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  1. Great, thank you all for the suggestions. I will have a look, I suspect the conduit may be part of the issue as it is loose at the lower end.
  2. I have a keel stepped mast that has what looks like a foam seal at the level of the lowest halyard exit. Unfortunately, it is leaking and every time it rains I have water in the bilge. I am wondering if anyone has a good suggestion on how I might repair this. I am thinking of healing the boat and pouring in some sort of sealant to try to plug the gaps? I could probably spare about 1cm above the level of the current seal and still use the halyard exit without problems. Thanks.....
  3. I am interested, robcornah@gmail.com
  4. Thank you for the input. I would prefer local but it looks like they only do the bilge alarm, I will keep it in mind though if I dont go aqualarm. Sounds like the aqua alaarm has been reliable and effective. How long have you had it for?
  5. Hi there - picking the 'communal brain" again!! Anyone have experience or opinions on these products. I think their bilge alarms look significantly better and more robust than the rule type and am quite keen to add one to my boat. I also wondered about their multi alarm set ups - they do raw water flow and exhaust temp sensors as well. https://aqualarm.net/automatic-sys-monitor-c-4/20295-six-systems-monitoring-kit-sngl-with-6-detectors-bell-p-29.html?zenid=dc513fcc8fe971ef0fcf983fea84b6eb There do not seem to be many off the shelf options which surprises me as forgetting to o
  6. Interesting - that is a significant failure rate! Its a furuno - I would need to get a licence, but that's an interesting thought - I will have a look. Thanks.
  7. Radio nets was 1 thing I wondered about. I have no experience, but have heard that there are not really that many anymore that are regularly used. E mail and gribs I think are cheaper with ssb (I have a pactor) but I think I would end up carrying some sort of sat device even if I kept the SSB, so am still going to need some sort of sat subscription. I do like the idea of being able to chat with people rather than text/email, but would VHF will do for the local stuff anyway?
  8. I am refitting a yatch at present and am wondering whether to keep the SSB which means I need to keep the aerial when I rerig my backstay. How may people are actually using their SSB these days? Satellite is taking over and getting cheaper, so ...would you keep the SSB, and if so, WHY?
  9. So - time to replace the 30 year old profurls. They both failed last year, rebuilt both, but not very happy with the condition of the castings, etc, and am not likely to trust them again I quite like the reefrites - I like the 'kiwi slides' as they are a lot easier to manage when on your own and you have to put a headsail back up Also quite like the locking system as a back up for the furler line. Cons? -weight, spares away from NZ, harder to install than harken, perhaps dont take the depth out of the sail as well when partly furled.... So what has everyone else put on recently
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