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    If that's the case then the builder should get a quote from asia or US. similat rigs their are under half that they may be half the price but thats no good for the NZ Marine industry, C Tech have a very high quality product and you get what you pay for. Support NZ industry. We don't want to see more companies going under.
  2. Gennaker sold today.
  3. Main and gennaker. $300 each. originally from an 18 foot skiff, modified for a sportboat. Mainsail, Norths Kevlar fully battened SQ top with battens, good condition. Luff (P) 7400mm. foot (E) 3400mm. Gennaker, white good condition Fyfe, some small rust stains on tack from storage. Luff 11000mm. Foot 6750mm. leech 8250mm. mattgottard@hotmail.com or 0211214151.
  4. mattyg

    Under Tow

    How else were we supposed to have a beer with Matt and Luke? Well done Matt and Meg on launching the new and improved Ghost Train Ross 780 last night. it looks Mint!
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