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  1. I have a simnet female 5m with pigtail but you will have to supply a N2K field connector. Unused. I have a 90° N2K field connector that I replaced because of bad connection, probably could be fixed just couldn't be bothered. Matt could probly sort you.
  2. I'm picking light variables going mod E, NE Wednesday from shallow low & High squash. (GFS) So Murphy, have at it and give us moderate SW.
  3. Nice work, there's no such satisfaction in being in the boat shed. however long it takes. I still have a 91/4" skilly from the '80s, & a 13" metal cased beast. Bet the latest iterations wouldn't pass that test. Only ever used cnc for custom SS parts for various applications including steering mechanism. The tik-stick got well worn.
  4. What’s wrong with a topclimber? https://topclimberinternational.com/shop/topclimber/?gclid=Cj0KCQiAj4ecBhD3ARIsAM4Q_jEU4li-tNdDv9ELTWM8_YbV4L90LfSodSXXTrh-1dazf1jmHpHRo9UaAqbHEALw_wcB Used mine at least half a doz times. Seems ok. Stitching is a little sketchy. And watch the nuts on pins, they undo.
  5. 1:1 is diy standard hand laid , quite achievable as long as you are methodical. If substrate is porous, prime it with a fast mix and let tack off. Divide resin up to layers. Disc rolling the each layer. First layer slightly more than 1:1 so by the the time it fully wets out you have enough to wet the underside of the next. Don’t frantically squeegee/roll, let the resin do the wetting out- even distributed resin is key. Size mix on what you can distribute for panel size without pot exotherm. Use appropriate hardener for ambient temp to give yourself time. Peelply last layer to get any
  6. That SUCKS. So I added that customary rights have to be renegotiated in the spirit of saving the gulf for ALL of us.
  7. Penalties have to increase until they become a deterrent. Repeat offenders=jailtime.
  8. Mark Grasser. Bulk to Vset, then absorb for what ever time you configure, then float at configure. Switch ignition on an off gives you another cycle. comes with harness. Can be seen running if you’re quick. Suit lead acid. I think 150A max. $100 Also, 4x 232Ahr 6V endurant FLA’s , + Blue seas ACR. 7yrs old but still charging/discharging perfectly. Cost $1700 new. Offers. 021718373
  9. Yep, yellow female to micro C. How long do you want ? I think I have short and long. New , unused. Also have the joiner. 021718373
  10. Yip, reported to TM & Doc, immediately. Plus a strong comment in questions to vendor. Good that there were multiple objections! Not holding my breath for doc to reply.
  11. Didn't see it. Will check it out. As an aside- https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/marketplace/home-living/heating-cooling/dehumidifiers/listing/3795935217 Anything to make a buck and pillage the ocean. Btw-Capture of fish by electrofishing, though legal as a research tool/invasive species eradication, is not a permitted recreational method and thus requires a special permit from MPI issued under s97 of the Fisheries Act 1996. It was legal in the 70's revoked 80-90's.
  12. Is there a pill for that, as I have a lot of " at least I have it if I need it stuff." Where is that factory outlet again?
  13. Last time I checked it was a boat buck+ to get my 1992 yanmar onto the network. Nice, but can’t get enthused. The n2k has been bullet proof apart from a couple of faulty cables, so I take your point on isolating a fault. I went with no wind for 6mths, owing to bad cable.
  14. Yip, and what if your network goes down? Prefer not to have all my eggs in one basket. A configurable engine temp monitor with audible alarm to a hot spot bolt on head coolant outlet is a fraction of the price. I have an engine guardian on the trusty old 1KZ-te. Going to ad one to the the Yanmar. Mark 2 has oil. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/113685720316
  15. I had a survey done that wasn't worth the the paper....... By a well known BB/surveyor. If the report is somewhat pedantic, semi scathing, with a grumpy author , you may have reality. They need to come very well recommended, and you need to make your expectations well known. (Without pissing them off.)
  16. Didn't pick you as a flat earther CD? Like the analogy tho. Unless the carrier of the tray is drunk, then the tides out everywhere. Does Thor swing perpendicular to earths surface or tangental? If vertical then Papeete is going to have massive tides, obvious dependent on rpd, and if horizontal, hmmm, I guess his hammer must have a long handle and it might work. Bizarre!
  17. Yep, god hasn't stopped making young bulls with tits. Yet, I managed to get a 22yro ex-woofer (trapped by covid) to help me out and was amazed by his initiative, and attitude to life. German tho, that may have something to do with it. Really old soul on young shoulders. Got the job done in fraction of time and crewed to barrier for five days in middle of winter! Half the age of my kids and was happy to sail, hang out & swap stories. Up at daybreak, on the paddle board, drone,gopro, endless enthusiasm.
  18. New in box- change of plan. $150 Victron Energy FET Battery Isolator Argo 2002 with alternator energiser terminal. Two batteries, 200A Similarly to diode battery isolators, FET isolators allow simultaneous charging of two or more batteries banks from one alternator (or a single output battery charger), without connecting the batteries together. Discharging the accessory battery for example will not result in also discharging the starter battery. In contrast with diode battery isolators, FET isolators have virtually no voltage loss. Voltage drop is less than 0,02 Volt at low curr
  19. UV grey. Wins on every point but one.
  20. The cable from dead short and potential fire. I have the regular ANL fuses at 125-150% 0f continuous loads, on current FLA's. I am replacing FLA's with LiFePO4, so will need T class as well that has an AIC rating of 20kA's. I couldn't find the time current/time relationship, hence the question. I went with 300A, I still have to deal with the 400A headroom of the 2x bms's so am going to bypass them them with an emergency start battery (fail) circuit. Rob covered it here: Thanks CD & LH.
  21. Guest

    Stuck tiller?

    Gordon or Mark, 021870198
  22. I was under the impression that if you lived overseas for more than three years and could prove ownership of items for that period they were gst exempt when you bought them back here. Car , boats included. Obviously if you bought a boat here with gst content and you didn’t claim the gst on way out ie exported it, you wouldn’t be charged on way back in. Otherwise system would be nonsense. I
  23. How fast is fast blow? Sufficiently slow to cope with the inrush of an 80A windlass? Or the 380A for 750ms on the starter motor, when in emergency house start situation? These are spendy, I would like to get it right.
  24. I went through your process 6yrs ago on 4x endurant 6V 232's = 464Ahrs and and used above schematic. Has worked really well. But I'm switching to LFP for usual reasons so my batteries (still good after 6yrs) and ACR, SG200, MGsmart charge one are going to be replaced with appropriate gear. Bosch alternator will be derated to 80%. Might put a second on in place of compressor. Couple of imp. things, although unlikely are the ground leads to N bus from alternator and starter motor. If high resistance could find alternative paths not so desirable. And fourth switch to + bus,
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