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  1. This was going to go on trademe. Origo 3000. Let's say $50. Happy to pay the 'success fee', if it moves from my garage.
  2. The forecast was spot on. Both in terms of temperature and just after 8pm there was 'a lot' of breeze in the Firth. After an 'exciting' attempt to run away with said breeze at high speed we eventually rounded up and shook like a shaggy dog until we could get headsail off. I was concerned for the rig and I suspect my #3 won't be quite the same again. The sea state was 'particularly difficult'. Struggled to complete that leg under reefed main alone with the boom in the water for quite a bit of the time. We knew heavy breeze was on the cards but weren't prepared for a fast drop and second reef. L
  3. 1 sheet of unused VyBar 48F 1200 x 1200mm, $75 specs here: http://www.acoustica.com.au/vybar.html Chris 021344491
  4. I used this stuff: http://www.acoustica.com.au/vybar.html It came from SoPac marine in Albany. I liked it because apart from being much lighter (the 48F type) it claims to not absorb moisture or disintegrate into millions of little bits like the stuff I was replacing. Their little test / demo sound box thing is pretty impressive too. I found them very helpful, however I was a little to enthusiastic and brought two sheets when I only needed one. I will create a classified for the other unused sheet in case it is of use.
  5. Unable to participate due to broken boat, I thought I'd snap some photos of the start yesterday.
  6. I'm looking for crew with some experience for Flying boat to sail BBYC Tuesdays. The latest we can leave the dock is at 5:45pm. Please get in touch if you're interested. Thanks, Chris 021344491
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