible gear to have anyway.




  10. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll have a look for them.  Although it would be a shame to part with the Barients, they're good winches and are running very well post service.

    I'll certainly say gidday as I go past, you're pretty hard to miss!


  11. Hi BP, 30ft trimaran, currently way up the river from you, if you're still in the Weiti.  The offending winches are Barient 22-39s, still in good working order given their age.


  12. Hi BR,

    Sorry but for some reason I'm getting notification of these posts quite late, odd. 

    Insurance, what a palaver!  Tried every man and his dog here in NZ but as you've found out they won't touch trimarans, must be hugely frustrating for you as your boat has been tarred and feathered by some random trimaran risk factor that doesn't really apply, in my opinion.  I couldn't even talk them into waiving the capsize or breakage clauses, which I thought was the worst risk for my boat.

    Ended up going with Northernreef Insurance, who are run by Edward William, a Spanish crowd.  They were pretty good, prompt and I thought reasonable - NZ$1200 for the usual fire, theft, damage etc., as well as coastal out to 100nm, racing and solo sailing cover.  That was all good until May when I got a nice email to say that their underwriter had gone belly up so I was now uninsured.  But wait!  There is another company willing to take me on, for a reduced premium of NZ$588, for the remaining six months of my policy.  Excellent I thought, through mentally gritted teeth.  No real choice but to stump up the ponies but not very happy.  Also the internets search I did on Edward William wasn't super encouraging regarding them honouring policies.  Still, I'm insured I guess and fingers crossed I'll never have to lodge a claim.

    Sorry, rant over.  Who did you find might I ask?




  13. Whoops sorry BR, bit tardy in replying to you.  Yep it's amazing who you run into in the marina, I had just put my boat back in the water and a bloke wanders up and tells me he was the owner once removed.  Didn't have much time so only had a brief yarn with him but I have his details so will chase him up for more info on the boat as I get closer to sailing.  Mine was built in 94 so I'd like to put together a bit of a history of the boat as well, cool to find out about the adventures had in years gone by and looking forward to adding my chapter.

    I hope your yard is cheaper than the ones here in Auckland, eye watering fees, particularly for a multihull.  Good luck with your refit, I'm in the process of shifting all the lines back to the cockpit myself, hate drilling through the deck!



  14. Interesting, that TM listing was what kicked off this thread, as I liked the idea (and cost).  I just assumed they were the original Barton Wincher but I guess not.  Thanks for the reply, much appreciated.

  15. Thanks for the replies, I'd like to get ST's for the boat but they are way too expensive for me at the moment.  My winches are mainly for halyards, outhaul and reefing and I can see that it would be nice to tail the halyards particularly when short handed or solo.  These Winchers seem to do an adequate job for what they are so I'll keep them in the back pocket for now.  When I get out sailing eventually I may find that they're a "nice to have" as you've both mentioned anyway, but it's great to get the advice from those in the know.

    Cheers and thanks again


  16. Hi all, wondering if there is anyone out there who has these, or has used them.  My primaries are a couple of venerable Barients which I'd like to turn into pseudo self tailers if possible.  

    Thanks in advance,


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