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  1. Define "more active management". Does the number of unsatisfactory outcomes of current Cat 1 boats to overseas registered non-Cat 1 boats warrant this "more active management"? Not mentioning todays infinitely better forcasting and comms. Or does YNZ just not want to be involved, preferring MNZ wields the big stick.
  2. Yip, price matched against BOI discount Chandlery, on international Ultra II they went $10 lower/can. $340 as opposed ticket. Westgate.
  3. Well thats refreshing! Seemed but a bit outrageous; I tend to glaze over reading govt documents that always seem to make simple things convoluted. I develop A.d.d. very quickly. Is the "Initial registration" all the charges or do they charge you for a copy of it as well? see circled? Would be handy to have a copy of it. Or is the table only designed for rich pricks that dont give fcuk. Or, poor punters, to make it look less and they are getting more for their money. An to be further obtuse, do they start you off on "initial" and if you pass you graduate to "provisional". 🤣
  4. Not Cat 1, MNZ yacht register. This is how I read it, but having lived with NZ bureaucracy I really wouldnt have a clue whether it is adhered to, or you can use your YNZ rego. Sorry about font size it was C&P, not my doing. "If a vessel is New Zealand-owned and is planning on going overseas, it must be registered. Ship registration provides nationality. A registered ship that travels overseas has the protection of the New Zealand government. The registration papers provide proof of identity" And YNZ doesn't? Initial registry/re-registry - existing ship not exce
  5. I will be following the (old) cat 1 check list but damned if I want to pay MNZ for the virtual colonoscopy.
  6. $2.2K's worth of Blind faith What is the 2.2K actually fund? Why is it such a disproportionate amount compared with other countries.? Bet MNZ will try an enforce the legislation against NZ'ers registering offshore.
  7. ie Part 1 -153 pounds for 5yrs & Doesn't seem to have the 185day resident clause and cost 72 pounds to renew for another 5yrs. But you have to have UK citizenship. My wife does, yeah dangerous!
  8. The several thousand dollar question; Will they seek legislation to circumvent NZ residing boats from offshore rego?
  9. Thanks for that "What cells are you using that are rated for 0.01C at 3.65v that's out there." ( O.001C 😬) IIRCly Both Will & Andy have charged to O amps terminal current to batteries "full capacity"? My CALB 230Ahr came with product specs in Chinese. So resorted to Prowse and Andy OGG coming to the conclusion that absorb was for lead in the main, and perhaps to balance but was not really necessary. For day to day. I've only ever top balanced once (8mnths after installing) was in a hurry so left it on bulk until HVD, then balanced manually until it started charging again
  10. Still be a "meh" at 25% aye? 100% would be "nah, not going there". Not for non terrestrial vehicle anyway. Electronics of the Balmar mc618 I better check on tho as its powered from ignition.
  11. What put me off 5x cell was 50%=2.2V. (11V) Discharge curve YinLong
  12. Ok, re phrase. What %C tail current do you call 100%soc at what target voltage. Guessing that it will be high TV for LiFe and errr, 2%C seeing as you like smashing. I do TV= 14.6V and 0.1%C for top balance and sync. (0.5A) 6monthly or less. Normally 14.2V and 2%.
  13. Geez.......I gotta toughen up! Hmmm, could get overcharged with 14.2V with no dc-dc. 6 seems safer. Discharge curve is steeper than LiFe. Also cable run to windlass will alleviate bit of high V on 6 pack. Not so with starter though. Yanmar will get a fright! BTW CD, what %C tail current do you call 100%soc?
  14. Second CD's & Machina's MO. Fridge is always on. Beer is always cold. Solar disconnected for type of sailing I'm currently doing. I have been absent for 3 weeks and its usually around 30%soc when i return. Never low voltage disconnect but have run it down to check operation. Usually do 80/30 state of charge, with a 95%+ balance charge before multi day sail. Usually just changing anchorages is enough to stay in that 80/30 zone as charging at a steady 80A with the alternator brings it up quickly. Should have done it sooner. Drift---LTO's on hold as a bit skeptical how windlas
  15. Guilty by association, sounds fair.😵‍💫 Set aside? FM! Sounds like cruel and unusual punishment. On remand forever. Btw, good rationale K.
  16. Whether you drown your friends or just customers?
  17. That Genie partially under boat looks broke. Hard to tell, but did you duck for them or bear right away? Fantastic shot!
  18. Guest


  19. Great to learn from those with experience! That "overcoming its inertia" of a stopped boat as opposed a boat at even hull speed broaching after being hit by top portion of breaking wave and all that becoming rotational energy makes a lot of sense. I guess depends on the magnitude of swell and cross swell. "Unless you can travel faster than the train with meticulous steering". Twenty minutes could seem like hours. Risking stuffing it and a PP. Mate and I planned to go out in 40+ in the gulf and practice Heaving to years ago. Never happened. Anybody heard off increase in Sta
  20. Sorry mods, please delete duplicate image. Cheers. An actual Yinlong graph below, above generic LTO. Also erroneous above as at 14.2V it will not charge any higher. Your post appeared as I was hitting send! Cool, Thanks.
  21. https://www.sciencefocus.com/science/rogue-waves-ship
  22. Extensive check revealed none. $600 for 6x yinlong LTO's with Balance board. I'm told 14.2V target V will keep them to 95% SOC. (MyLiFePO4 setting) Must have weird V/SOC curve for that to happen. Ummm, just looked -below. Make that 75%! Don't have glowplugs, start battery is sad, weight is irrelevant, like tinkering and thinking on bailing marina.🙄 Will compensate VD to windlass. So 40Ahr will be 30 if I get house to 14.2V? Maybe not as LTO's will charge way faster?
  23. Agree, mightn't help waxing up, but start is most wearing part of operation I'm told. Dry cylinder is not ideal. Recently I've been having trouble starting Yami 5. My mechanic said run it dry. I didn't say a word. Last time it wouldn't go I gave the above tank a blow job. (Not ideal) Went first pull then. Whatever works for you. At some stage you are going to have to clean the jets whatever you do.
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