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  1. Likewise here in Kapiti - hot still and sunny - Lusi got lost?
  2. http://sailinganarchy.com/2013/10/17/abandon-ship/ Walawala 2 lost rudder - boat leaked too fast to stop. Also says there is a kiwi on board - all safe
  3. So the advertisers dream continues = same place same time tommorrow
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    Can't see why not as long as boat has entered before the 1 minute mark and is in the start area. But given where entry line is they would have to kill a lot of time first at 40 knots
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    http://www.cupinfo.com/downloads/ac34-r ... 090713.pdf Rule 27.4 II - they have until the 1 minute signal to be in the start box
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    What are these?

    Na - Dog boxes for those that make a mistake
  7. I was lucky enough to spend 5 weeks around Stewart Island and Fiordland a few years ago and we hardly scratched the surface. This over Jan/Feb and we still took a weather pasting around the run run from Stewart Island up to Fiordland. To do that area justice needs 6 - 8 weeks down there - PLUS passage times.
  8. Can view live now as well at That is a webcam at St Francis Yacht Club
  9. ec12nz

    Route 66 Race

    That last one must have a caption bottle of rum in it somewhere: My effort (weak) I"m sure we can find a new suit in the closet somewhere
  10. DrWatson Post subject: Re: ContactPosted: Tue Feb 26, 2013 9:59 pm Joined: Sat Sep 03, 2005 1:55 pm Posts: 999 Await the "BIG" one
  11. Planted 100 footer on mudbank out of Lowestoft, England on the maiden sail with owner on board - had been asking the locals onboard if we were okay before and they all said no worries, no mud around here - yeah right moment. Was stuck for nearly 2 hours waiting for tide to come in and lift us off.
  12. From his "Crew Agreement" - beware of exchange rates and the hidden "extra's" Full details of the costs are available at liveaboardsailing.com Current day rate = 35 dollars US a day This includes meals prepared and eaten aboard and fuels The shared extras are identified on the website but may include: passport entry fee, yacht entry fee, cruising permit fee, dinghy dock fee, marina fees, anchorage fees, water fees, etc.
  13. Just looked out office window and can't see them passing Somes Island either
  14. The McD's was an "art" exhibition a couple years ago so a fake liek the rest
  15. ec12nz

    ETNZ AC72 Sailing

    Great video on 3 News just now - it is a flyer
  16. SO reading that letter beggars belief! The wording effectively blames a vessel under sail as being in the wrong for colliding with one under powered way! Looks like they sent the letter to the wrong party involved.
  17. ec12nz

    Costa Concordia

    http://www.freep.com/article/20120114/N ... |FRONTPAGE Lots of daylight pics - includes showing hole in port side with a huge rock hanging out - looks like a similar set of circumstances to Mikhail Lermantov Ship only launched 5 years ago - deteails her http://www.costacruisesasia.com/pao/cos ... ordia.html Just what the wife didn't want to read with us going a cruise in 4 weeks time
  18. Why waste diesel - line up at the bar
  19. Went to EC12 RC yacht Nationals in Motueka - got 2nd in Match Racing, 4th in Fleet Racing and 3rd Overall when results combined. 20 boats attended
  20. Not boats but finished putting new roof on house
  21. Great to see the Force still has the power! Ah fond memories of a few BoI Summers many years ago on this boat
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