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    bluesail reacted to Fish in A Lesson in Thread Standards   
    Thought I'd share a lesson I've just learnt the hard way, to assist others in avoiding a nice shamozzle...
    We've been chasing an annoying and intermittent air leak around our fuel system, nothing to do with our new engine, which is great. But does causing it to intermittently not start without priming or to miss infrequently at high revs.
    We found we couldn't get the old fuel / water separator bowl to seal properly (had a minor leak), so we replaced it. The problem basically persisted. I set up a system to pressure test the fuel system, by installing a priming buld (aka outboard primer) and a shut off valve in the discharge line. Immediately found the new fuel / water separator was weeping at the fitting. On closer inspection it had a stuffed thread in the alloy filter housing - non of the fittings I had on the boat would thread in, despite all being 1/2 in.
    Went and purchased a new fuel / water separator, and specifically asked for the correct fittings to join it to the pipes. Out of curiosity I read the spec sheet before installing it - threads are 18 NPTF (Parker Racor filter)
    Googling up the one we just stuffed, Ryco, takes 20 UNF.
    Upon checking with the retailer who sold me the Parker Racor filter yesterday, they supplied me with 1/2in BSP threaded fittings not 18 NPTF. These fittings line up and appear to fit, but about half way in start binding up. They didn't have any 18 NPTF, don't stock them.
    So we went and got a Ryco filter (fraction of the price by the way), but went around 4 retailers, including specialist hydraulic suppliers, and none of them stock 20 UNF fittings. One actually asked what the f*ck we'd want UNF for?
    So we phone Ryco and asked them how we're supposed to connect hoses to their filter we just brought - and they are the only people they know of that stock the fittings that fit their filter. Accept none of the retailers who sell that line carry the fittings... Ryco head office are couriering us fittings overnight...
    As far as I can tell, every other fitting on the boat is BSP. All of these fittings are 1/2 in, and look the same. Some even 'fit' each other, but cause issues when tightened. Like little weepy leaks, and stuffed threads.
    So for anyone installing or swapping fuel / water separators, check the specs and ensure you get the right thread specification on your fittings. Otherwise you risk having a tiny wheeny air leak in your fuel system that will drive you bat sh*t crazy trying to find...
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    bluesail reacted to Jon in Tornado ripped through downtown Auckland last night including Westhaven....how's your boat?   
    All the more reason to allow liveaboards
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    bluesail reacted to GregW in Auckland Marina stats   
    Hadn't seen this before and thought it may be of interest to some
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    bluesail reacted to Fogg in Advice for 40s couple with health problems wanting to cruise   
    Well done for the bold plan to try a different lifestyle. And for taking a considered approach to the various hurdles - yes there will be challenges both the standard liveaboard cruising ones plus some extras relating to your health. But from the limited info you’ve shared so far plus your obviously pragmatic approach, I think it’s do-able.
    Agree with the advice to start with a NZ cruising plan to build you skills and confidence and the if it all ‘feels right’ then consider graduating to offshore and everything that comes with that.
    Hauraki Gulf and further up into Northland are the obvious choices due to cruising-friendly environment (especially for beginners) and easy access to services (marine and other).
    We cruise this area a lot (unfortunately not as liveaboards) with a young child with health issues and we carry some equipment and special drugs onboard - but it’s also good to know we are a relatively short helicopter ride away from Auckland / Starship Hospital should we need it.
    In terms of marinas, have your tried Marsden Cove? I know some liveaboards who recently moved there after being priced out of Gulf Harbour Marina - maybe worth giving them a call?
    Finally, on choice of boat. Obviously available budget will be your biggest factor (purchase and running costs) but also think about style of boat. I’m not sure how familiar you are yet with different yacht drsigns but in short there is a world of difference between a coastal cruiser and an offshore capable boat. And so if you insist on bring a boat that is already Cat 1 (or easily within reach) you might find it’s not necessarily the easiest liveaboard for coastal cruising and frequent marina visits. As I said it’s dependent on your budget but if and when you feel like sharing some ballpark purchase figures you’ll no doubt get lots of good recommendations from this forum on design choices that might meet the brief.
    And small might not be the kindest. Yes smaller boats (like trailer sailors) have lighter loads which might be a key factor with your shoulder problem - but a bigger, heavier boat will have a more gentle motion on the water that is easier to live with long term - and a bigger boat can handle more of a chop at anchor before you need to find a more sheltered spot etc.
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    bluesail got a reaction from Fish in Advice for 40s couple with health problems wanting to cruise   
    So my wife and I have had many long talks over past several weeks. We have come to conclusion that the only way forward is moving North. Once there, we can be in a better place to not only look at purchasing a boat but learning to sail and maybe better employment.
    As such, we are in the process of purging all our possessions. Also fixing small things around the house to sell it in the next few weeks. We would like to leave by the end of August. We’ll be taking our car and small trailer up north stopping at Nelson/Picton to look at the marina as an option. Then all the way up to Whangarei. The current plan is to rent a furnished place for a few months while we look at boats for sale. The Auckland region seem to have the vast majority from our research. 
    We have greatly considered the advice given here about the 8-9m boats for $15-20k. However, due to my height and headroom on most of those boats, we really are looking at the next hop up 9-11m. We would also really like to have a shower and hot water if possible. A diesel heater would be great but could be fitted later. Most of the boats we have found on trademe that fit that are in the 35k – 55k range. We are rather keen on Davidson layout but keeping our minds open to others. I’m expecting to have to upgrade the electrics (new panels, MPPT charge controller, inverter, wiring and batteries) to support working remotely from boat. Maybe $10-15k?
    Hopefully it will only take a few months to find and survey any boats that suit.  It would be nice to be in a boat at the start of summer if possible.  Then the plan is to stay in a marina while we learn more about the boat and have the nicer weather. Being up north we would like to find opportunities to learn to sail while we adjusting to the new lifestyle. Maybe taking weekend day trips and slowly moving to longer journeys. If that all works out, we hope to cruise around BOI for a season and then to Marlborough area next year.
    Someone suggested a name for our boat as "Last resort."  Any comments?   Saw a video of a boat named "escape pod" which was in distress and confused the hell out of rescue services.
    Finally, we also want to say thank you to everyone who has provided some advice and suggestions. 
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