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  1. Newish (1-year ago) arrival from Oz, and planning to head north to the islands this winter. We don't want to do another winter here, like the last winter. And spring. And summer. Anyway, are there any Facebook or WhatsApp groups sharing info, which are not aligned with the usual rally groups? Tim
  2. OK Following the excellent responses from you guys, I will have to concede insurance is probably legally required, cos the chief executive says so (not actually legislated). The relevant application of the requirement would likely come from: 12Advance notice of arrival, etc (1) The person in charge of a craft that is en route to New Zealand (from a point outside New Zealand) must, within the prescribed time, provide Customs with an advance notice of arrival, unless otherwise approved by the chief executive. (2) The
  3. Ahaa - so has the legislation changed, or just the question on the customs form, I wonder? I suppose "last couple of years" includes the Covid ban, so makes analysis a bit difficult.
  4. Thank you for your replies. I really appreciate the response so far. I have read all that stuff. And I also followed those requirements when I sailed across the Tasman to here last year (with full insurance). My query is whether insurance is actually required. I can't find any mention in the Transport Act 2013 (I presume is the latest). While the ANA requests insurance information, what happens if that information not supplied ( Eg self-insured)? Is entry denied? And can it be refused? Is that requirement legally enforceable? It seems a little interesting that a yacht might a
  5. I have got mates in OZ on an older ply Hitch hiker 50 cat (in excellent refurb condition). They are urgently trying to cross the ditch to here, but their current insurer is domestic only and nobody else will take on a ply boat. They are happy to self-insure. But NZ customs require proof of insurance before entry. Does anyone know if insurance policy is a legally required document for visiting yachts, or it's just a nice-to-have thing?
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