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  1. What are the thoughts/options, does SSANZ want feedback/comments/ideas? Will competitors be surveyed? (in due course after current series is all finished up)
  2. Will the handicaps for the last race be published before we start?
  3. Actually SSANZ isn't using Racetrack at all! as the handicaps in the Evo division are different to Racetrack. I believe they are actually General Handicaps derived and influenced by Racetrack but actually are different numbers. Racetrack ratings actually don't change that much or fast after 1 race.
  4. Using previous/expired PHRF's is definitely not an option! PHRF's are only relevant to each other for a given year. There was a time a few years back YNZ reset/recalibrated basically all PHRF's so numbers prior to this date with have zero relevance
  5. I think the horse has already bolted after they accepted entries for boats well over .750 last year... ie Rouge, Boogie Flash, Favourite and Zealous. My suspicion is SSANZ will split the Evolution Sails Division 2 in half trying to have boats most similar in performance in each half. It's interesting how the shortest course option for most boats is the most popular....
  6. Personally I don't care if the 1020's get their own scoring or not.... BUT I hope we stay within the division for more competitive boat on boat racing with some other designs
  7. Will there be an after race raft up in Issy Bay?
  8. Removing the teak is a great move (HL used to have it on the tops of the coamings). The only places to leave it are the handrails on the cabin top and foot chocks on the seats... Foot chocks are a fantastic addition.
  9. Most people seem to think the boat has been raced hard and trashed... but they have never been onboard
  10. HL has never had the post from day 1
  11. Nice work! I always preferred the original name. While your into interior mods.... I'd chop out the pole by the galley. It's not required structurally and without it opens the boat up I believe Colin Maddren used to own/race Cheap Transport in it's glory days. Trevor Dunn owned for many years until recently. I believe he was responsible for the name change and the "Laser Kiwi"
  12. Will be requiring a life raft from Dec 2022 until end of March 2023 for a tour to Fiordland and Stewart Island. What is the most cost effective solution? Hire? Buy and sell? or does someone have one not being used? Would need to be 6-8man.
  13. Speaking of postponed events... is there ever going to be a prizegiving for the 2021 Triple... whoops I mean Double Series? When did the 2022 Triple Series dates get announced? Now found them on the website but don't recall an announcement?
  14. Does your Lotus have inhaulers? I'd suspect not... just tracks running fore/aft beside the cabin. As such your sheeting angle is limited by where the track is fitted to the deck, you can never get a narrower sheeting angle then what the track is without inhauling. The problem with tracks set at a relatively wide angle is attempts to help the boat point higher by sheeting the headsail in harder just lead to a very closed leech and removal of twist which tends to stall the sail. A inhauler gives the ability to narrow the sheeting angle without reducing twist or closing the leech. Think of i
  15. yep... found out who all my mates were... and had to do it all by myself!
  16. "Self Polishing" isn't that code for polish yourself? as nobody else is going to do it for you!
  17. So I take it your "modified bolt" is mounted vertically in the tiller to lift the pin 100mm? If so the autopilot will have massive leverage and I expect the "modified bolt" will either crack the tiller or get very sloppy very quickly...
  18. Draft can be reduced by unloading all the extra crap that inevitably build up onboard!
  19. Yep... your on to it! But do think about how you can utilise existing sails more effectively when reaching... ie whisker poles, storm jib as a staysail etc
  20. Especially for those that feel the need to compensate!
  21. It's funny how everyone adds prods etc etc and concentrates on downwind and reaching performance.... but I'd suggest for a great overall result you want a strong upwind performer for the RNI
  22. So pretty good boat names on the Two Handed trophy...
  23. I went down this track recently with a 57' Salthouse still with original 2008 Raymarine gear. Thought staying with Raymarine would be easiest and could reuse some components.... However after 14 odd years and several generations of Raymarine... found it was best to basically replace everything.... So all brands now up for consideration. For MFD's both Raymarine and Furuno are running quad core processors (faster) Garmin seems to often be first to market with new features but are always updating software as they find the bugs (you are their tester!) Furuno and Simrad are the main
  24. Just need Rouge II and Ripple Effect to cruise Mahurangi... the would be music sorted for the entire region.
  25. Cameron

    Xmas cruise

    Houhora is great. Safe access and sheltered. Yes plenty of current but nothing to really worry you. Two shallower spots where the channel makes a hard turn but again not too bad. Had HL in there and also took Freedom (Salthouse 57) in during the middle of the night with no issues. Channel feels very narrow on the Freedom! If you go to the top the anchoring choices are North Cape Cove, Tom Bowling Bay or Spirits Bay depending on wind.... but if going that far it's rude not to go to the Kings too!
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