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  1. This information is from John Hopkins University and is in line with all the peer reviewed studies that I have read. It is important that we realize the extremely limited validity of the PCR test that are used throughout New Zealand In the report on the findings published May 13 in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine, the researchers found that the probability of a false negative result decreases from 100% on Day 1 of being infected to 67% on Day 4. The false negative rate decreased to 20% on Day 8 (three days after a person begins experiencing symptoms). They also found that on the d
  2. If a flooded cell is dry and been charged; you have a permanent loss of capacity in the area of the 'dry' plate. If there is 'no fluid' in the battery and it was being charged (as in charged dry). The entire battery is history. Get a charge controller for the solar panel and buy another flooded battery, then you should be fine.
  3. https://www.peregrinasails.com/ some info here with a map showing stop overs
  4. Good point, we read on a Facebook site where a NZ citizen offered to sail a boat to NZ.... if someone was "stuck" with their boat and could not come to New Zealand.
  5. Fish... As a side note. The mother wrote me to say that they have no place to keep the boat around Tahiti other than a mooring. It's reportedly a $1M asset the sale of which is their only pathway back to having a home in the UK. She says that there is no hull insurance available to them in Tahiti where they could try to sell the boat. They can fly back to the UK... but what to do with the boat which they must sell?
  6. https://www.newstalkzb.co.nz/on-air/the-sunday-session/opinion/francesca-rudkin-declining-border-exemptions-doesnt-show-kindness/
  7. This (for me) is a truly tough one and it may be that the herald got some of the facts muddled? It might help to know that I had an exchange with the mother and she said that they had to leave FP with no time to spare to accomplish the burial of their son. Then apparently had to return to attend a judicial investigation hearing in September in Tahiti over this tragic death. It may be that they could not have stayed in the UK ? There is allot to this we don't know and many possibilities. In the end... I feel very very sad for this family.
  8. Frog, I'm trying to understand... If it is a foreign boat and a New Zealander puts 1M into it, That liquid capital leaves the country and is probably gone forever. New Zealand now has a 1M asset that is deprecating at some rate (high if a new boat and lower if old) Money spent of the boat is already in the NZ economy and is going into the maintanance of a deprecating asset (i.e. lost capital) instead of into say into a home or business, that usually increases in value. How does this actually build capital or help the NZ economy. I don't mean to disagree, I am looking to understand this better
  9. Thanks for posting and I am trying to understand what you have done a bit batter... You cut what pieces out of what parts? Is the whole affair home made or did you modify a loft made stack-pack and from what vendor? A picture of the arrangement with the mainsail raised and the stack-pack battens 'fallen' below with the lazy jacks pulled forward would be very nice to see?
  10. Thats' a youtube channel try here... https://bandbyachtdesigns.com/spindrift
  11. The boat depicted in the article....The "Solandge" was birthed next to us before we left San Diego two years ago. They were practicing helicopter landing on the aft deck all day long.... allot of noise. We heard they were trying to get things ready for the owners imminent arrival. The whole thing with these super yachts getting in makes me feel like I got drug thru a knothole backwards, arrrrgh!
  12. How long does the crew & Captain get to stay in New Zealand?
  13. Can Someone Please explain to me why the German cruisers who have EU passports (which allow them to stay in French Polynesia long term) .... why they can not have just stayed there or sailed back there to one of the two hurricane safe areas in FP?
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