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  1. Hi All, I've not logged on to comment on a subject for more than three years, but the potential loss of moorings in Okahu Bay is close to my heart as I've been moored in the bay for the last 35years. I'm keen to put together a user group objection and would invite interested or affected parties to contact me at vahry@xtra.co.nz. Our window of opportunity is extremely limited so do it now. Cheers Paul Vahr
  2. There is a very tidy Whiting 29 listed on TM. with late model 30hp Yanmar..Well worth a look. Great boats and very capable..one sailed to the UK.. plenty have been up to the pacific. Bigger than your Cav inside and no pox..
  3. This system and it's projected track is starting to look bloody serious, Shipping are on notice and are relocating away from the projected course. Estimated wind speeds are 200kmh in the eye on Sunday.. SE isn't so bad in Okahu bay...Who knows it could be the big one that we haven't seen since the 1900's Tomorrow is a good time to clear the decks, batten down, and double up on the mooring gear.
  4. My Choice..Whiting 29 Masthead version. These boats are pretty dammed bullet proof, a few have been offshore one was sailed back to the UK... Lots of room for 30ft and man they are strong, sail nicely and are easily handled by one person..Gotta say I'm biased as the family own two... Have a look a Pukeko she is for sale and has been well cared for by her owner..
  5. Gave a mate a hand to put the finishing touches on the bottom of his cat at Little Shoal Bay.What A great cross section of folks and boats, It's probably one of the last classic kiwi hardstands where there's always time for a chat and a cold one ... Cheers Courageous
  6. Murphy's Law..When you need it it's never there..it's on the boat. The last few days of darkness have been a great reminder about self sufficiency...oh how I would have loved the 1200w inverter & solar array off the boat..along with the neat little battery op'd recirculating shower..That aside we didn't fair too bad..the 2.5kva gen kept the beer cold in the fridge, ran the TV and a raft of eco lamps, a it even managed to run the washing machine...but drew the line at running a dryer.. My next boat buy will be a 6kva beast that will run the lot..might have to get it with a whisper kit as
  7. Today was a real early start with one Boat back into the tide after it's annual maintenance, bottom job, cut & polish, oil & filters & yes a new freezer compressor. It was then a case of hauling the next boat..my daughters. All went very smoothly...Emer geled the topsides, sanded the bum, shimmed the two blade prop and cleaned up the shaft and prop prior to prop speeding. Tomorrow will be anti foul and boot capping.. Weekend cut & polish, oil & filters... Then it will be time to get out there and use them before the benefits of clean bums are negated. Cheers Courageou
  8. Cheers for the recommendation Dan arrived on time and with everything required, by days end we had pretty much a new everything installed and running.Im now both richer & poorer for the experience. Cold beers this summer...Cheers PV
  9. Hi all, I have to replace my 30year old SD compressor and change the dryer etc... easy access..any suggestions for a good refrigeration specialist ..Boat is currently on the hardstand at Okahu Bay. Cheers PV
  10. If you own a Yanmar then Mike at Whiting's is your man, be warned they are pretty expensive but they do a solid job..Courageous
  11. Just received my new MT 600..Nice upgrade from MT 400... battery best before 2025.. but took about a month to arrive from GME . Cheers Courageous
  12. These folk at GME sure aren't flash at replacing these units, it's now two plus weeks since it was hand delivered, and I was assured that the replacement would be couriered within a week...Anyone else still waiting? Cheers
  13. Sorry about the double post...I had a look through your more recent posts..must have missed it. Cheers
  14. Hi All, If you are the owners of the following GME MT400 /MT401/MT403 these units are identified as being within the recall range. In the first instance contact GME Customer Service recall@gme.net.au for a returned Materials Authorisation Number. Units are then sent to GME/Standard Communications (NZ) Ltd. EPIRB Recall Programme Unit 2.24 Bishop Dunn Place. Botany, Auckland 2013 New Zealand. It appears a number of the above may not transmit when activated. Hopefully my replacement will arrive back by courier next week..
  15. Fantail was one of the prettiest & hottest boats around in it's day,(was it late 70's 80's?) can't remember..but do recall it was skippered by Jonny Lasher, with a hot shot crew of Joey Allen & Earl Williams.. They were pretty much untouchable.. these boats are now getting on a bit ... and lots of due diligence is required before letting your heart get in the way of reality ...
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