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    Don't apply in hot sun, Don't apply too thick or get air in it, (when the bubbles burst spoils the texture pattern and traps dirt) do have a mate pull tape as you go as when it skin off you'll make a mess of edges. Otherwise its great. On eight yrs and still looks good.. Dont know what its like to recoat.
  2. Anybody know if the headfoil from the Mk 11 fits the 100S?
  3. Me too. Existing use should stand for something. Grandiose plan dreamed up by out of touch planners clipping ticket for yet to exist demand.
  4. So, offshore more than "x:" miles you will be geo-blocked on month by month?
  5. Can you subscribe only when you need it, or is it on an annual basis?
  6. I do find the excel #3 a little tricky to thread thru pulpit owing to geometry. Also fit into anchor locker. (S34) Doable, and a great holding power in most terrain.
  7. Fixed by changing name and pw of iPhone hotspot.
  8. Had that checked, but got message like " your password may be incorrect or hotspot not working correctly" on Zeus2. Finally got it to work on the toughbook thru "network & sharing centre", "connect to a network". so must be ok. justed posted this thru the iphone hotspot.
  9. Yep, me too. I can use my iphone hotspot for anything apple or device that has airplay (TV etc) but not to a Windows laptop or non apple device. (B&G zeus2 WiFiGofree) It used to work when I installed MFD in 2017 but no longer. Its widely accepted as problematic on net. As its similar with windows laptop it is something incompatibile between them. Samsung connects laptop to internet so presume it will with GoFree/Zeus2.
  10. Bit over my head. So the gofree powers the router? And the router can switch between client and internet? Umm , like screen mirroring and internet without the reboot? (If I have got the terminology right) Never been happy with my system in 6yrs its been in. Hit and miss. In the Zeus menu then, you would leave it on one setting? Surely you would have a dedicated data subscription just for Gofree though?
  11. Ta. so you put it on an sd micro and did reset? I've resurrected an old samsung, so I will try that first as I need to check all devices status. Iphone hotspot reputation is dismal on a search. Always was nervous it would crap out midway. Slow too apparently.
  12. I can no longer connect to internet with my Zeus2/WiFi GoFree. Screen mirrors perfectly. Toughbook wont connect thru iphone either. Done all usual suspects- Reboots,reset network, low power mode off, etc. Can't remember what IOS it worked with last, and that sounds like a nightmare fix anyway. Marina WiFi is too weak at my berth. A couple of high strength berth holders access pts visible, but prefer a permanent solution. Buy a cheap android phone just for this?
  13. Find it a bit odd that it’s only come to the fore now that it is resident in LH , Norfolk and Tonga. Interested if it it is at Kermadecs? Also the poor condition of some med bream (snapper relative) and are they feeding on brachypus/parvifolia or taxifolia?
  14. I’m getting they all seem to use the YNZ template as per what gear they take but ASS course costs and 5 year renewal,MARINE medic course, out of water inspection I take it “but” means except for?
  15. Endurance- https://westhavenmarinebrokers.co.nz/boat-info.php?id=98 Got to go, apparently.
  16. Why build stuff/provide services when you can regulate at zero risk (apart from pride)? Its a prick of a job with a modicum of power so little wonder it attracts the talent we get saddled with. Still operating under the false premise that more is better. Rules, cones, mantras , irrelevant shite to bulk up legitimacy.
  17. Perhaps securing the area with a fine mesh fence to pick up fragmented caulerpa. Some good ole Kiwi ingenuity, something could be cobbled together to run a trial at minimal cost. Minimal cones/consulkants/shovel leaners. Only engage ppl that are competent, with a sense of economy.
  18. I got distracted and you beat me to it. Seems mpi latest notification sayes they heading down this track “if you find, note position and report” but no suggestion of how to kill/ dispose of. “Any weed or plant matter found on gear must be placed back into the same waters in the controlled area. This equipment must then be rinsed off with water before being reused in the ocean.”—-mpi And in an uncontrolled area? “Check your gear, especially anchors and chains. If you see any seaweed on your equipment, chuck it straight back in the waters it came from”——mpi Dumb, why
  19. Early days, surely experience in the more advanced Med should be relevant here? Bottom line is we do not want taxifolia here and should make that a biosecurity priority. We have native caulerpa. Whether brachypus and parvifolia can co-exist with our current biodiversity is yet to be established. As they are relatively benign maybe all this is overblown. Another failure of a ministry/regulatory body. To me the message is confused. That small vessels anchors are a significant vector of spread by hitch hiking on anchors is disingenuous. They, on advice from Niwa, doc and oth
  20. So, you don’t sand on recoat? What do you use? I have 3yrs out of Ultra2 which is hard. Also in Westpark, which is not heavy growth water. Normally use two colours, wet sand back to first one then repeat alternating.
  21. Guest

    Foredeck union

    Needs a longer straw in his pocket.
  22. Hell no. Don't let the smoke out! + blackhoses.
  23. Not answering for IT of course, but I don't fix things until I KNOW they are faulty UNLESS they are going to majorly inconvenience me. Your tests proved device ok, so why not trust them? ~ You swapped out several devices and we weren't privy to the results as changes were made. So wasn't easy to fathom. As in, alt to start- sense to house. VSR wiring diag. Switching system. Why it happened, with 7V on start, sense on house, & faulty switches?? Any one or all of them. The voltage increase with the sense blowing in my mind is predictable as stated previously.
  24. "The issue is the voltage is not as per the existing programme when the fuse has blown, AND the regulator is not telling us the fuse is blown." As I understand, it won't be. The regulator uses the sense voltage to compare with target voltage set and the delta is added to field excitation to compensate for volt drop within the parameters set by user. If the sense V is zero (fuse blown) the delta is MAJOR heading for full field ie 12V field where its normally 3-8V. But the regulator ratchets back to a safe short term value and alarm sounds. The alarm has adjustable target voltage to 16V I b
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