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  1. Yes Rushman, that’s basically it. We will of course take all necessary measures to prepare for the trip. The last thing we want is a sunken ship so we will do everything in our power to get to New Zealand in one piece. However, if the worst happens we would also like to have a contract made by a professional to have a (financial) solution ready. We of course will discuss the specifics with the buyer beforehand. We are going to sail nonstop for a week on the north sea in October on a hired yacht as preparation. We also think it’s safe to get to know the boat before we go so we don’t
  2. Buying a boat in Europe is not the problem for us. Selling it in New Zealand is difficult when we are back in the Netherlands. Or do you mean we then sail it back to New Zealand for you? Maybe replying via email is quicker if you think it’s ok.
  3. Cool! Didn't expect such a fast reply:). Yes we could definitely sail a yacht from elsewhere in Europe. Have you seen some seaworthy ships already? If you can you send me an email with the url?
  4. Hello all, We are 4 sailors living in the Netherlands and have a dream to sail to New Zealand. We all study at two different universities in the Netherlands (Bachelor Aerospace Engineering TU Delft, Bachelor Physics University of Amsterdam, Bachelor Bèta-Gamma University of Amsterdam and Bachelor Mechanical Engineering TU Delft). A friend of ours who sailed across the Atlantic helps us with the preparations and supports us with is knowledge. He gave us the advice of sailing a boat from someone else for free to New Zealand or Australia. If someone in New Zealand wants to buy a yacht from
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