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  1. Let me know Josh and I’ll grab it for ya. BP if he doesn’t want it it’s yours - merry Xmas
  2. I have a gyro on Daydream from the previous autopilot if you want to try that josh let me know . Just got to pull it off - 10min job was running at ST60 Autopilot
  3. Hey baz I thought about your polarity theory and tried it in the cockpit . Difference is massive when you reverse polarity on one speaker! I knew it didn’t sound right just never considered the cancellation issue! got over the struggling car speakers in the saloon and stumped up for a nice pair of Kef outdoor box speakers for the saloon—- plug and play, totally sealed and water proof so will be very happy in the saloon. They are a bit big but we are definitely ready to party now. look out for a loud townson this summer - half volume and you’ve gotta get out of the cabin hahaha poi
  4. Tranz diesel Silverdale just tell him it’s a 2030 out of a digger not a marine install….I think this is the same as mine so it is a Perkins generic motor and they are really helpful worth a call anyway
  5. Randomly I discovered I need exactly those hoses on Saturday to solve a little fridge issue ill take them. Wham and where do I pick up thanks reece
  6. 8inch fusions in the cockpit hooked up to a class d 4channel that also covers 6.5in components in the saloon. 8in sub up forward think that is getting like 700w . went well for a while ….. now blowing sh*t up going to swap the saloon for 6x9 should sort it doesn’t suck that much juice either 2.8amp when pushed- on a sunny day the solar pays for it
  7. we have a MH rig and tbh I love the configuration- we sail to where we are going and once we get there the massive boom tent goes up and the main doesn’t go up until home time -We seem to be able to do hull speed on just the Genoa easily- super balanced and heaps of drive. Added bonus is we don’t have to remove the boom tent for most all of the summer cruise and sails up and down is the pull of a string! Mint! im sure not all mh yachts are so happy on headsails only but the townson doesn’t seem to care wouldnt want MH if I was not furling- it’s a big sail then is uncontrollable on de
  8. The Excell in my experience over the last few years is super reliable and seriously easy setting. sets every time in anything! Not sure of the size I have on my 34ft sail boat but have had 3 launchers hanging off me in 20knots and my only concern was the load on my bollard - seriously impressed Something to be said for having really good gear holding you in place - makes the family cruise less stressful when your wanting to bugger off on long walks. Park up on lee shore to get supplies etc Wind shifts are never an issue do it
  9. I just want to go race If there is no provision to officially reschedule in the NOR then close the official series at 2 and run the 50 and associated social gathering etc when we can go yachting maybe an impossible idea but I’m sure that first and foremost we all just want to go racing around having a good time mind you I have a long list of to do items after the last one and the boat is currently stuck high and dry at gulf harbour haul out
  10. Not sure I get the difference between pure wool and a dead animal floating. seems an odd interpretation of the no rubbish rule and it it’s intention Besides my boat pre dates the invention of Velcro and the spin was first measured in 1984 so Velcro would be just wrong
  11. Fresh, fun, surprisingly comfortable…..that’s probably sums up life on daydream n the SSANZ committed to getting a better start this time so stopped being a puss and gave it a push…..wooling the kite was a bit of old school genius (good call Robbie)with the kite at full hoist all wooled up ,pole set, full main and #2 had us hitting the line just in time at full pace…..bit of a tug on the sheet and we were off at pace (well pace for us…it’s all relative eh) we were feeling pretty pleased with ourselves as the breeze started building and our range of safe steering narrowed (5deg up or
  12. Vote for Steve Ashley- sorted me out quick smart Nigle no end in sight eh?
  13. The confidence that you will have control in reverse alone would be a win for me - im 50/50 whether ill have control every time i back up with that skeg of mine - i figure Des drew his boats to go forward with little to no consideration of the benefits of controllable reverse hahah Wondering if it would also allow a shorter tiller to make it easier to manage the cockpit? Im guessing the improvements in reaching would be from less helm needed with the balanced design so less breaks on. i do find that the sail trim needs to be bang on to balance it up and keep the average pace up
  14. That is a very good idea!!!! I like it
  15. Hey Simmer balanced rudder ? Got my interest have you removed the Skeg?
  16. Well the first proper race Daydream has done in a very (!!) long time - and no major mistakes really other than being overly conservative getting off the line. Shimmer (the other t34) got a jump early on but we managed to stay within reach out and back and got right up to them beating to the light house - almost picked the lay of the Rangi light house from out by the container ship ,just came out a few lengths low - hand bearing compass does work - win Boat went sweet (like a 3rd crew mate) Sails were mint (thanks Josh) and have given the boat the right feel, course was cool, learnt heaps
  17. What div for a 34ft timber townson (Dreamtime design) im guessing pic1 with the bulk of stewart’s and 1020’s phrf is 7.15 short handed
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