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  1. IanDM


    I have a Garmin 750s that has stopped zooming in..any suggestions for a fix. Who in Auckland repairs Garmin ? Thanks.
  2. IanDM

    Leaking califont

    Found the exact same switch online for a $1.50 so yes very much a generic looking item . I suspect like most things these days different brands use same components
  3. IanDM

    Leaking califont

    Yes saw that but not vented unfortunately ...for outside portable use ?
  4. IanDM

    Leaking califont

    Yes saw that this morning but it’s a much bigger 10 litre unit ours is only 5.5 litres. I was going to post a 3 sec vid clip of leaking component but no luck??
  5. IanDM

    Leaking califont

    True ..I rang Millen and they don’t even have califonts in stock due to supply issues . I suspect it’s a no brand item that Millen put their name on some years ago. And yes understand why a gas fitter would be reluctant to fix. I see micro switches for sale so will investigate
  6. There is water dripping from the small lever that hinges of the micro switch in our Millen califont. Does anyone have any idea who might repair near Gulf Harbour. ? The problem with replacing unit is finding one with same dimensions that will line up with flu and pipe work.
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