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  1. One of the greatest Crew team passed away. I didn't know rigger but through his interesting post and maritime career I grew to appreciate a fine person with great knowledge. Its a pity a few of the older stalwarts here, who had some great conversations with rigger, have not kept up with the news on rigger and made their condolences.
  2. The AC is a "Money go round" with a sailing event attached every 4 years. - its a ego fest of the rich - it 3.99 years of dicking around, then in a blink its over - its the GDP of a pacific island nation, without the moral fortitude - its an environmental nightmare of petrochemical mixtures, hydrocarbon excesses, and rich people flashing their platinum cards while the poor clean up after them. - its lost its subtlety.
  3. I am episode 4 into a great maritime series based on a real bizzare maritime case. Which I am sure you will remember. Great subtle but accurate production done brilliantly by the Scandinavians It's on TVNZ on demand and called The Investigation. And it free.
  4. I was curious as to the hydrodynamics ( water flow over the flukes as they travelled thru the water) of the anchors as they ... A. Travelled to the seabed. B. Were dragged across the sand / mud. ...and weather that had an effect on setting or not.?
  5. Wouldn't these anchors respond differently with them being pulled thru water ( denser) and softer sand.
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