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  1. Anyone got one of these like would like to sell or hire? Looks to be the go
  2. My cylinder has a tempering valve to avoid being to hot out of tap. Also I would have thought that the relief should not vent at engine temp/pressure on a modern marine small engine which should be a low psi header tank cap which usually is only about 7psi vs a car which is up 13 psi. Seems wierd...maybe some fuckery going on for it to relieve?
  3. ynot

    Dodger fugly or not

    Yep used that form and bent by hamd.. Only had to use an extension bar once when the tail got short. I used my mockup pvc to make to jog about right and marked 100 mm graduations along it after the main bend and used the opposite direction to create the bow bit by bit. I brought t 6m lengths of stainless so had plenty of leverage but a bit wasteful... Anyway had to try it and it worked. I'm sure if I went for a tighter radius I think sand filling would be required to stop kinks in this form. Of Bending or maybe a groove in the form and the opposite on a roller with lever on t
  4. ynot

    Dodger fugly or not

    Just bent my own 1" stainless... Came up mint without even filling with sand but the radius was pretty big. Just takes a bit of thought and measuring.... Oh and a trial piece.
  5. ynot

    Dodger fugly or not

    Idea... but not much room for that. Maybe get me scissors out and choppy chop
  6. ynot

    Dodger fugly or not

    Ahhh yeah it's a mock up. Best way I could think of to do it relatively cheap. And yup electrical conduit is more pricey than ya would like or expect when paying retail. Normally I keep plenty from demo jobs but got sick of throwing it out so stopped keeping it.
  7. ynot

    Dodger fugly or not

    I hear ya... When cruzy mode never use extras but if I did they sheet across to headsail winches.... See other comment about electric. I really would love it taller but bom may dictate that. Guess could always cruz with the flattening reef which lifts it a little. Bloody compromises
  8. ynot

    Dodger fugly or not

    The clutches can be worked... Just enough for a winch handle but when cruising mode the big electric winch does every thing. Not trying to emulate any open 60 stuff it just seemed to fall into place at that shape,but yes does look that way. Made of super strong electrical conduit and painters drop sheet... Wonder if I'll stand the test of time..........
  9. ynot

    Dodger fugly or not

    Yep agreed. Will go for a yacht and see what lowest boom height really is and see if any more can be accommodated.
  10. Trying to decide if it is to big width wise eg looks fugly. I'm a little stuck between being very small and only over companion way or make it wide and then I can sit beside sheet winches while sailing and be almost covered. My comings to not line up with cabintop sides and flare out a long way hence the width at the back. Ugly or not what do ya think. Any input appreciated Thanks
  11. Haha... I used cluster fark sh*t.... But your enterpreration sounds way more educated and teknical.
  12. ynot

    Foredeck union

    Stolen from Mark Welsh on Facebook page. Awesome pic
  13. Oh... but it makes such a really cool sound.
  14. So yes they can alter certain rules within the club and yes it should be enforceable if they alter the rules they are allowed to. But this particular one is tricky if the boat has finished I guess unless you could prove that it possibly hindered your progress or actions getting to the finish line.
  15. No wrongs done to me as in not out much enough (work gets in the way) but when I have been out over the last 25 years of sailing in auckland I have seen it a lot and going back to what I was imprinted with when very young (albeit probably wrong) and in the absence of not really looking at the rules I guess I believed it to be a rule. Is the club that adds bits to the sailing instructions combined with a rule # plus an addition like . 2 or. 3 making a rule or a suggestion when combined with a rule that exists already. Is it supposed to be enforceable or is it just a suggestion... If
  16. So you could protest if someone did recross?... Wonder how many know about this
  17. I guess it's just polite to do it then. When I sailed p class when I was a little younger the old boy always said never recross the line.... Guess he was just trying to install in me it's the right thing to do in his opinion.
  18. Just seems weird that everyone just recrosses the line when boats still I would have thought staying clear by rounding outside the odm would have benn the cool thing to do.... Anyway just thought there was a rule at some stage
  19. I'm pretty sure the richmond used to have this as a rule... Does it still exist? Is it the wrong thing to do? How does committee know rou are not going back to right a wrong? Or do they just assume? Thoughts
  20. Kills weeds. Ooooohhhh
  21. Usb endiscope... Pb tech 50 dollar ish... plug into phone have a look first just in case one wing happens to be sitting half in valve seat on open valve.... Then ya know what to do. Don't fiddle poke prod untill ya know.... If ya find it sitting by a open valve where it's sitting... Wind motor till valve closed whilst watching with camera then make a plan to poke prod hook fiddle or remove manifold. Murphy is at play here so eliminate Murphy
  22. Guess I'll set up permanent buttons then easy pezy... Still sucks though. I'll look into dc dc charger as well. Thanks for input guys
  23. And yep always let preheat do its thing about 8 seconds
  24. Yes It I agree... It seems like horse sh*t thay they would try to blame it on solar.... No issue here with the dealer all is good and being looked after. So you are saying your one is "seeing" voltages up to 14. 7 as well? Nm... Is yours still mounted on engine when 2 have died? CD....is yours still mounted on engine... I probably will move mine because it would be easier to get it if happened again. I read all lot of the Nordkyn stuff... All very interesting but I cannot find anything definitive on what actually goes kaput in them which I would have thought considering the amount
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