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  1. Yeah but how goods going fast. Speed first comfort later.
  2. I did see what’s news, how would that go for cruising.? correct a 930 not as beamy as I would like.
  3. Yeah don’t mind the open trannys on the carpenter. Wouldnt mind it being in the middle ground, Comfort is always nice. It will be parked in pilot bay ( Mount Maunganui) for a bit, We race against a 930 and not as fat as I would like but nice boats.
  4. Hello. Just turning some rocks to see if I can find any boats that are not on trade me. Something to race with the boys around the buoys and also that would handle a bit of coastal cruising in the summer. have obviously been looking at y88s and wondering about a y8.4. possibly a ross 9.3, And Open to suggestions Thanks in advance
  5. Hi there I’m seeking a boat we can race the winter series in with the boys around the buoys and also head out for a coastal cruise in the summer. Young 88, young 8.4? Carpenter 29? Max budget 35k could possibly stretch to 40k thanks in advance
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