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  1. Very interesting. Lets look back... Russ coutts - TNZ, Alingi and Oracle winner/GM /CEO Peter Blake. TNZ, Whitbread winner and many offshore records- CEO Dalton - AC loser whitbread winner Chris Dickson, no whitbread, no Volvo, no Olympic medal, no AC, CEO Tag Heur, manager Japan Team Its favouring winners so far. ( in favour of winners make good GM's) Without being a "sailing High" /OC I think you will find that every previous Manager/CEO has a great winning/sailing background right back to Warren Jones and Australia 2. Even back in the seventies the managers/CEO'
  2. Dalton has been doing the same thing with paper reports and now has to spin the spin to get sponsors / govt / private investors to believe he has a chance. The America's cup is about Money, Billionaires , glory and the winner making the rules to make it as hard as possible for the winner to loose it. That's why America held it so long before loosing it the first time.. If SD and Chicago go the same way as SF which is likely as American's aren't turned on to the yachting. Speed boats yes. Then Bermuda? Well whom will Sponsor and what TV organisation channel would be interested
  3. Well I thought foiling multihulls have been around for at least 30 years. The previous world speed record holder was a fully foiling trimaran. 2004 2009 SH
  4. New Zealand public loosing interest 16 Jun 2014 According to various reports from New Zealand, the public is losing its appetite for taxpayer funding of the next America’s Cup bid. Prime Minister John Key told Newstalk ZB, “"My sense actually is the public is waning on the idea a bit. I think there's a few people saying 'we don't like the fact that this is a sport where the winner sets the rules'." "This can't be a government-led thing," he said on the show, declaring that Team NZ needs to find private sector sponsors and donors to fund the campaign. And on Kiwi w
  5. Additionally. Dalton has been on the role for over a decade now and whether it's business or when you look at sporting teams, the most important thing you judge a team on are results. Spithill also thinks so. So does the Prime Minister. Team NZ has become a business and they do not believe or have not heard about working on overtime with no pay. Spithill has named the follow as his pick who should replace team NZ. Brad Butterworth, Murray Jones, Simon Daubney, Mike Drummond, Warwick Fleury, all former America's Cup winners, as candidates to replace Dalton.
  6. No argument there Sailor X That reasoning has been around for than 12 months. http://crew.org.nz/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=24466&start=100 http://crew.org.nz/forum/viewtopic.php?f=33&t=24496&start=40
  7. +1. Just ignore Don't ignore now. SH
  8. Is that not the job for the Commercial banks. The new rules cover all the previous loop holes and it will be even more difficult to beat the America's. Read the new funding rules and the at call clauses, the penalties for non compliance. Court cases again. Very clever and smart. That's how the America's cup is won and always will be. Remember Dalton is a salesman. TNZ funds must operate through a Commercial bank account. If the bank was happy ? ? ? ? Plus Dalton knew the entrance fee had to be paid and they have spent it themselves, salaries ect. The $5m was a pretty bi
  9. Plus why does NZ not have world recognized custom designed boats built here on NZ soil but instead importing overseas custom built yachts. Tourism NZ budget / spends approx. $ 300 m a year. We don't need the cup here. Look at Auckland house prices since when RNZYS held the cup. NZ did not hold the Cup. That's when the prices started escalating. The NZ marine industry expertise, key staff, and qualified with long time training, experience was exposed, purchased by the overseas marine industries and NZ is still suffering. The first thing NZ does not need is the America's Cup. W
  10. Have you tried to sell your sails second hand either by advertising or through a second hand commercial dealer? Highly competitive race yachts get new sails every year. That can be the difference between winning, a placing and not winning. Do the Olympic sailors sail with 2 year old sails?
  11. What was the policy excess. The cheapest is total loss insurance for ocean sailing. Thanks.
  12. as one who would be involved closely if this happened I disagree with the lots of money for little hassle, I think it would be a major headache to receive comparatively bugger all. Personally I would support licensing before registration (and at the moment I can't see either happening ), and if registration is to be done it must be done nationally not regionally. Agree if you mean boat masters licence, restricted radio licence, and compulsory life jackets by MSA nationally and all fees and fines expanded to fund the harbours masters policing numbers, with substantial expanded fine amount
  13. Middle-aged men and females are over-represented on boating drowning statistics. More importantly, research shows 30% approx. on people, who view adverts about the importance on wearing life jackets , start wearing a lifejacket but with on a very short period the percentage reverts to previous figures like most advertising unless continuously repeated or policed heavily. Example Cell phone use whilst driving. http://www.maritimenz.govt.nz/news/medi ... 40505a.asp
  14. expand, all harbours, Marlborough sounds BOI and 2 nautical miles from the shore line all NZ territorial waters.
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