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    Dc charging amps

    I have a similar one at $25US with Ahrs I/O as well , and a $300 balmar SG200 with BT and they concur. Can't say I recommend the Balmar. Going on five yrs now. Aliexpress cycles the second decimal a bit, not that that is relevant anyway. https://www.ebay.com/itm/181595545632?hash=item2a47f02020:g:a4cAAOSwXvNZqRaS
  2. Photo three suggests right thickness gc and decent size void on a flat surface. Forgiven on hard multi transitions (occasionally), not on flat. Inspections are supposed to be non-invasive unless authorised by owner under good grounds. Once established there are voids , tap method should be replaced with RF meter or similar. Significance of voids could be moot, but not what you want to hear. Slighty different technique to moisture, a little subtler. All Imo of course. I bought my protimeter aquant in 2002. Saved some grief, and good decision making tool.
  3. Anybody know if the Fitzroy walk to Kauri tree crows nest is open?
  4. Left nth head at 1200 on 1st, anchored at broken isles at 1730. Hit 25 T ssw occasionally. Tiresome quartering seas at GB end so didn’t proceed to Fitzroy. Mistake, bit rolly, overnight and gone Easterly, gusts feel 20+ . A blowfly has been blown off the Angus poo on land and has taken refuge. Needless to say it is about to die. Steady procession heading sth past us out of Fitzroy.
  5. Good question. Similar situation from decommissioning during rebuild.
  6. New For gm 928603011FX- Bosch AL-129x Old see label on pic. Dont know about YM. For 3gm30: Graham should have a reconditioned one. You will need to grind 3mm off inside of back leg. The rounded boss section and shim front leg same for V belt align. Also you will need a bolt on ext brush set with terminals for quick connect to ext regulator. Graham used to have them. https://www.smartregulator.co.nz/page/ This is the cheap way out if you score an alternator off a Porsche 944 make sure you get the later one 115A as opposed 90A. And get the cowl for external air. Big differ
  7. I have run Bosch 115A altternator on a 3GM30F as a direct swap for the hitachi 55A for last five years. At 60% discharged battery it will put out 100+ A's slowly dropping to 60A over ~30mins as battery voltage/emf comes up. Single V belt gates green stripe. yep belts have to be perfectly aligned, with polished pullys or it will eat belts. As it has integrated air cowl I force feed cool air from saloon thru it. It never derates via zener. Best thing about them is the external brushset/regulator can be replace with proprietry brush set and terminals
  8. Guest

    Drop In Lithiums

    " I use an Argo Fet based battery splitter, and a SLA start battery, so that the circuit is never simply cut off. Works ok so far...." 1.So if motoring for longer than 1hr do you just switch the VRC-200 off? (and thus the fields) 2.And if you need to charge longer than 1hr what stops the start battery overcharging? Small buck converter? Or 2hr would be a complete recharge on Li and not enough to bother the SLA? 3. Max discharge is 1C ? (Can't see in your post) Then in parallel you have the windlass hooked to the house? Or if 0.6C ( same as charge) and to start battery a
  9. Guest

    Drop In Lithiums

    Oops, plead TLDR factor. speed read popups now=off. No wonder it was cheap.
  10. Guest

    Drop In Lithiums

    Cheers CD thanks for the clarity. I 've had a previous go at reading up on all this but it seems not to gain any traction in the grey matter owing to too many variables and too smaller processor.. Forgot all about b2b buck, and the float voltage being not enough to fry the start bat. The elegance of not using the lithium settings on the dumb but configurable ext regulator and a B2B becomes apparent. I don't see point in going to B2B unless you're willing to shell out for decent output. For me, (scrooge mcgrinch), an alternator saver device at 10% of a B2B and multiple v m
  11. Guest

    Drop In Lithiums

    If the max current, (or volt drop) you will ever need is matched by BMS specs of your dropin, (with safety margin) you have an alternator protection device and your alternator calibration is up to snuff, then what else could be problematic in this simple setup? I would prefer to energise the fields of the alternator switched from the BMS but haven't been able to find a dropin thats bms will do this. (Bar ridiculous priced) Simple timer relay for the start battery. With the B2B as alternative load I can see the start battery getting overcharged? Specially if gel or AGM. Thi
  12. TP32 supposed have its own 10A fuse to limit current in stalled motor situ. ie hit stops, bad trim. My type 1 linear drive has never logged more than 5A , then it has calibration for not hitting stops. dunno on TP.
  13. Free. Along with sunburnt bow. (Brownish) Pontoons stay up, floor does not. Was given but never used. Thought someone may have time to fix floor/recycle as opposed to landfill. CW Oars , pump, carry wrap. Can meet West Auckland- 021718373
  14. Nick from adhesive tech. 09 838 6961 Separating the foaming agent from the epoxy resin and hardener into three components gives the end user complete control of the cell structure and therefore final density. https://adhesivetechnologies.co.nz/specialist-epoxy-resins/foaming-epoxy-resin/
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