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  1. Tamure, Thanks, John ended up being the correct person to chat with. Figured with enough digging would find someone who would know.
  2. Island time, I have 1220 hull #1 and they used the 1415 toe rail Also been told they used 1519 on the 1220 as well. depending on which one you went with check with John Bennett at Sparloft. He had a casting that worked for my style.
  3. Tamure, Had a look and looks like they shut down operations in 2019. Thanks
  4. I am purchasing a Farr 1220 on the west coast of the US and I am trying to find some toe rail fairlead castings for it. I have found the Toe rail is still extruded by Ullrich Aluminum and hoping someone is still making castings for it somewhere ??? I been scouring the internet but coming up short. any insight would be helpful. Thanks, Joe
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