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  1. hello, were just over there last season and brought our yacht Wave, great place and well set up for cruisers, just be prepared to spend lots of money where ever you go. its not a cheap place.
  2. hello, we have crossed the Atlantic, now in Barbados. 14 days and 2100nm, plenty of mahi and tuna caught. slowed on the last 4 days for light winds and motoring. all downwind sailing, in 15-20 knots though wind has been 30kn and rough for our friends still out on their last days on crossing. where to next ???
  3. now in Cape Verde islands, Mindelo, nice town/city, industrial port but nice people and friendly/ very tidy. anchored out with good holding for a few days but into marina tomorrrow for stock up and then setting off over Atlantic. took 5.5 days from Canaries to here, 900nm easy down wind sailing with about a day of motoring in the middle. slowed down to 5 knots on last night to arrive in daylight as there are many sunken fishing hulks/vessels in the bay to avoid.
  4. now in Cape Verde, Mindelo, nice 900nm sail here, all downwind, about 1 day of motoring and 5.5 days to get here, had to slow down on the last night to 5kn to arrive in daylight. there are quite a few sunken fishing trawlers in the bay that are unlit, great anchoring/holding though, well go in the marina tomorrow and stock up ready for the Atlantic crossing. currrent weather pattern looks like taking 12-14 days. but will be taking it easy so maybe longer.
  5. made it to canaries, in Arrecife. here for a few days, few minor repairs and upgrades then off to Grand Canaria, and then Cape Verde. should be in Caribbean by 1st Feb.
  6. on our way to Gibraltar now, down the spanish coast, should be there in about 2 days time. if the weaher holds, pick up some crew there and a few days later head off for the Canaries to meet up with some other kiwi families doing the same trip with kids also.
  7. just did a crazy overnight sail from Post Balis/Barcelona - 215nm in 30 hours to Port Javea just down from Valencia. started motoring/sailing into light head winds then it was supposed to be building wind from behind, but instead building from 20kn to be 30-40kn tight reaching for the last 8 hours, covered 100nm in 10 hours. except for the last 3 hours when we just wanted to get there and shelter was quite comfy in our fast cruiser, ended with 2 reefs in mainsail and half genoa furled.
  8. This is us back in Italy a month ago - Brindisi
  9. just had bit of a nasty storm go trough the marina, past now and sunny again, but cold, nights are about 8deg, and days although nice and sunny are about 16 degrees. see our latest Vlogs here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_3c2EqK-hsZHmPchgGoFxg about to leave Port Balis and go south to the warmer weather, pretty much all jobs complete and now ready to cross the Atlantic.
  10. mast back in, all standing rigging replaced and many other smaller jobs completed as well. set to sail south, (where its warmer) and the next week in next weather window. Canaries here we come.
  11. We have just completed our latest Vlog, if you want to see what we have been up to of late over in Italy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmAitxc6w3A&t=154s
  12. yes Atlantic this year. just after the ARC. we have hooked up with some others that are doing it at the same time
  13. now in Mataro, Spain and tomorrow Port Balis, getting new standing rigging from Mediterrnean rigging, should take a week and then off heading south as quick as we can as its getting cold here.
  14. Hi All, havent posted much in the last few years, but been plenty busy getting sorted for the next adventure. the family and i have rented the house and flown to the Med and brought a 50 footer to sail home to NZ. she is a 2005 Grand Soleil 50 called Wave. you can follow our Vlog here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_3c2EqK-hsZHmPchgGoFxg we are doing the typical milk run home and have already run into a couple of other Kiwi families doing this at the same time as us. so yes after 19 years of cruising and racing Oracle, i will have to change my log in here to Wave. by the way Oracle
  15. The mighty Oracle is still for sale, see the trade me add. this is possible the best kept and fettled keeler in Auckland for sale currently. has been cruised and raced in and around Auckland for the last few years very successfully. won the RNI in 2017 -was 3rd in coastal classic 2018, won RNZYS wednesday night series 2016 will also cruise with a family of 4 or 5 for 3 weeks in the BOI very easily/comfortably with the 300lts stainless steel tanks and solar panel/bbq etc. more info from Bob Cook and the trade me add, Oracle - Peter Nelson 32 turn key - ready to go - cruising or ra
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