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  1. That sounds about right . The earliest ones had very small cabins as primarily designed as an ocean racing boat. Chubasco had a longer cruising cabin . The longer cruising cabins were initially stepped with two levels in the cabin roof, then some later ones had the main cabin roof carrying right through.
  2. That would have been probably when still owned by Mike Callaghar who live on Waiheke and raced her hard for many years . He headed out into the Gulf once, into a 75kn North Easterlie just for the experience. He sold Chubasco for about 15K in a rundown state , when she went to Westhaven for 5 years or so , then changed hands a couple of times a few years ago for around the 12k mark and last heard about, moored in the Mahurangi. I thought about buying when last for sale but chickened out as too much work to do. Hopefully someone properly does her up.
  3. I will have to give this some serious thought. I did my one and only Coastal Classic on Chubasco , a famous double diagonal Kauri Chico 30, that also did the Solo Trans Tasman , and I think the boat that the mold was made off , for all the glass Chico's that followed. Before buying Gentle Touch last year , I was also looking at Lotus 920's , until remembering the Chubasco Skipper , Mike Callaghars comment about " all the Lotus's being beaten up at the back of the fleet " in the 35 to 40kn Westerlies . There were a number of flipped multi hulls as well.
  4. I'm sorry , I should have been more clear , the 'panting rod' goes from the base of the mast inside the cabin back up to the cabin top. I've been sailing about 40 years as well and just learned about it due to now having a keel stepped yacht as a cabin stepped mast will not have them.
  5. I've just realised that my Chico 30 does not have the mast support going back to the cabin top . I believe it's called a panting rod ? Does anyone know if it is supposed to be there or have they been designed without ? cheers
  6. Hi All, I bought Gentle Touch last year and sailed her down to Gulf Harbour from Opua just before Christmas. Chico 30's are fantastic boats and I'm keen for cruising race type meet ups . Cheers, Nigel
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