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  1. We have sailed a Davidson 28 for 5 days, there was a charter company in Bay Of Islands which used to have one... We did it with 4 adults and felt more roomy than a Cav32. Sailed well, good cockpit layout and they often have a duckboard too. There are a few layouts with the Galley... The one we Chartered had the Galley on the Starboard side like the one shared in the last post for 10k.... We looked at purchasing one 5 years ago and actually ended up with a Davidson 31. Now there are some rough examples out there... But that one listed for 10K doesn't look bad at all. Much better con
  2. Is this they Jason guy you mean? He sells a lot of older boats.....
  3. Did you end up finding yourself a Davidson 31? We have one... it's not really for sale.. we are refitting it. We've had it for almost 4 years now. Would love to hear how you got on. Follow us on instagram at @Sailingflamenco See attached image... Still got that blue dodger here will be going all black canvas. I was suprised to hear from a sail maker that black is the least likely to fade because the material is not dyed... Same as white... also not dyed. So the coloured fabric fades due to the dye... I wouldn't have chosen black before hearing that because I thought i
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