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  1. Ohana

    Xmas cruise

    Thanks, Jon. Was only planning on having a shot at it in calm offshore conditions at or near high tide. Certainly not interested in any breaking wave heroics:) There are plenty of large gin palaces living at Tairua and Pauanui which go in and out regularly, so I was more thinking of anchoring spots once inside, assuming there is a good weather/tide/swell window. We draw 1.4m.
  2. Ohana

    Xmas cruise

    On a Christmas cruising note, has anyone anchored a (shoal draft) yacht in Tairua/Pauanui?
  3. Cheers, Jon. Great to see such a good turnout. We'll try our damndest to get back on board:) AJ
  4. Thanks, BK. Phone works a treat, the Extreme is a step up from the original Iridium phones. Cheers
  5. It is all over social media. And actual newspapers.
  6. We have owned 2 Sarca Excels so far. One on a mono, the current one (55kgs on 13mm chain) on a 50 foot Cat, which has a tiny bit of windage. Rock solid.
  7. Hi, Bad Kitty I would be interested in one of the Satphones. Maybe text me to establish contact? AJ: 021905975 Cheers
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