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  1. Have anyone had a good experience with the lsb (Little Shoal Bay) boatyard? I'm assuming they will have a very cheap option
  2. I have a tracker 7.7 (~25 ft) and it will be my first time hauling a boat out. I want to leave it out of the water for a couple of days to do the AF and a few bits around the hull (specially build a new rudder).
  3. Hey all, I'm after some recommendations for people who can rebuild/redesign a rudder for my boat. I've been searching around doing a new one, but I'm afraid it won't be properly secured and it will fail down the road. I'm worried the pintle and gudgeon that Burnsco sells is too weak: https://www.burnsco.co.nz/shop/boating/yacht-fittings/tiller-rudder/stern-backet-with-pin https://www.burnsco.co.nz/shop/boating/yacht-fittings/tiller-rudder/rudder-strap-rgl
  4. Thank you so much!! How can I get the whole pdf containing the other sheets? Would be nice to have the dimentions when something else breaks.
  5. Hello guys, after leaving my tracker 7.7 on the water without securing the tiller properly I noticed the rudder is gone. Do you guys have any tips to find out the dimensions that the rudder should be so I can rebuild one? Cheers!
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