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  1. Dan @ the Watershed suggested getting my second set of tired sails cut down into something more manageable if I feel the need. It is a hell of a lot of sail for some one new to cats and sailing solo. We also talked about Hobie 14 sail options too First things first, I need to get it on the water a few times, that will be the best way to have information to make decisions
  2. Hi folks, I've not been in NZ long, I was in Sydney previously and Dubai before that. I'm currently living on the North Shore I've just purchased a second hand 1983 (I think) Hot Flash Hobie 16. I haven't sailed one before so the learning curve is going to need to be steep. I've got a few questions, please bear with me as I get to grip with things. 1 - I'm planning to sail solo quite a bit and want to have a righting bag system on the boat as a get out of jail card. I've been having a look around various marine shops and chandleries today but haven't found a bag suitable ye
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